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How A Real Life Mermaid Keeps Her Balance


My dear friends, 

Might you pour some tea and let us visit? Did you happen to see any of my latest YouTube videos? The most darling portion of the video is Oliver.  He seems to be a crowd-pleaser.

My dear friends, I wanted to talk to you about daily balance. Do you have a daily balancing/nurturing ritual?

I'm not sure if I developed a daily ritual out of necessity from having four children in such close proximity of age, or just that I am an organised person. Nowadays, I rely solely on inspired action because of living the law of attraction. I am a much calmer woman when I focus on gentleness, self-love and self-care. It has become a way of life for me. 

Since I had four young children under the age of eight, I knew it was going to be quite beneficial for me to have a ritual for nurturing and balance. I have learned about balance much because of being a mermaid. 

I find using metaphors has taught me life lessons, so I thought I'd share with you a little story about balance.
When I would perform in the river swimming a live Mermaid show, there was a particular area under the water called the underwater stage. It was a chamber created in the mouth of the river 30 feet down that had a fake piece of plastic covered with some rock boulders and our underwater air-lock room. It had grown over with seaweed and algae and looked just like the bottom of the river bed.

Above the "underwater stage" there is also a long three-inch in a diameter PVC pipe with millions of holes all along with it. It was probably about twenty-five to thirty feet in length, and whenever the person in the underwater stage (inside the theatre) would press the bubble screen button, millions of bubbles would shoot out of the pipe and basically cause a theatre curtain of bubbles. What those bubbles would do was create a filter between the thousands of people in the theatre to keep from seeing us mermaids scramble to pick up our air hoses to breathe.
See the bubble screen. There is a button that is pushed in the dry underwater theatre, and it will burst millions of bubbles. 

This is a bit blurry, but as you can see, it's quite profound. Below that air bubble is the underwater airlock chamber. 

It was essential to keep the illusion that mermaids were real, especially for little children. I had trained for over a year just to even begin swimming in Mermaid shows. I had to be super comfortable in the water, as well as have a perfect buoyancy balance. If any of the Mermaids that were performing and had too much air in their lungs or not enough, it would cause the mermaid show to look unprofessional and off-balance. We all had to be in sync and at the exact buoyancy in the water. There was a line in the river that only the Mermaids could see. To be able to see us in the water, from the position in the underwater theatre, we had to be at the perfect height. If not, everything went faulty. The mermaids wouldn't be able to reach each other when performing specific numbers that called for all of us to hold hands or create a pinwheel.

Isn't that like us at times? If we don't stay balanced and take time to love and nurture ourselves, everything can seem to go faulty.

I hope to inspire you in a few things that would bring balance to your life.
I have a schedule of waking up at about 3:30, and that way it keeps me on task and I'm sure to get in my meditation, writing, bath time, exercise and set intentions. It sets me right for the day as I've woken up and used the law of attraction to best serve myself.

Of course dear friends, you don't have to get up so early, but waking up just a bit before anyone else in the household gives quiet time for you to really gather your thoughts without distractions. I am sure mothers of young children can relate. If you try and meditate, or spend quiet time when the home is alive, it's nearly impossible to give yourself care and nurturing.
I'm setting my intentions for the day while enjoying my morning cup of tea. 

Having a bath creates room for alignment. It's a known universal law that being immersed in, near or listening to water brings one into alignment. We are mostly made up of water, the earth is 90% water, and there are significant vibrations in the energetic water properties. I take at least two baths a day.  
In the early morning, after waking up, we have the least amount of resistance as we've been resting our mind, and our thoughts have subsided. That is why it's pertinent to begin in the early morning.
I have no television in my bedroom as it creates an uncalming effect on me. I haven't always had a no television rule in my sleeping room, so if you have one in your sleeping room, it's very understandable.

I think in the past I kept a television in my room as it was the one place I felt was mine to relax after a long day. My perspective at the time was I went to my sleeping room and was off work for the evening. {smile}
I enjoy writing my thoughts for the day, practising the art of appreciation in my journal.

I hope this was a bit inspiring to you and I shall write again soon. If you have any questions, I'd be tickled if you left me a message in a bottle. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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