Friday, January 11, 2019

How A Mermaid Lives Jolly Well During Struggles

 My dear friends,

Are you doing well? Pour some tea and we shall have a visit? Have you ever had particular matters of despair occur? Perhaps the washing machine or air conditioner splinters on you, at the same time? I have, several times in fact within the last few months. I thought I'd share with you how I used considerable proficient skill to manage the experience and bring a sense of grasp. When such an experience transpires, I choose to look upon it with a perspective of instruction.

As people, we all experience contrast with no exemption. How one responds is where our character is refined. This can be a lovely article. I do find that often when an incident arises, one might become baffled, and indignant. Some are challenged with feeling victimized.
In order for a person to change, a paradigm shift must occur. To be positive when any type of scenario occurs in our life is just a matter of mindset. Earth life is our school of learning. It can be a fun experience if we decide we want to learn from experiences and acknowledge what the universe is inspiring us to reach for. Nothing that occurs in our lives is because God/Universe/Source is trying to punish us.

This truly is the first step in understanding there is no assertion from Source/God/Universe. I think growing up in an environment with religious parents, I was taught to believe that when bad things were happening to me it was either me being tested by God or being punished. I now know this is so very far from how the universe/God truly is. All of my experiences are beautiful. No matter what bubbles up in my life, I am loved and I am worthy. There is never a time that I nor you are not worthy of unconditional love.

I was not raised to know the things I now have come to know for myself. I live such a healthier and happier life now that I truly know and understand how the world and God/Source/Universe really works. I had false beliefs. Now, all that I have come to understand makes complete sense for me.

I must tell you, dear friends, that there was a time in my life that no matter how often I felt I was outwardly a seemingly " delightful person" I still felt a pit in my abdomen. I struggled with feelings of unworthiness. I was indeed a downcast as one who carried false beliefs about many subjects. I believe our soul knows innately what requires happiness, however, it can be a bit of a thwarted effort at times. For one to be brave takes courage.
This post is about struggle, but I wanted to share a bit of back story as I feel impressed. 

When I moved from California to Oklahoma, I was beginning to examine the practices of the law of attraction. My reason for the inquiry came from a very unpleasant experience of being exceedingly unwell during our brief juncture of living in California. I had contracted an abscessed tooth, 2 kidney stones, bleeding gums, strep throat, the flu, a urinary tract infection, and a bladder infection simultaneously. At one point, I began praying for death. A hospital visit was out of the question as we had no health insurance. I was in agony. In a week I had lost over 10 pounds. I felt abandoned and alone.  I was having dreadful marital strains but spoke none of it, not even to my spouse. The marriage had become an unhealthy environment and I felt a  discontentment for years.

I recall 8 hours of laying on the couch crying in such agony. I began pleading with God. I desired to know what was occurring with me and why after living such a seemingly wholesome life was I being put through such distress. I pleaded with God to show me the signs. I deeply desired rendered assistance. I became inquisitive in knowing the greatest secrets of the universe. I had felt this longing inside of me for quite some time.

I opened my scriptures and felt prompted to look up a few things. I was then lead to Abraham Hicks on youtube. I knew I was open to receiving. I was no longer holding onto a particular way of life. I desired a different life. I wanted to know the true path to happiness. I refrained from telling anyone of my new found ideas.

The more I listened I felt a resonance in my heart. Have you ever heard something, and you straight away felt resonance?

Now back to my story once we moved. The expenses to go from California to Oklahoma was exceedingly great. After having paid deposits, down payments and the sorts we hadn't enough money to buy a refrigerator nor a dryer. We've not been in debt nor use credit cards. I have the rule that we pay cash only or we don't purchase it.

We made due without a refrigerator and a dryer for six weeks.

I was just learning of the law of attraction at this time, so I decided to manifest a new refrigerator and dryer. "I want to manifest a new dryer and fridge in two weeks. The fridge will be stainless steel and I will find them for $300.00." I set the intentions and let it go. In two weeks I found both items exactly the way I had intended. I was so excited! I was bitten by the optimism of the law of attraction. I knew I could do much from that time on.

I learned that if I desire anything in life, I was worthy to receive it and that being very specific in my desires was a fun addition to the process of manifesting. I learned that I was able to be happy regardless of mishaps. I was in control of my happiness. The condition of not having a dryer or fridge doesn't have the power to alter our condition of happiness if we choose to focus on all that is wonderful. Most people have a tendency to focus solely on the condition that is putting a wrench in their life by fretting about it passionately. It only creates more negativity to exhibit itself, by allowing it to nag us. We must keep control of our thoughts by focus.

When experiencing a setback, it's pertinent to seek the best in each plight. I am rapidly able to see where my vibration lies, just by casting my eyes about.
The benefits that I was able to hold to were that we had moved to Oklahoma in the middle of winter. I prepared two large coolers and placed them on our back patio. Everything stayed cold with ice and beings it was quite cold, it worked out splendidly. It's amazing how much we rely on our survival skills when something goes awry. I hung all of our clothes about the house on a makeshift line.

When our air conditioner splintered, I pretended that I was practising to live like Tasha Tudor. The electric bill slipped significantly, which became another benefit. I am hoping to live at Flander's Mansion one day and there is no air conditioner, so perhaps the Universe/God is preparing me for what come may.

I know there is nothing we can not overcome nor endure. I choose to see experiences like my appliances splintering as a way to measure my ability to be continently happy no matter what the condition.
May you take time to smell the roses and be jolly well!

Have you ever had an appliance splinter? If so, What did you do?

I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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