Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Victorian Art Of The Unfolding

My dear friends,

In the past, I was always afraid of taking my writing seriously. The reason being, I have a difficult time with my writing. 

I love English; however, I'm not keen on this process. I feel like I'm back in school. I passed English with flying colours; however, I'll never forget my teacher constantly reminding me that my grammar was not good. Through my life, because of that insecurity, I built a false belief about my intelligence.

I don't know very much about grammar. I probably have errors all throughout this post, but I must be brave. 

I'm working on my grammar skills: If I can build my own business from scratch, or leave a marriage of 25 years with not a penny to my name, there's nothing I can not accomplish.

So, you, my dear friends will watch me as I go through this process of learning grammar. (Wink, wink) Is that funny to hear?

Do you have something that you’ve been embarrassed to admit?

This is the Little Wart that my BG {Beloved Gardener} started from seed when he was only 19. It's still going strong after 30 years. 
I used to be fearful, but no longer. In order to get better at things, we have to go through a process, and that takes time. Often, what most folks do, is to pay someone to do it for them. For instance, in the past, when I wanted a well-designed blog, I paid someone to make it for me. Each time, without fail, I was displeased with the end result.

I would say to myself, “I could’ve made this better.” I would be out a boatload of money and want to change it a few months later. I think that’s why. I rushed the process. I didn’t enjoy the journey or recognize that there is a natural process of unfolding. Often, we want to skip over the unfolding process. Think about this as an example. Say, if I were to have rushed my blog design in 2017, by paying someone to have it done, I would've missed the unfolding of all those little pieces that have made my blog my happy place. The tiny details that perhaps, only I notice, but, that would've been lost out on. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I know we're enjoying roads that we did not build. I don't believe we have to earn our way through life. I do think, however, that many folks live by this concept, though. In fact, I think we shouldn't have to walk around this earth feeling as though we have to earn our existence. There is another belief that I think folks have as well, and that is, to hurry through life at rapid speed. To enjoy the journey, as cliche as that sounds, is how we should be enjoying our lives. We are always right where we belong, no matter what. So often, folks focus so much on playing catch up or feeling like they are running out of time. We are never running out of time. That is simply a belief conjured up, that simply isn't true. 

Did you know that anything we want to manifest, can be done in record speed? Our only job is to relax and allow. Have you ever noticed in your own life, how easy things come to you that you want if you only ignore them?

Because of our conditioning from society, most folks believe that big desires have to take a long time, and with a lot of hard work.  This simply isn't true, either. The only reason most things seem to take folks long is that they have loads of resistance, or believe they have to work like a dog to receive. Either that or, they believe everything they have, has to be earned. We are born human, and that simple act is all that we need, to be worthy of all we desire. Can you tell I'm on a worthy kick, as of late? I think I turned this grammar post into a post about worthiness. Oh well. 

I have come to find that all things that are unfolding to be very, very satisfying. With each new adventure, I expect that to only improve. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx  


  1. I think certain grammar habits add to "voice" when writing. I like to see y'all or fixin' to if that's how a person speaks. It's the silly trends that bug me "like, like, like" "Right?" "Just sayin'" or whatever the latest word is. Anyhoo, don't be afraid to speak your words as only you can say them :-) There will always be a grammar Nazi around somewhere if you need one.
    Also, how cool that those flowers are 30 years old - how very special.

    1. Awww... You are so kind to say that dear. That means the ever-livin' (see, what I did there?) world to me! Sincerely, that means so much to me. Thank you for that. I soooo needed to hear it. Isn't that the coolest? He was taking me to an old neighborhood, of when he first started out working at a nursery grafting and creating plants. He said, "Baby, thats my little wart from when I first started out." I was all over it. I said I have to have some of those and get some seeds for myself. Which reminds me, Im planting your seeds this weekend, and I am so excited about it. I love you dearly. Have a wonderful weekend. I am having a little garden/yard sale at the cottage tomorrow. Yay!


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