Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Victorian Author Reading At Whistle Stop Gardens And Tea Room

I promised an oath that I would show you photographs of my mermaid author reading at the tea room.

I have had a few more; however, I was so caught up in the twirling tizzies I forgot to take pictures.
I made the poke bonnet {above} from a thrift store find. I love the outcome, however,  after seeing myself in the pictures, I don't think the shape enhances my face as well as some of my other hats, so this will go back into the hatbox for safekeeping, because, well, It looks dreadful. 
At my author table, I let the little girls hold the merrymaid Scarlette Rose doll. The roses are what Oliver eats in the story, and the driftwood is his cane that he carries.

At each reading, I tell the back story of which is about me being a mermaid that's 246 years old. I have been landlocked for centuries, and wear very old~fashioned clothes. I salvaged from shipwrecked abandoned trunks. I wear gloves so that you can't see the webbing between my fingers. {smile}

I share the secret to know if a person is a real mermaid or not is by checking to see if she has webbing between her fingers and toes.

I have dreamt of writing stories all my life. I try to emulate Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter, {as you know} and I can't wait to publish my next books. Do you think I'll be able to bring Henny Penny to an author reading? She is a chicken, so I'm not sure how that would fair. Do you recall the story of when Tasha took her real crow {Edgar Allen Crow} to New York, and they had to leave him in the hotel bathroom? Now come to think of it, unless I have a lovely pen made for Henny Penny, she will have to remain at the farm. A miniature "Henny Penny's Hen House" would be quite charming though, wouldn't it?

There is no other place I would like to have readings than a tea room. Perhaps one day I will have little readings at my forever home and serve tea. It reminds me of the little marionette plays that Tasha Tudor would put on at her home, and I want to do that as well, except mine will be mermaid-themed gatherings and little orator inspired motivational speaking.

Not all of the little darlings wanted tea, so they enjoyed pink lemonade.
Here's another close up of my poke bonnet, emphasizing on the inside of the bonnet with trim stitching and pleated gatherings. I used quilting thread to sew the hat together.
Look how sweet they are. The parents have been so generous in buying my storybooks for their daughters to take home as a souvenir. This is how I make a living being an author. I am currently having teapots, cups and tea sets made from a company in England, {similar to Beatrix's} but with my story characters, of course, and I couldn't be more excited. Honestly, these are all dreams I've had percolating for years and I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. 

If you'd like to buy my book, feel free to follow the link {here} or swim to the sidebar and utilize the Amazon link.
Perhaps you'd like to know what my story the, "Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose" is about, so here is a synopsis: It's a story about reaping what you sow. The Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose is an American children's book that follows mischievous and disobedient young MerryMaid Scarlette Rose as she is chased about the water garden of Mr Sir Barbaric. She escapes and returns home to her mother, who puts her to bed after dosing her with tea. The tale is derivative of The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, except it's a little adventure about a mermaid.

I began working at Weeki Wachee Springs when I was 17 and began pondering the idea of a book about a mermaid. Hence, because I am a mermaid.

 My dear companion Sir Oliver Twistytopsy. He comes along with me to the readings because he's a character in the book. 

 Such pretty little place settings.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Always remember to dream a little dream. I am most sure of the belief that all of your dreams will come true if you dare to dream.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Oh, what a beautiful place to have your reading. You look so pretty in your bonnet, and the little girls are adorable.

    The Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose sounds like a wonderful story. For what age group do you recommend the book, Raquel?

    1. Nil, Thank you sweetie pie. I do appreciate that. How's your week going? The age group I would recommend for The Tale of Merrymaid Scarlette Rose would be 7-12.

    2. Great! Most of my friends have older kids, but there's one with a small girl. I think she would enjoy your book. :)

    3. Oh my, That would be such a kind gesture to purchase my book. I would love to know what she thinks of it. Do let me know. Muawwhhhh...

