Mermaidlings, Little Women, The Tale Of Sawyer Lamby, Victorian Hat Pins And Potterings

" When they said, "There's no such thing as mermaids" I nearly fell off my dolphin."
My dear friends, 

Pour some tea and let us have a visit. I am having a cup of earl grey with cream and an orange and cranberry scone. I have a new little tiny tea and cookies book, sent from a friend a time ago, and think that I should at least attempt to make some of my very own scones. Have you ever tried to make scones, there is rest assuredly a tricky little secret to such tasty morsels?

I am deeply apologetic for my lack of posting. We have had several offers on the house, and we have begun packing up. So, if you've ever moved before, you know it can be quite hectic. I'm surely not complaining. I am so indeed, appreciative. 
" I live in the clouds."
I wanted to share with you a few more of my "Little Women/Mermaidlings" originals that I painted for some landlocked folks. I tend to get so involved in the paintings and then wholeheartedly forget to take photos of them all. I have the most joy painting little originals. I am glad that I can bring in an income for the gardener and me, doing precisely what fills my heart to overflowing.

I also started adding a saltwater wash and gold leaf to each painting. Isn't that a lovely idea? It's very Mermaid~ish, no? Each Mermaidling/Little Women is accompanied by a beachcombed shell that I have collected, while I have been landlocked {wink, wink}. I am also sending a little autographed card of me in my mermaid tail from my days at Weeki Wachee Springs as a real Mermaid. How pleasant that a real little mermaid created you an original mermaidling painting?
The postcard I send out with my little originals.
My blog is being transferred over to WordPress. So, that's an unusual occurrence. I am thrilled, to be honest. I'll have several more topics organised, so you'll be able to navigate more easily. It will be basically the same way as this blogger template with a bit more bells and whistles. However, it'll still be super easy navigation. I like simple, don't you?

I told you that I was rendering a youtube video yesterday on social media; however, I have been trailing house showings every day. The appearances get scheduled at all hours of the day, regardless, I am not for one-second complaining. I am attempting to keep my mermaid head-on straight. {heh} However, We have had 4 in one day, so I have to skip in and out, which makes it more challenging to get a video recorded. Thank you kindly, for being patient. 

I have been happily receiving numerous original painting commissions. I am so appreciative, as It is keeping me joyful and happy, all while providing my dear husband and me with an income. It feels very independent to be able to earn a living an be able to pay for living expenses. I am so blessed. 

I purchased my first hatpin last week from Victorian Trading Company, and I just adore it. I wore it on my straw hat, and it made my hat very firm and stable. I should like to share a wee bit of history and tradition about the dear ol' hatpin and give you some pointers as to wearing the beautiful adornment. Did you know that hatpins became illegal to wear? An English judge, fearing that the ladies pins could be used as weapons ordered the women to remove their hats and pins. The women were insulted. In 1909 a bill was passed limiting women of wearing hatpins longer than 9 inches in length. If a lady had a hatpin longer than 9 inches, she was required to carry a permit to possess a longer hatpin. The ladies had to cut down their hatpins to be able to wear them in public if they didn't have permissions. I think its quite impressive, no? This type of historical knowledge intrigues me, and I shall surely spend more time diving into the history of the hatpin more deeply.
  The sheep in the photo below is the same type of sheep that we will be getting for our farm. They are called Florida Cracker Sheep. I think it will be fitting to have them on our farm and to actually use their wool for all types of things. I ordered some wool fibre from a friend in The Florida Cracker Association so that I can make a needle felted Sawyer Lamby character. I feel that if I can visually see and hold a little Sawyer Lamby, it will inspire me more so while writing my storybook. In the future, I will sell them at The Flagship Mer~cantile Shop.

When I begin the illustrations on the book, I'll share my process more clearly. It will be exciting.

I suppose I will close for the evening. I am so appreciative of you. Thank you so much for all the little original painting orders. It has truly meant the world to me.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 


  1. I did not know that about hat pins. I have 1 or 2 antique pins and they are about 6". Now I know why:-) So happy that your art is supporting you. What a fantastic accomplishment! Also, maybe not right now while you are trying to move, but at some point~ there is a book by Paul Kortepeter and Susan Wheeler called "Tea with Victoria Rose" you might enjoy. Not sure why I didn't mention it sooner. It looks like it is for children, but has recipes, seasonal music suggestions, short stories, poetry etc. It is darling and a pleasing read when modern "news" is pressing.
    Oh I do have a pumpkin scone recipe that is usually pretty well received;-)
    Have a splendid day~

    1. Oh my that book sounds like a delight. I am planning to look it up. Thank you for that. I would love to have your recipe, if you are one to share. Have a beautiful day. I love you!

  2. That is wonderful news that your house has moved so quickly! And those are indeed a fairytale-looking breed of sheep :).

    1. I am happy, that is for sure. I have no clue where we will go in a matter of 12 days, butI am trusting that the universe and my dear boy Sawyer will continue to move some things around for his momma. heheheeh

      Honestly, I ma solely focused on listening to my inner being and taking one day at a time. I love you! I hope you are well....


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