Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Artful Way Of Allowing Abundance Into Your Life

My dear friends,

Let us have some tea. We will need an extra strong cup this morning. {smile}

I am completely transparent when I speak about my voyage, and that's financially included. I shared a video last week {here} about my latest evaluation of what has been plaguing my mind with special pointers about my abundance.

How often do we hear about women and their entrepreneurial voyage but not truly understand that many women have been whirling for sometimes decades before they become popular or famous?

I want to talk about how to follow suit with the law of attraction with special attention to achieving financial abundance.

There is oftentimes a stigma with finances. I have either witnessed people being too bold about their money woes or braggarts that display their wealth externally by flashing their trinkety purchases. I believe those that feel the need to brag are oftentimes caught up in the appearance of pretending they have much, when in fact, they have very little. In my opinion, I believe money is one of those topics that people have a struggle with. Here is why. Too often, people use money as a way to make up for a lacking within.

This isn't always true, and especially not with people that are truly in touch with their inner being. I used to be very much caught up in possessing money for the wrong reasons. I wanted to have money, because I grew up feeling that the wealthy were given attention and were socially accepted more so, than someone poor. It was my false belief and lack of self-love.
I was actually striving for money because I had the belief that in order to be loved, accepted and feel significant I had to possess wealth. I still believe that this is true for many people. It doesn't take much to look around and realize most people are chasing the dollar because they believe that money will bring them happiness. How often have you heard someone say, " Once I have this amount of money or pay off that debt, then I'll be so happy?" I used to say it all of the time. I have now come to know through the law of attraction, that saying such things like that is beating the drum of something I do not want. I speak only positive now. I found happiness in just living each day. I am satisfied with my life right now and always eager for more.

I have since recognized that even though I had abundance in my past marriage, it never brought me happiness. I was so miserable. That's why I bought and went shopping all of the time. I justified it by telling myself I shopped at thrift stores. It's so interesting to me how we as humans live such guilt filled lives, or live willingly accepting mediocrity.

 I am now building my own brand/company and where I am not wealthy today tangibly, I am extraordinarily happy and joyful. I have learned through living the law of attraction that in order to manifest the things and wealth I desire, it must become a subject of ease, or become something not spoken of at all. I also came to know why I was desireth of financial abundance. We must find the underlining reasons for why we want what we do in order to flush out the resistance surrounding it. When we, as humans desire something we rarely dive deep into why we want "said thing." I have come full circle and have witnessed that as much as I allow the subject of money to become a non-topic the money flows in. It's amazing when we are able to stop working so arduously on something, it then comes to us with ease. It's taken me years to understand this. If you recall, in the video {here} I spoke of how love has always come to me so easily. I manifested Jeffrey in 2 months. It literally was a piece of cake.
So I then spent these last three years not realizing how to equate the two subjects, love and abundance, by recognizing they are both just energies.

I want to talk about how to follow the law of attraction in regards to money and abundance. It seems a topic not many want to be truly transparent about. Almost as if it's a reflection on someone's character if you struggle with something such as money manifesting. I am here to state that many people struggle with all sorts of things, and the more we're able to be truthful about it, the more evolved we will become.
I am a woman that lives the law of attraction, so in order to not attract certain things to my environment, I talk less about them. I live this way. However, in order to work through the contrast and what's actually occurring, we won't know how to move through it unless we acknowledge our wobble. I have done many focus wheels in order to accomplish flushing out my own wobble. {buy my focus wheel tool here} This is the beauty of an Abraham Hicks workshop. When attending a workshop Abraham calls the audience member to the hot seat to assist in uncovering our beliefs on a variety of topics. There is no subject off limits. That's the only reason for addressing attention to it. I desire to fine tune and decipher what's happening in my own life, in hopes that many others will read my posts and flush out their own wobble. Have you ever been to an Abraham Hicks workshop {here}? They are magical!

It is absolutely all mindset. If you are wealthy, you obviously have the vibration of abundance and the belief working together in unison. There are no contradicting beliefs within, which is the way to achieving anything we desire in life.

That is not to say that the energetic vibration may subside, but that initially if you have attracted substantial money you are vibrating on the belief of knowing you can achieve abundance. The laws of the universe do not lie.

If you see someone that perhaps is a celebrity and they have financial woes, its because they have money beliefs that are contradictory.

I will be very honest and say I have had money beliefs that have been contradictory. I make no bones about acknowledging what my struggles have been. I think that's what has helped me significantly. To share with you through blog posts, as well as, through my youtube channel {here} is such a progression of my own personal voyage to becoming the best version of myself. I am so blessed to have you swimming along with me. There is something to be said when you can watch yourself, listen back or read what you've written, it becomes clear where the fine tuning must come into play.

I want you each to know I love and appreciate you immensely. May you have an abundant fun filled day today. I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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