  2. Just to say I appreciate you.It has been a while since we last communicated, so wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten you.
    Love your new blog. I don't have the time to read all your posts and keep up, but I read here and there sometimes :)and I always find something aligned to my own current feelings/thoughts, etc. Of course! LOA at work! And of course I adore the personal approach.
    I too have made the decision- quite a while ago- to stop stressing myself out with social media and devote myself to my blog. Social media is not my cup of tea at all! Still rebuilding my website after lots of technical issues (long story), but now I'm finished and am very happy with it.
    Keep up the good job,
    Monica xoxo

    1. Oh Monica, It is so good to hear from you. I am so thrilled that you found me. Isn't it interesting that I was just thinking about you the other day, but I wasn't sure what your web address was. The LOA at it's finest. Thank you for the compliments on my blog, it is such a happy place of mine. My writing is thriving more each day, and I am so inwardly pleased about my success on ye olde blog. Congrats on your blog too. I went through and read all your posts. You're a fintastic writer, keep going. I tend to wonder if many pisces are not equipped mentally for instagram. Just an observation, as many of the fellow instagrammers that I was acquainted with have left instagram. We are all doing our best and finding our individual way and what a delight it is. Have a lovely day dear friend. You know you are only the second person to seek me out, so thank you so much that means the world to me. I love you peanut!

    2. So glad to see your reply! Thank you!
      I can speak for myself only, but being an Empath and a HSP, Instagram is not at all a good place for me! I feel all the energies, and it's too fast- paced and loud a place to be. The "crowds", endless ads, self- promotion, fakeness, stories(I don't watch anyway but just their presence annoys me at the top of my screen), people who DM you and doing so cross your boundaries- well, I'm not at all OK with all of that. I used to love IG a few years ago before ads and influencers and stories and people who followed/unfollowed and stuff like that- now it's just not something I want in my life.
      Much love,
      Monica xo

    3. I couldn't agree with you more. I believe that me being able to laser focus on one thing {my blog} and really put all my love and passion and creativity into one platform is the best for me as well. I think of my heroes that I adored {such as Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter} and I would think they positively wouldn't ever be on all the social media platforms. I am much happier now, and I am very placid and happy.

  3. haha so glad I checked, I felt there was something here for me to read! :)
    Yes, I agree, works for me as well to focus on just one platform, otherwise I stretch myself too thin and I don't do anything good at all! Plus, my blog is mine, my content is mine and displayed at my heart's content (I don't like squares... everyone in the world has a gallery with the exact same format! Where's individuality?), and I also can FIND it again! Do you know how many times I look for a post of mine I know I've written and want to re- read, and cannot find it on IG? This does not provide a great service for sure to your readers, if that's what you want... I think most people (business owners) do it for marketing alone, and the vast majority of people is just addicted to it, and finds it difficult to detach themselves (even if they are aware it isn't good for them). Sounds silly, but I believe most people are not at all able to enjoy themselves without external inputs- like oh my gosh, I have all of this spare time and wonderful empty space, now what do I do of myself? :) Not judging, just joking a bit... that's why I really want to offer a great service to my readers, to show them that it's possible to live a different life. To be more at peace, happier, more content, even with the little things, and most importantly, finding our true Self and acting from there. Makes all the difference in a person's life!
    Much love, and thanks for responding.
    Monica xo
    P.S. Happy belated birthday by the way!!!! Hope you had a splendid day.

    1. Monica, Thank you for commenting back. It's bananas I just now saw this post. I am going to have to really spend some time on blogger and learn a bit more about my comment section. I really dislike not being able to see where some lovely reader has spent time to comment on my posts and I just didn't ever see the comment in my section. I want my dear readers to know I value them and their time. I agree with you bout IG too. I did the same thing. I would have a really awesome post and want to write a longer blog post but could never find it. I suppose they weren't meant to be. I know all things are happening perfectly. I tend to wonder to if there are a larger majority of Pisces or empaths that have a harder time with social media/ instagram because we are deep people. hmmm.... thinking to myself. I am so happy that we reconnected Monica. I have no real life friends, only my online gals I comment to on blogs, so it's nice to correspond with other like minded soul such as yourself. We vibrate nicely, I feel... Much love Raquelxxx


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