The Artistic Approach Of An Author And Illustrator {Beatrix Potter Style}

My dear friends, 

Put the kettle on and let us have a little visit. I'm having some breakfast English tea.

I have been taking many photographs around the garden of myself and the chickens so that I have a bit of a reference point if needs be while I'm writing The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two~Shoes. In the Beatrix Potter Society letter this morning, there was a bit of controversy over some of her writings. Someone wrote that they had found in Beatrix Potter's books that she had shot a red-tailed squirrel so that she might be able to draw more accurately a squirrel for her storybook "Squirrel Nutkin." I believe it was a misinterpretation and misread. 

I know there have been several times I've read that Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter were known to capture little animals and keep them for some time so that they might draw them in their most fundamental nature. I suppose there is no way of complete assurance in knowing whether or not Tasha Tudor or Beatrix Potter actually did kill little animals for their artwork accuracy, but I genuinely doubt it. Capture them, indeed, but to harm them... I think not. 

There are many times that when Beatrix decided she wanted to draw little paintings for her books she actually would go back to the place and ask to borrow certain items so that she might create a perfect depiction. One such time was when she went to friends and asked to borrow the dollhouse in the story The Two Bad Mice. She never had children, I wonder if she had ever desired to have children. I have often wondered about that.

My dear friend Suzanne sent me this Tasha Tudor Garden book, and I was so touched that I cried. Suzanne is such a kind soul. She lives in New England and is close friends with Tasha's actual children. She has the group on Facebook called Take Peace. It's a group created to preserve and keep Tasha's legacy alive. I have the most fun, and it's such a delightful group of women. I think I spoke to you about it once before. I wish there was something like that for Beatrix too.

The Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK has predicted that the most popular little girls baby name in 2019 will be Beatrix. I think Beatrix is an adorable name. I shall continue to dream that my little storybook The Tale of MerryMaid Scarlette Rose will be such as Peter Rabbit, perhaps when I have left this earth. I still have so many stories to write. I should hope I'll have enough time to write them all.
I am always so inspired by my dear friend's daughter, so I was prompted to paint her with her rabbit Oliver. He's the same breed as my Oliver, A Jersey Whooly, I think.
 I made some roasted potatoes with rosemary from the garden this weekend. I can never get enough of roasted potatoes baked in the oven, can you? Vegetables are such hearty food and quite filling.
I've read this book about a dozen times already. It has quite exciting tidbits about Beatrix. I find that this book gives way to how very much she had such a witty and profound personality. I was surprised to learn of how very much she was into politics and that she wasn't always so pleased with how women were treated in comparison to men. I say well said, Beatrix. I feel quite the same. Did you know her book The Tale of Peter Rabbit was turned down from being published six times? She decided to post it herself. At that time in history, she put forth the money to have a certain quantity of books printed. I may be off, but I think she had over 550 printed. If you know the accurate number, please do tell, but I think I am correct in that number. 

This is my first son Carter. Remember in previous entries I spoke about how much I loved playing the Beatrix Potter stories on the television. His pacifier holder was Beatrix Potter themed. I made dozens of the short jumper that he's wearing, as it was the perfect clothing for a child learning to walk. I never wanted to deal with pants and a shirt separately as the shirt would always come untucked, and the pants would slide down, so this way, he was ever put together. I handed them down to my next two boys, so much good use was put to them. I had some that I monogrammed as well. Notice the sign above his head? I had made that from some sticks I found, "Rabbits Garden."I was full well into everything Beatrix, even at the age of 20.

 Just in time and favour of Tasha, I made some homemade beeswax candles. I poured the wax into some mason jars and added a bit of spruce essential oil.
Over the weekend, I also made some homemade broccoli cheese soup. It was delicious. I gobbled it up, and that's saying a bit much about how superb it was because I usually do not much care for broccoli. It was a little nippy this weekend in Florida, so I thought what better time to have a bread bowl and some soup.

Oh, I wanted to update you on the little visit that Jeffrey and I went on Saturday. Remember I said we were going to go see a small cottage in the country town? We went to look at it, and there was an older gentleman pressure washing the cottage. It turns out it's a rental property and would never be up for sale. I'm still dreaming of Carmel, so my feelings weren't much hurt in the learning of the little cottage. I didn't much care for the placement of it, nor the idea that it had no surrounding woods.

Jeffrey and I did some Christmas gift shopping, and that was quite delightful. Today I am getting estimates for a new air-conditioner system. Jeffrey insists, and i right agree with him that the house value will go up when it's time to sell, beings it will have a new unit installed.

What did your weekend consist of?

Well, I shall be off for now. I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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