Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Conundrum With Personal Blogging

My dear friends,

Pour some tea and let's have a visit. I am having some breakfast English tea.

I think that I have perhaps touched upon this subject beforehand, but I thought I' do go into a bit more depth. I love a good dissection of the heart {smile}.

As I have collectively been going over in my mind the events that have occurred this {2018} year,  I have wanted to share with you my thoughts, take away's, conclusions, opinions and predictions about personal blogging.

The Gardener and I went for a stroll yesterday and as I was pouring my heart out to him; which invariably I do on a daily basis, I was able to conclude some particulars.

Personal blogs have always been my most favourite types of blogs to indulge in. Perhaps one might call it nosy, but I think it's quite a pleasantry. I love when I read about someone's life and they share with me, as a reader what is transpiring within their own life. As much as I have read personal blogs through the last decade, I still have lovely friendships to this day because of those online personal blogs. I have also come to acknowledge for myself, as well as, others with personal blogs, as much as we'd like to believe we know the author intimately,  we don't. That is not a tragedy, It's just the plain truth. I am speaking from my own experience here.

There is this notion that because I share so much online in my personal blog, that means someone knows everything about me, not true.

 I've also heard continuously throughout the years, that if I want a successful blog, I should write what I like to personally read. I am following that recipe.  I told Jeffrey that at first, I was trying so many things as a businesswoman entrepreneur, and I wasn't truly successful at any of it, except for my blog. Here is the thing that baffled me though. Creating a great blog, where my subscribers increased, traffic pours in, seemed too easy. I have spent my life working so hard. So to break that belief has been an interesting learning experience for me this year.

I was putting less emphasis on my blog, as I felt like it should've been much more arduous to achieve than to just sit each day and write 2000 words. And that's not even counting all the writing I'm doing besides my blog posts. I find writing to be so easy. I love love to write and that is why; I am sure of it now.

I tried for years, dabbling in all of the things to try and figure out where to bring in money. But as much as I was saying one thing, my vibration was telling the universe another. Until I just flat out gave up trying in all of those areas, such as youtube, social media influencer... did I realize what I was doing all along. And I also believe now that I wasn't becoming successful the way I desired to because I believe the universe was leading me back to where I truly belong, Here...

I gave up the good fight, and now I am flowing downstream.

I have decided since Thanksgiving weekend once I left social media, except for my fan page on facebook that I would devote all of my energy into my blog, stay laser focused and see if the success will rain in. it's not hard work like I said previously, so I think that's why I wasn't paying attention to what the Universe was trying to teach me. How could I get paid and work my dream job of being a blogger and author/illustrator full time? Why is it some of the most profound things we are to learn in life seem to come mostly at the cost of our own reluctance?  We choose to take the path of struggle on a consistent basis, mostly because we were raised to believe this is the way to success. I am here to raise the bar, and say that is simply not true. I believe it's a combination of Law of Attraction and "Bending Reality."

i also told Jeffrey, I think that's why I was having such a hard time with everything. I wasn't doing what sets my heart on fire; which is my writing. I was wounded in 2017 when my parents took back the truck that I was so happy about receiving initially as a gift. I, therefore, began an online campaign to tell how I was truly feeling on my youtube channel. I received family backlash like you would not believe. From the family that I thought loved me, I would come to realize after speaking my truth it created an enormous amount of discord and separation. And I am not going to lie, I had to mentally step back for a time. Until I was able to collect my emotions and understand what was really happening within me. All in all, It was one of the best teachings of life contrast, and I am beyond appreciative of the experience.

With personal blogging, you're bound to offend someone, especially if you are sharing events that created an experience of life learning.

I will say though, I have never used my blog as an outright bashing of another. Not because I am fearful of being politically incorrect, but because I truly try to use this blog to become the best version of myself. If you swim along with me, I am in great hopes you too will feel happy while visiting with me. How would I have ever uncovered why I have distrust issues with my mother if I had not uncovered what had stemmed that belief in the first place? Or to discover the only thing I ever really wanted from my father was to feel respected and to have an open line of communication with him? I wouldn't, were it not for this lil' ole' blog.

