Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Art To Manifesting Your Dream Home {A Mermaid's Energy Wave}

 My Dear Friends,

I had the sweetest birthday on Monday and my beloved gardener surprised me with some beautiful foxgloves, Eugenia topiaries and some mint herbs. I was busy working on a DIY project out back in the garden and went to go check the mail a little while afterwards and boy wonder had surprised me by leaving the flowers by the garage. I shed little tears. I was reminded of his genuine kindness and thoughtfulness towards me. All of my children have been exceedingly kind and have been messaging me quite frequently. What a welcoming feeling. My the heart is whole. 

I've been prepping for our yard sale. I convinced Jeffrey to get rid of the cedar bedroom suit in the guest room. I have disliked it from the start. It's outdated and the only particular it has going for itself is that its solid cedar. I want to fill the cottage with all Victorian antiques. I may do some shopping at my parents on my next visit. Isn't that fun? When I go to my parents I’ll shop around and say, ”Mum, might I take this and that? Or I'll ask my father to cut me up some wood and make me a little dining table or weld me a fence.” They always say yes and I bring it home and decorate, creating a more quaint cottage with each passing day.
I have wanted to share a little story and inspiration with you about our homes. After my divorce from M and then moving in with Jeffrey when we married, I realized something. I was able to create for my children a serene happy place to live no matter where our home was located. Home really is where you make it. It's a mindset.

All of the years I was married to my ex, I was able to create a lovely experience for my children. We moved around often. I took it in stride and at first, I considered it to be fun, but the more we moved, I began to evaluate the actual moving aspect of my life. There is always a more deeply rooted scenario if one were to look internally.  It became clear to me that I was actually alright with the constant movement for so many years because I was not content in my heart. So, in essence, it was a way for me to recreate who I was and how I chose to represent myself to every individual I had ever met. I created the person I wanted the world to see. If that began to blur and I was getting too emotionally attached to someone or people began seeing my life in a different perspective than what I wanted them to see, I was all ready to move again. That cycle would go on for over two decades.

To be exact, we moved to over 21 different homes and 7 states. That is a lot of moving, especially since I had grown up in the same home my entire childhood. In the beginning, I was happy and excited about it, but as the years passed, I became disillusioned with moving. I did make it a happy experience for my children though.

No matter where you go, you always take yourself with you. I tried to physically run from who I was, and I got really good at it.

I always prepared my children by expressing to them that we were going on an adventure and that it would be such fun. They did very well with the moves. I know it was in part to do with my attitude. The children saw me as an example and they followed suit

I think I started to become very disheartened after our move to California, and I learned we weren't going to stay indefinitely. I wanted California to be my forever home. I remember throughout my life, I had never felt this sense of true love when it came to where we lived. I made the most of each place but always desired to feel I had landed in the state that would make me say to myself, ”I want to stay here forever. I have come home.” When I went to Carmel, I had that feeling come over me and I knew that was where my heart lived and longed to be. As if somehow I was familiar and it wasn't the first time I had been there. I believe I lived there in another life. I still plan to go back and I know it will happen. I am contented with that dream and I know I always get what I want.

 "The same boiling water that softens potatoes hardens eggs. It is all about what you're made of not your circumstances."

I wanted to say that if you ever have a dream of living somewhere, or you feel inspired to live somewhere, decide that you are going to fulfil that dream. Too often we spend our lives not really diving deep to live out those dreams that we had as children, but they can happen if we will believe like when we were children. I know that all the things I desire to do is all mindset. We can live in that stone cottage on a thousand acres or that tin-roofed one-room house on the edge of the ocean.

Here are a few treasure trove tips to making your dreams come true:

1. Decide on what you really want. If it is to live in a different place, make a decision. 
2. The number one reason people do not manifest something is that they have contradicting thoughts on a dream. They decide but then allow others to talk them out of their truest desires. 
3. If you aren't steady in your decision yet, keep the idea {dream} to yourself until you feel stable enough to not be persuaded by others opinions. 
4. Always think positive.
5.  Do not give way to naysayers. Don't let people get into your head. 
6. Every time you think about the dream, milk it for as much as you can while feeling happy. If you start to get discouraged or overthink about the tactical ways of the dream happening, leave it and think of other things. Only relish in the dream when you feel good about it. 

Where is home to you? Where is your dream home?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I love this post Raquel.

    I call two places my home - my parents' home where I grew up, and the the place I live now. I still feel at home whenever I visit mom. That's where I spent my entire childhood, where all my relatives and some of my old friends live, so I still call it my home.
    Then I have the house I bought a couple of years ago. I'm slowly turning it into my dream home. I dream of a garden full of flowers and vegetable beds, and a little chicken coop. I know one day I will achieve that. :)

    1. Oh my stars that sounds like a fairytale! I know you too will have that... You are already fastly achieving that now... I love your posts of home and all your diy projects.

  2. Happy Happy new year of your life! Your presence is a grace to the world :).

    1. Oh my! That is the kindest thing you could say. Thank you sweet friend.


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