Winter Solstice And Christmas At Staffordshire Cottage

My dear friends, 

"Wishing loving wishes for a Happy Christmas
I know you wish me merry
all the season through
and so with all my heart dear
here's the same to you."~{By: Helen Marion Burnside from a Raphael tuck card, d. 1890}

Might you pour some tea? I'm sipping some spiced cinnamon in hopes to charge my energy levels. I chose this photo because it reminded me of winter Solstice and I simply adore anything from England.

That reminds me of a darling little lady that was living in this charming cottage in Sorrento, Fl. I had made an appointment to see the cottage as I was interested in purchasing. At the time I lived in Orlando, which was a short ways from Sorrento. It looked similar to this home in the photo. I think it's interesting that even though the little lady of the house had lived in the states for decades, she was still inwardly drawn to a cottage such as the ones in Europe; her home of origin. There's not many in the states that are roof thatched and stone, that I've known of, so anytime I find them in America I am so tickled. 
Courtesy of Pinterest
Tasha Tudor and one of her corgis.

 Doesn't Tasha just ring from the rooftops of holiday "Take Joy" as she was so often quoted.
This was a lovely book, that has pretty poetry inside, along with many duplicates of Christmas cards in the Victorian era. It also came with a Victorian CD of music for the Victrola. 
I always hang traditional Brach's candy canes upon the tree. All during the month of December, the children would select a candy cane from the tree as a delightful confection. They've always appreciated itimmensely. Since the divorce and as I've been away from my children on the holidays they have told me numerous times how much I made their Christmas"s special. 
 I wanted to have a small tree this year to emulate the Victorians. I love the tabletop trees so much. They are also a delightful alternative if you have small children or bunnies such as myself.
 I made a few loaves of homemade white bread, and a friend sent over some homemade brew. It was so yummy. It had a hint of a root as I appreciate the taste of root beer.
 My ideas seem to run away with me each year. I get so excited about all i plan to do but fail to accomplish it all. I am fine with it these days. I think all too often women get carried away with the appearances of having the preeminent-decorated home, the perfect gifts being given. It is a bit too much in my collective opinion. I only say that now as life experiences have taught me a great deal about outward appearances. All during the raising of my children they received lovely stuffed stockings and three gifts. I choose three as I felt it eliminated the spoiling of the children and it's the same amount that Christ was given on his birth. I quite wonder at times if people really know that the birth of Jesus wasn't actually Christmas, it was in April.  They opened one gift on Christmas Eve and it was always a set of pajamas that I had hand sewn them. They all matched accordingly. It was such fun to make them. Preparing the selected fabrics. Would I choose gingham, flannel, tartan plaid? It was some of the happiest times as a mother. When I was busily being a homemaker, I was most contented.  I really enjoyed all the traditions. I believe it's particularly important for me to have traditions, as I felt as a yound little girl I don't recall any traditions except for Christmas Eve my mother read," twas the night before christmas" to my brothers and I.
I found this needlepoint stocking at the thrift store a few weeks ago and i couldn't love it more. I want to keep a lookout for another one for myself. This one I assigned as my beloved gardeners. He loves the colour green and it feels a tad more masculine.

Another close up of my little mermaid ornaments. I love them ever so much! My dear friends Suzanne, Janis and my Aunt Dianne have all gifted me one. My mother bought one for me too.  I'm so appreciative for the ladies that have been so warm and comforting to me along my journey.  That is the true definition of what Christmas is all about in my eyes. 


  1. I too have a smaller Victorian tree this year. It just feels right. I love the mermaid ornaments. Doesn't Tasha just evoke a sense of Christmas?
    Oh, I won't be doing another post until after Christmas ~ you'll see why 😉

    1. Oh my! I'd love to see your tree. I can't wait to see why... Now I'm filled with excitement. Thank you... and yes I adore everything about Tasha... she had the best aesthetic. have a great holiday!


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