Thursday, April 4, 2019

How I Use The Law Of Attraction To Catch Celebrity Clientele

 My dear friends,

I made some chai tea for our little visit today.

This post is something that I have wanted to share for a while now, because oftentimes, folks only HEAR of the Law of Attraction working, but never quite understand the actuality of HOW it works. I will attempt to disembowel it a wee bit.

I have always been an optimistic person and right before my plans to divorce my ex-husband, I had no idea how I was going to support myself. I knew I had planned to leave the marriage, and it was made very clear that I should not expect to receive a dime, so I had to figure out a plan for myself. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do, but I knew I wanted to write and paint. Other than that, I had no clue. I was leaving it up to the Gods, so to speak.
I think that's why some folks perceive me to be a bit hardened and stingy, but indeed, I am not. At times, looks can be quite deceiving. I am a bit leery of trusting most folks to deliver on their word. I had trusted my ex, giving such devotion as a supporter in his dreams for 30 years, and was left standing empty-handed in the end. So, yes, I am a bit apprehensive about money with regards to trusting another person to take care of me. I will confess, life is indeed a journey and that includes progress. I am currently working out the vibrational kinks with regards to money and feeling vulnerable, especially when it comes to a man having full control.

If one has ever experienced such a devastating blow, you can understand my particular situation. I think that, too, is why I love Bethenny Frankel so much. Not only is she a hustler {if that's what we're calling go-getters these days} is that I can identify with her. All personal issues aside, she never gave up on her dreams, nor relied on a man to take care of her. Where I come from, that's unconventional.

The ladies on The Real Housewives of New York mocked and looked down upon her. I remember when she was attempting to sell her cookies inside of a wholesale store, and no one was giving her the time of day. She kept at it, though. Do you recall when Countess Luann was meeting Bethenny in that bar for drinks; looked at the car outside and actually laughed that she was driving around in a vehicle wrapped in the Skinny Girl brand? Bethenny worked super hard and no one gave her a leg up, so I wonder if she feels like people need to work hard. No one handed her a thing, and I love her so much for that.
I know handfuls of women that rely on an ex to front their lifestyles and care for them. I am not saying there's anything wrong with it, however, my situation turned out completely different. I don't look down on people for it, I do, however, believe that as women we should rely on ourselves financially, as it gives us a sense of freedom and independence. That is a wonderful feeling. I often think of how much marriages would change. The dynamics would be different in unions if man/woman could literally do it on their own. I wonder how many women would leave an unhappy marriage if they knew they could care for themselves and their children without a man?

Look~ this isn't a man-bashing post, everyone knows I adore my Beloved Jeffrey, but I am a  changed woman. I am better for all the things I went through and this is strictly my opinionated subjective viewpoint. I thought I should preface that right quick. {smile}
For heaven's sake! Let me get this post back on track ya'll. {heh}

I know in order to manifest our desires, we have to have a mindset of not NEEDING to prove ourselves to others. The need to prove that we are worthy of good fortune, money, love, and noticeability is a culprit amongst many people. I know for myself I would grasp onto anything and everything in the hopes of someone giving me a boost. I lived in the 'need' status and that never feels good internally. Personally, it's a very uncomfortable place to be in. When needing someone, it somewhat gives off that feeling of weakness, and it's a breeding ground for dysfunction in relationships, especially marriages.

