Monday, January 14, 2019

Pleasantries At Staffordshire Cottage

My dear friends,

Pour some tea and let's have a go. I discovered some new teas at Publix {my local grocery store} and it is one of the best teas for taste. They are bags and I was a tiny hesitant, but I was not disappointed, in fact, I am delighted. I even gave my mother the tip. 

I wanted to share a little occurrence that transpired this weekend. I truly want my blog to be a place you might swim to, be a bit entertaining, and educational as well. Nevertheless, That is my hope. {smile}
I took more photos of the chickens to use for my storybook "The Tale Of Henny~Penny Goody Two~Shoes"
My blog is an online diary, as you know so I thought it a lovely sentiment to share what I spent my time doing over the weekend.

I am only going to share a bit about an unpleasantry, but enough to hopefully inspire if you were to experience it for yourself at some later time.

Someone stole my identity, by taking my chequebook out of my garbage bin. It had my old account and previous married name on it.

I truly believe we create our reality and I hold to that. I realized that as I live the law of attraction, after the occurrence I was attempting to trace back why someone would steal from me if I hold to the belief that I get what I think about.

It just so happens that I had repeatedly been speaking about feeling unsafe and wanted to disconnect my previously married name from my ex-husband. Let me just say he wasn't very kind in some particular ways and it began making me feel unsafe. I was very much feeling the energetic stress of my privacy being invaded and I wanted to separate myself from my previous married name. I actually realized that I was literally on that vibration. That I believe is why someone stole an outdated chequebook with my previous name on it and went about writing bad checks.

I am being a bit lackadaisical about it. If we are to change the momentum of events,  {believeing we create our reality} we should work to clear our vibration around the subject at hand. I am fully aware that it is a bit of a struggle at times. However, that is how we grow more firm in our thoughts. We must leave it as much as possible. When we show little attention to any concern it will subside. We must be particularly clever as to leave it be. You'll hear no more argument from me.
 I went to Staples to buy a few packaging items and freely admit I was taken by surprise that Martha Stewart had a whole line of stationary and planners. I love these little package of three moleskin notebooks. I am sure you may guess that I especially loved this one. It has gold little rabbit. Rabbits are good luck and my spirit animal. When I see rabbits, I know that God/ Source is sending me tiny signs I am aligned.
 I read "How to be a Victorian" and dove deep into several Victorian interior design books.
I made some tinctures for my watercolour paper. I really enjoy using my aromatherapy certification to add a bit more delicate allure to my little paintings. It's quite pleasant that they smell rather scrumptious too. 
 This little painting I especially love. I have since sold the painting, but I intend to create another quite similar. I am working on my Spoonflower account. Spoonflower is a company I can make items out of my artwork. I am going to create a wallpaper with chickens and hang wallpaper in the chicken coop for the ladies. I am busily working on a collaboration with a magazine.
 I even contemplated something similar to a silhouette. It may be something delightful to frolic with in the future.
I spent most of the day Saturday in my "Treasure Room" organizing and tidying abit.
 My darling BG {Beloved Gardener} set my treasure room up with a tv, DVD player. I'm afraid I won't peep my head out for ages now with all the things I adore together in one room. I went to the library and checked out 5 seasons of Downton Abbey and Poldark.
photo credit: Pinterest
 This is a Victorian vision that I am taking inspiration from for my chicken coop DIY.
Photo credit: Whistle Stop Tea and Gardens
I thought to give you a few more images of the tea room where I will be having my mermaid author signings. My first event is this Saturday. Cross your thumbs.
I truly believe that we should spend our time creating a world of wonder. I fully intend to be as happy as a lark in all manors. I spent too many years very unhappy and I plan to bloody well create a fairy tale life.

Might we encircle our lives with all things that create a joyful nature in our countenance? Life is full of possibilities!
Have you created your new vision/dream board yet? Would you enjoy a video of how I make mine? I could go into a bit more depth about how and what makes our vision/belief boards truly manifest. {Here} is a post I did about vision boards.

I shall write again soon.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. You have the loveliest photos on your blog, Raquel.
    Good luck with your author signing event.

    1. Nil, Thank you so very much! I truly appreciate that. I will surely write all about the signing... Thank you for swimming by my dear...

  2. Thank you for your visit to my blog, I am hoping you will pop by again. It was a joy to visit you little space in cyber space and admire the beautiful photos. So sorry to read about your chequebook theft, I can only imagine how traumatic that could be.

    1. Oh my... of course I love your blog and will be a constant visitor. I feel such at home with fellow bloggers such as yourself. Thank you for the visit, I am indeed excited to get to know you better. Muawhhhh! have a most pleasant day dear friend....


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