Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Art Of Creating A Delightful Cottage Bathroom

My dear friends,

Might you pour some tea and let us visit. It's been dribbling rain for hours on the beautiful coast of Florida, and the chicken ladies are bathing in the puddles. I think they love the opportunity to root as the rain has a way of creating an upwelling of worms. I do love it so, as it gives me a lovely excuse to write and just relax with my Beloved gardener.
 I have been longing for a few years to actually write up this tiny post, but for some reason, I've not done it until now. Perhaps it's because I had wanted to wait until I did both bathrooms and make it a much longer post, but I digress.

I love doing little things to the cottage, and I have been thinking that if I started posting my projects, it might inspire me to create more and motivate me to get going. I spent the first year of living here at the cottage and did several things and then I just tapered off.
 I began by plastering the walls with sheetrock all-purpose joint compound. The walls had a 70's wallpaper, but instead of removing the wallpaper, I just plastered over it. I used a 4.5 gallon for the whole bathroom.
The light is original. I removed it, spray painted it, then replaced it with Edison bulbs that i picked up from Walmart

After I covered the walls with compound, I then painted over the whole room with some flat white paint from Sherwin Williams. I then washed over the entire room with a watered-down umber craft paint.
The mirror was found in the storage room when I moved into the cottage, so I just added some boat rope and hung it. The linen fabric is some stash leftover from a sewing project. I already had the mermaid hook, so i hung it for a towel hook.
The bath is super tiny, and there is no room for a cabinet for towels, wash clothes or the like, so I found this old crate at an antique store for 5 dollars and thought it'd work for a towel holder. I can fit 6 towels. On the back of the toilet, I placed a basket with rolled wash clothes and hand towels. I have a rule about towels. I only use white. They'll always match no matter the decor colours and style, and they can be bleached, which makes them smell wonderful.
Some pretty flowers to liven your day wherever you may be.
All in all, I spent about 12 dollars on the whole bath update. The $12.00 was for the Edison bulbs. I had 3 already and just had to buy one.

I shall write again soon. May you have a lovely holiday season.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Your bathroom is just perfect! I have been using that same technique, joint-compound then painted, to pretty the risers on our stairs after removing hideous carpeting. The treads I am staining to look like barnwood. A question for you, though - a neighbor stopping by and seeing what I was up to alarmed me by assuring me that the plaster would absorb water from the air in the house and fall off unless I added some glue to the mix. It seems like the paint would be enough to prevent that. Have you had any bits dropping off or getting water laden in your bathrooms?

    1. Kimberly, I truly couldn't say if that would happen in the future, but mine has been fine thus far. It has a lot of humidity and steam from the shower but it's still perfectly the same way it was when I did it three years ago. So I feel confident it's all okay. Have fun with your stairs... that sounds like fun!


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