Personal blogging isn't for everyone. And nowadays it seems many women are opting out and downright closing their blogs altogether in place of social media.
I tend to feel that I am okay with that notion. However, I want to blog in an old~fashioned way and would hope that it will soon come full circle with others as well. I will always vow for the old way of doing things; personal blogging included.

" The cream will always rise to the top."

I know that I am different than many folks writing personal blogs. I am not the same blogger that I was when I first began in 2004. I have surely evolved. My first blog was a writing/ online journaling blog. I have read copious blog entries from other bloggers stating how much they have chosen to take a step back from being so personal. I find this a little sad actually. I love personal blogs and I find myself not revisiting those blogs that have gone quiet in the sense they are mostly now business blogs. Having an occasional personal entry or posting months apart is not going to entice my devotion to a "personal blog." I began to realize I was doing this myself. I then thought, "pot called kettle much Raquel."[smile} I try to hold myself to the same standards as I would someone else. To be a transparent and authentic person is of utmost importance to me.

It may be that I have become fearless in the way of not giving a rip what others say about me, or how they judge me. because guess what! No matter what happens and how wonderful a person I am, I am going to be judged. Its the nature of the beast called, "life." It took me some time to really accept what I was going to be up against if I planned on being a person of influence.

I used to care. I used to care a lot in fact. But as life teaches you through personal experiences, we must learn dear friends to stop accommodating others and begin accommodating ourselves. That is truly the contrast that we each struggle with. The fact that we are so quickly ready to abandon our thoughts, beliefs, desires and dreams to make another person feel comfortable. I am in such high hopes of knowing I am going to be the woman stating, again and again, we must put ourselves first. Especially if we want to be terrific, enlightening role models and inspire others to greatness, we must be initially great ourselves.

I have come to the conclusion yet again I do not care in the least. At first, especially with my youtube channel, I was a bit frightened as to what others may say. Today I know I am coming from a happy, informative, and creatively interesting place. So just as the law of attraction is universal laws, I will only attract the best of what I am evoking. The others that hang on my stories like a barnacle for entertainment, or sit and want to internally judge me, are coming from a place of lack and misalignment. Or perhaps just perhaps, they are being moved in some degree. Might they experience a paradigm shift themselves? I really wish for that to be so. When someone is coming from a distasteful place, why would you choose to listen or take into account what they have to say about you? Why do you care what their opinions are of you?

I will tell you because it's as old as time. When we were little tiny beings and we didn't have much control over who we were encircled by, those family members were insecure themselves and tried to dictate to you from a lacking personal standpoint. To this day those people attempt to teach from outside of themselves. It's literally impossible to teach another person when it's clear most humans are loving in a conditional way. Source/God/ Inner Being is the only role model I am going to listen to, for source is unconditional in LOVE at all times.
For example, Why would I take weight/body advice from someone that is obese? Why would I ever take mother/daughter advice from a family member that has dysfunctional interrelations with her own daughter?

My conclusion is that I am going to keep writing a personal blog. I am going to remain true to myself regardless of who may feel their applecart is being upset. I hope other women will get back to personal blogging. I completely understand the fearful nature of putting oneself out there, but I believe that's when we learn much about ourselves by experiencing contrast. When fear bubbles up, what is the universe trying to teach us? I am forever a curiously natured bird.

It is possible to live life fearlessly. I no longer fear the face of rejection or failure.

I am at peace with myself, and I know I will achieve my extraordinary dreams and desires.

What is the reason you live fearfully?

I shall write again soon. Thank you for visiting with me, dear friends. I love you!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I admit, it's nice that you are blogging more frequently. I will be soon, but have to take care of a few things so when I sit down to type, I can actually formulate a sentence. I revel in the moments when I get to sit uninterrupted and write. They haven't happened much lately.

    1. Thank you dear. I agree with you, writing is such a wonderful time. I have been having a ball writing everyday...well almost every day. Have a lovely day sweet girl! Thinking of you...

  2. There seem to be stirrings here and there, in disparate spots, longing for a return to a robust blogosphere. I think it is the sharp nastiness and hair-trigger judgement of social media platforms . . . if ever anything were fear inducing, there it is. So thankful for your thought-provoking writings.

    1. Oh... Kimberly thank you so much for your visit today. I love seeing your sweet kind face in the comments section. It's quite lovely. I could not agree more.


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