Mermaid Ladyship Logbook And Merrymaid Diary Planners: Law Of Attraction And Time Management With Louis Vuitton

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

My dear friends,

To stay focused these days seems to be a very popular priority in the world at present, and a challenge for most.

If you have read "my about page" you know I have studied and practised time management for over 35 years. When girls attend Mermaid Junkie Academy this summer they will be issued Merrymaid Diary Planners as well. I know they will adore them.

I am so tickled to share what I have been working on for a little over a year. I was not entirely consistent with my paintings, as the entire planner system is quite a detailed time management fundamental. I am also planning to create a small course on my youtube channel platform as a way to teach how my system will solve time management struggles. The modules will be very informative and teach precisely how to be an organized mermaid.

I began using a little planner from Franklin Covey in the '90s.  I love the planner system and concept from Stephen Covey so much, however, in the last few years, several issues began bubbling up with the planners. I was no longer able to have all of the necessary things I desired to stay organized. I needed time management and LOA all in one place. I had notebooks, loose leaf paper, and spirals all over the cottage. It was driving me mad. I was desperate to figure out a solution. I had a journal for sketches, calendars,  a focus wheel notebook and I was feeling less organized by the end of each day. I was missing particulars that I felt were essential in staying organized.

There are so many lovely planners, planning pages and calendars out in the universe, but never one that was an all-encompassing system that focused on the four human endowments along with the teachings of the Law of Attraction. I wanted all of those items in my planner and all in one place. I am the first to believe having a to-do list and a calendar/ journal is not a complete way to be a well-rounded human/mermaid. {wink, wink}

So as I began manifesting my great desires, I swam across the latest news article at Louis Vuitton and their collaboration with Grace Coddington piqued my creative imagination. I have many planners/agendas. I love all of them dearly. However, I wanted to work with Louis Vuitton. I love everything the company stands for, and I love their product. Have you ever read the book about Louis Vuitton? One of my dreams is to visit the manufacturer in Europe. That would be such a dream come true.  What a timeless company.

How my submission to collaborate with Louis Vuitton will transpire is up to the Gods, but I know everything that I have ever desired has manifested perfectly. If nothing transpires from the submission collaboration, I will still have a planner system that is like no other out there and for that, I am indeed proud as punch.

All of the agenda sets will be the size of a large ring Louis Vuitton Agenda. I will eventually have different page sizes, but for now, I made them for the size that best suits me, and that is a large planner with wide ruled pages.
 My olive Franklin Covey planner in size pocket.
This is a photo of my mockup of a few of the pages. They look a bit of a mess right now {above is the mocked-up demo versions},  but they will soon be the catch of the day. I was going to hand write on them all but decided to use some victorian fonts along with some of my calligraphy. I won't be able to share the ones for purchase until I hear from Louis Vuitton. Soon very soon my dear friends...

This is my agenda. I am so excited and waiting to hear back from Louis Vuitton and expect to receive two large ring agendas for a giveaway I will be having. Louis Vuitton is old school with how they work with clients. Everything is done through snail mail only. Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter "The Current" so you will automatically be placed in the drawing. The value of this agenda is worth $775.00.

This is my tiny moleskin monogram notebook with a gold pencil.
Thes are just a few images of my personal Louis Vuitton items. I have been collecting since my teens. I truly have the belief that we can collect over the years, even buying some items that are gently loved and have a beautiful collection in a few years. Louis Vuitton never goes out of style. A truly timeless product.

 My wallet that was a birthday gift about 15 years ago.
 My tiny cosmetic bag. I actually keep all of my writing accoutrements in this pouch. I keep a drafting pencil, post-it notes, highlighters, pens, pencils and flags.
 My handbag. I call it my Mary Poppins bag. It's the largest size in the speedy.
 Another zippered toiletry pouch. I have always used mine for makeup and not travel toiletries.
 My chequebook cover in monogram. I tend to like the monogram and that is truly all I have ever bought from the start.

I surely hope you are as anticipatory of this grandeous idea and planner systems I have created as I am. I wanted to create a bit of a bumble~ fizzing~buzz, to get you excited.

Do you love Victorian, old fashioned, mermaids, organizing time management and the law of attraction all rolled into one delightful place?

I shall write again soon, and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. It's to the right on the sidebar, or you may have encountered the pop-up.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. How lovely...

    The items....

    And the photos....


    1. Thank you dear friend. It took me a few days to respond back as I have been under the weather. Uoure so sweet. Thank you for swimming by.