Cottage Intentions And More Victorian Author Readings

My dear friends,

Pour some tea, my dearies. Oliver is joining us this morning. Isn't he darling how he seems to camouflage himself? I had removed the unattractive table that was in the kitchen when I moved in, and since I am making due, I decided to use one of my sewing machines as a tiny table for now. I am thinking of painting every other tile black, to perhaps add a Victorian appeal. I posted a photo below. What do you think?

Courtesy of Pinterest. I believe something like this would improve the floors in the cottage. That way, it will look more like a Victorian cottage. 

I enjoy studying all that I can about Beatrix Potter. You know how much I adore her. I am re~reading A life in nature, by Linda Lear.
I have booked three more mermaid author readings at this tea room, Whistle Stop Garden and Tea Room. The little girls will be so excited. I'll be wearing my day to day Victorian clothing, too. My story is that I am a 246-year-old landlocked mermaid, so that is why I dress old fashioned. I wear gloves to cover my finger webbing. {wink, wink} I will also be taking Oliver with me. I'll post his little carrier that I have made in a few days. And when I go for the readings, I'll be sure to take photos to bring back home to share with you on ye olde blog.
I checked out 4 seasons worth of DVD's of Downton Abbey from my local library. I am so anticipatory of the movie to debut in September, I'm readying myself, and furthermore, I can never get enough of watching Downton. Are you going to be watching?
I am planning on adding a clothesline to the back garden. I haven't decided whether to make one from some old lumber or if I should use one like I had in California {below}. It's more of a pully system. It makes it much easier to have when space is limited, and Jeffrey says it's much more pleasant to look upon. I do think I agree with him.

I tried to find the picture of my retractable clothesline from when I lived in California, but to no avail.

I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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