I took off after I began using the law of attraction to my benefit. The law of attraction doesn't work like our mothers. Many mothers are quick to hand over things, make our lives comfy by meeting our needs. Mothers are more likely to feather our nests, however, the law of attraction does not work this way, it works the opposite. If we put our efforts into thought and focus, we will get what we desire. The key to manifesting a desire is to use our vibrational energy and not the sweat of our brows. I know, revolutionary, right? I am telling you something that's absolutely the polar opposite of what most people say. When work and the law of attraction are involved, it will always be work in the way of taking 'inspired action'. Most people believe you have to work like a dog in life to get what you desire. This is so far from the way the world works when the LOA is being used.
Have you ever seen people in life that seem to get things and they put hardly any effort in? Then you see another person, on the opposite side of the spectrum and they work all their days for a puny amount of money? Most people look at that difference and come to the conclusion that "it's just not fair." When it has nothing to do with fair. It has to do with energy. Everything in this world is based on energy, and many folks refuse to see this. I decided long ago, that all the times I was doing everything right {according to the outside world looking in} and was getting nowhere, that I had to figure out what was going on. I followed all of the rules, was a good girl, obeyed the commandments, but absolutely nothing seemed to change for me. I would then see other folks doing all sorts of things, not living obedient lives and they were getting everything they desired. The Christians seemed to be the best folks around and were getting the shaft. It made no flipping sense to me, AT ALL! I was so done with every bit of it. I then began praying, as I wanted to know of another way. I felt if God loved me, and I asked for help to understand what I felt at the time was an injustice, that I would get an answer. I wanted to comprehend.

I feel such a sense of love and understanding now in my life. I am genuinely, and I mean deep in my gut and soul; a happy person today. I never knew I could literally be and feel this authentically happy. All because I now see things so beautifully correct. The law of attraction resonates with so many because once you start learning about what it really is {not the made-up sorcery version}, it makes so much sense. It's like I knew it all along, but was taught as a young child that the law of attraction was of the devil. I literally thought that if I read law of attraction books or things similar in nature, I was going to go to hell when I died. I had such a fear of it. People wonder still to this day about me, as if, I use the word source or universe and think I'm on a downhill spiral. But I say to them, I speak of nothing but God in my life now,  always have and always will. I just have a different perspective these days, of what and who God is. I'm not in danger of fire and brimstone. All is very well with my heart. I know I am so loved.
I derailed this post again~ gosh golly!

How I was able to land several jobs with Jon {NFL head coach of the Oakland Raiders} and Cindy Gruden was through my beloved gardener. Most folks don't know that Jeffrey's a horticulturist/ landscape designer, etc. He has credentials as long as the eyes can see. He works with some of the most elite and high profile officials, government and celebrities in the country. To me, he is my gardener, but his knowledge is profound when it comes to knowing his craft. He is brilliant! When we began dating, he knew I was in need of caring for myself and knew that the Grudens needed some work done on their house. It started out with the doors, and then Cindy became somewhat of my friend and hired me several more times to do things for her.
There is another secret that many folks don't know either. When you have worked for famous celebrities by caring for their homes, you undoubtedly become somewhat close to them. Not always, but Jeffrey is such a friendly person, extremely discreet and respectful, so I believe celebrities pick up on that characteristic of his {again, it's energy}. He has worked for the Grudens for over 15 years. Jeffrey was chatting it up one day and recommended me to update their entry doors. I had never done a big celebrity job for anyone, so I was a bit nervous at first. I had been quietly asking the universe to send me work so that I could provide for myself. I began getting more and more jobs following the Grudens. I truly contribute the law of attraction and my meditation practice for having an income.

Another little tidbit that I don't much advertise here on my blog, is that I have a degree in Interior Design and a certification in the Psychology behind Interior Design. My father was/is a carpenter/contractor and has been for my entire childhood, so I know my way around a DIY project. I know how to use a saw, lay tile, drywall, you name it. I can do almost anything in design, actually performing the labour aspect myself. I can demo a room, taking it to bare bones and rebuild that sucker all by my lonesome. I don't think many gals that are Interior Designers have that ability.

Anywho, I think it's funny that I have this blog, and it's not much of a DIY blog. I wonder if I should include that kind of stuff more often though. What do you think, should I?

I did the job for the Grudens, and I was asked back several more times after that. I contribute Jeffrey to recommending me. I am also quite appreciative that Jeffrey had such faith and trust in me, knowing that I was capable, and performing it well enough for the Grudens approval.

In short {i mean long~ heh}, I believe we all need someone to believe in us, especially if we are struggling and don't necessarily have much faith in ourselves at particular moments of our lives.

Has anyone ever believed in you, when you didn't believe in yourself?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Those doors are absolutely beautiful. You are so creative. :)

    I'd love to read about your DIY projects.

    1. Nil, oh thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear it. Thank you for the encouragement...


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