The 4 Things I Learned From Blocking People On Social Media {According To A Mermaid's Metaphor}

 My dear friends,

Several months ago, I was put into facebook jail. I know, shocking, right? Well, I used that opportunity to learn something more deeply about myself. It was actually a good thing.

Firstly, let me state, I did go on a blocking binge for about an hour. I was blocking and deleting (so-called) friends, left and right. And then, the next morning, I felt even worse. I had never blocked anyone before I was thrown in Facebook jail. In fact, my profiles on all social media had always been open to all the public. So, when I reacted to a message, sent to me in messenger, I retaliated.

Here are the 4 things I learned from blocking folks on social media:

1. If you block or delete comments; it's actually creating a compound effect:
In the law of attraction, what we push against actually makes it worse. So often, we think that to block someone is actually making the problem {person} go away, but in actuality, it's making it more of an issue for you. The reactive impulse doesn't go away, it actually makes it easier to trigger you; the issue underlined will continue to surface in your life. When we block folks, we deny our heart of self-love; because that is what we are having a difficult time accepting. It may be another face, but those words that the person you blocked will continually come back to you repeatedly until you deal with the underlining issues. It's a universal law.

2. To grow from all contrast, we must be transparent with ourselves, and willing to learn from every experience:
I recognised in myself that If I didn't care what that person was saying to me, because I know myself, and live in my truth; I would have had no reason to block that person. Too often, folks want to feel like they have control over others. The sooner we realise we have no control over anyone; the happier we will be.

I realised I was caring about what someone was saying about me, even though I knew it wasn't right.

"What others think of me is none of my business."

3. The physical manifestation of the disease is gone, but the root issue is still present:
We are all driven by emotions; we think that if we block someone, it will make the problem go away. Think about it like this, if someone was abused physically, and then escapes, after a certain amount of time passes, the bruises go away; but the wounds are still there inside. Those are going to take more time to heal. It will have to become something the person works through to understand why they allowed someone to abuse them, to begin with; never allowing that to repeat.

I know, some of you may think I may be {reaching} in this post, however, I know for myself, that after I dove deep into the psychology of it, I really understood where my insecurity and lack of self-love was stemming from. It really would benefit those to dig a bit deeper in understanding why folks do what they do.

Have you ever noticed, after you block one person, you want to keep doing it, more and more? That is from our reactive nature to respond to an emotion quickly. We are humans brought up to take massive action if we feel threatened. Blocking someone on social media is a survival mechanism. I know, it sounds bananas, right? Test it. I would bet my right arm, that you start to understand what I'm saying.

4. Contrast is being human; embrace it:
We should learn that nothing is outside of ourselves. All that is outside of you is within you. The universe {God, Inner Being}, isn't against us when contrast/adversity strikes. We aren't being punished; it's actually universal laws showing us what and where we need to work on ourselves. When we continue to push against occurrences in our lives, we are in denial of self-love.

You most certainly do and should have the right to block someone on social media; however, remember that everything we are attracting into our life, is always of our own volition. I know, hard to hear, right? We don't like hearing that sort of thing. However, I am a woman that says it like I mean it, though. I sat with my emotions and thoughts and then worked through them. I then unblocked all of the folks I had blocked and made peace with my heart. I gave myself the love I deserved, created space in my heart and sent out into the universe those souls that were unkind to me, the gift of LOVE. That's how we heal the world; by first healing our OWN hearts.

I would invite you to consider unblocking any exes, old friends, colleagues, random strangers, bosses and begin to disembowel the feelings that bubble up. It's our job to find solutions to our own problems. Meditation has been such a healing practice for me. I would encourage you to meditate because there is nothing that meditation cannot repair.

Have you ever pondered blocking people on social media? I'm curious what you thought of this post.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I'm not on social media, but do agree with your points. It works the same in real life ~ not responding to certain people, avoiding them, or writing them off, whatever you call it, the results are as you stated.
    Also - stunning pictures as always:-)

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I think it's so interesting that you aren't on social media, at all. Well done, kiddo. May I be like you when I grow up? (Smile) and thank you for the compliment on the photos. I just bought a wordpress theme, and I am going to try and update to my blue host, and I hope that will bring in more collabs and sponsoring of posts. Ive just been hesitant because I don't know code (which I am sure it's probably easy, but I get nervous), so I look even a bit more professional. The picture taking I have been working on a lot, so thank you. Love Raquelxxx


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