Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Your Best Mate Is A Reflection Of Self

My dear friends, 

Pour some tea, and let us have a visit. I am having Teavana Starbucks {here} Imperial Spiced Chai.

I have indeed missed you. I have such a lovely post to share with you today. I actually had written this post 5 years ago but felt it would be another opportunity to dive deep into this topic. Also, you know that I had to start this blog over as I lost 10 years of blogging posts, but I never let that stop me from beginning again. Perseverance is key. {smile}

It's a post about understanding ourselves and those we have relationships with. 

Firstly, before diving in, I wanted to share a tv series that is currently on Netflix called Tidelands [Here}, which is about humans and mermaids. I must forewarn you that if you are particular about ratings, it's most definitely a mature audience rating. It is quite sexual, seductive and sultry. It's still not secured for a second season, so let us keep our thumbs crossed. I really enjoyed it, so much so that I watched the entire season in one evening. 

A little fun trivia is that mirrors are considered a reflection of inner consciousness. Mirrors are said to be the reflective nature of the moon. The moon is considered a God to the sirens of the deep. 

Here is a little poem and painting from this mornings practice. 
Mermaid Pearls 

"The deep of the 
Outland's channel

Peachy~lavendar water tinged pink
A Merrymaid swims below

formerly garnished
with pearls so neat.

Her face at once became
tinkedly~blinkedy~winkled a bell
on perceiving that
all her jewels were shiny and swell." ~Raquel M. Carter

If you are partly human {wink, wink} you have undoubtedly been in relations with another human and most definitely have had a mirrored reflection experience of yourself. 

Let me begin by setting the stage with how our lives subconsciously and consciously work. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, you know that like attracts like. Which means that everything in your life is a reflection of your thoughts and energetic vibration. Many times folks do not want to believe that we create our reality, especially if we are attracting and manifesting particulars that we are not in favour of. The thing to comprehend is that the universe is non-inclusive; meaning there is never an answer of "NO" from the universe nor can something be forced upon us without our permission.

Let me share an example with you. Have you ever noticed that when you first begin dating someone you only see the lovely things in that person? It's called the honeymoon stage, or your inner being/self reflected mirror imaging.

As time passes in your relationship you and your mate begin to notice the things that you dislike in each other. It soon becomes the insurmountable things that irritate you or your mate, which creates a split. If you choose to stay regardless of the discord, you either convince yourself that no relationship is perfect, and you should stick it out. 
Here is what is really taking place. We as humans subconsciously go through life experiencing contrast.

I will share my example of me and my ex-husband so that you may better comprehend what I am attempting to explain.

I will preface that in my past relationship I had to become very clear with my emotions and heal the open wounds of my own life before I went to another relationship. Otherwise, I would have carried the same issues into my relationship with Jeffrey. I chose not to do that. That meant I had to mate with my own soul first, before mating with another person.

Too often women will swim from one relationship to another and another and soon realize they are repeating or manifesting the exact relationship again and again. This is why. They left the previous relationship without cleaning up their vibration, thus carrying that vibration with them to the next relationship and so on. It may be a new face or a new place but it will always reveal the exact thing repeatedly until that aspect of us is healed.  

Dear heart, If you happen to identify with this, please do not become discouraged. This is not a judgemental blog, but a blog to inspire you to your greatness. Words do not teach, only life experience teaches. It's pertinent to go through contrast in order to learn and grow. How would we know what we do want unless we experience what we do not want? This is especially important when working through our relationships. Relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives. Be patient with yourself. Nothing serious is going on here. {smile} 
When I was growing up, in a very unpleasant childhood, I really longed for attention from my father. He was never there for me emotionally or in a nurturing way. He was an excellent provider but other than that he was absent. He was also a very disagreeable alcoholic. 

All haste to me becoming a woman, and because I did not heal those broken aspects of myself, by giving myself love, nurturing and being there for myself emotionally, I subconsciously reflected that out into the universe. The mate that would show himself would mirror everything I was lacking.

I was a mirror reflecting the broken, unhealed aspects of myself, and I attracted the exact thing that my ex-husband was also missing in his life. He attracted me and I attracted him. Mirror imaging at its finest. My ex was also an alcoholic, just like my father. I attracted exactly what I was comfortable with, as well as, what I needed to heal within my own life. 

The reason at first that we do not see these characteristics when we begin dating is that we are seeing the other person as God/ Universe/ Source sees that persons inner being. But soon we become misaligned and our mate begins to exhibit those attributes and it becomes very uncomfortable for us and our mate. 

Where we are vibrationally always reflecting what is transpiring in our lives presently. There is never an exception. If you want to see what you are feeling and what you are thinking, look at your life. Look at who you are spending your time with, who is in your life. It is an arduous realization because often times we do not want to see what we are truly exhibiting. 

Did this post resonate with you? Have you ever been curious about mirror reflecting? 
I shall write again soon. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Great post. I am reading a book on this subject and the chapter I read today was on this very thing. We have to get right with our past before we can move forward or that vibe will walk you right around in a circle.
    PS- I'm back in the land of the living, internet installed today🌞

    1. That's so interesting. What book, do you mind me asking? We must be in sync. I agree wholeheartedly. I am so happy you're back. I have been under the weather so I haven't written. I am still feeling feverish but had to write as I start itching to express myself.


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