A Sprinkling Of The Little Mermaid's Victorian Affairs

My dear friends,

I have so much to tell you! I have a cup of earl grey tea and a few pumpkin spice cookies next to me, and I'm sitting in a stately position. Today is the first week of steadily wearing a corset. Yes, indeed! I am slowly becoming a Victorian lady, after all! I left my sewing baskets readily available to sew in the evenings before the gardener and I are put out to pasture, as the saying goes.

I've been taking notes and writing accurately in great detail as to what occurrences are taking place while wearing a corset twenty-four seven. I know, call me insane to sleep in a corset! I will say that I am doing it for research, and I may decide not to sleep in it every single day. It's all up to me. You know what I always say, I am a woman, and I have a right to change my mind. {heh}

This Victorian home has been turned into a museum. I have loved this home since childhood, so I took a jaunt to visit and take photographs. I have always imagined what it would have been like to live in the Victorian period. Since I was but an eight-year-old girl, I have wanted to be Laura Ingall's Wilder. I heard an excellent explanation about this precise topic on ye olde Abraham Hicks youtube channel. Basically, if you have a longing to be back in another era, it's quite likely you loved the period exceedingly when you actually lived in it. Some folks may not believe in reincarnation; however, I very much do. Many people have the wrong ideas about what reincarnation is. I had difficulty in understanding it, myself, so I began researching it, most notably after my son's death. When I listened to Abraham speak about it, I felt the blinders come off, and I could see as clear as day. I have had such a wonderful time researching the Victorian period, and the particulars that I have come to understand has given me the warmest and most joyful feelings. All of this has also inspired me to create a youtube series of videos explaining physical death and how to joyfully flow through the healing process. I shall give you the reasoning behind this inspiration. 

As I have been steadily placing quotes and posts on my facebook page, I have received dozens of messages from my son's (Sawyer) friends. The constant reassurance towards me has been that of inspiration and influence. They have often said that I have been a shining example of strength. I thought how delightful it would be to share how we can collectively and individually learn form life's experiences, and that includes death. We all experience death, and I want to be the symbol of jubilance. We each have the power to turn tragedy into triumph and genuinely be happy along the appendage.   
This is the small cemetery plot at the museum, and you know wholeheartedly how I feel about a grave. I noticed that when I arrived home and was glancing over the names, I began to wonder if the few names of Johnson were my relations.
 This is rearview of the museum, and I rightly think it's as beautiful as the front.
 This is the plaque at the entrance.
 I thought that I might show you the pear tree that was planted for my dear son Sawyer. A portion of his ashes was placed at the bottom before the tree was covered with dirt. I had the thought to ask my parents at a further date if I might transplant the pear tree to The English Settlement estate. I think it would be a beautiful gesture, especially for the legacy of my son. 

If you notice the little building to the right, that is the current housing of my dear chicken ladies. My father made it for them, and it's quite the small chicken mansion. My parents most assuredly have the secret chicken touch as they have been collecting four eggs daily from the ladies. I have to confess that I had not four eggs in a day lay for over a year and a half. I had given up hope that one of the gals just wasn't a layer. Admittedly, I have missed something. Need I remind you that my mother grew up on a chicken farm. So I told her she is the chicken whisperer. {wink wink}
I found these beautiful Victorian boots on Etsy, but sadly they weren't my size, so I had to return them. I am actively seeking another pair that fit, but not before copious photos were taken. {smile}
While at my folks home, I found this photo that my mother had in an album. Its the graduation photo of my dear Sawyer. Oh my! What a handsome fellow.

I have been actively writing every day in my two books. The first being The Tale of Sawyer Lamby and secondly, The Little Mermaids Transformational Tale. I described what The Tale Of Sawyer Lamby was about in a few posts previous. I shall now give you an account of what my additional book, The Little Mermaids Transformational Tale pertains to. The book will be a lovely lifestyle autobiographical. Namely, one of the chapters/scales will be how wearing a corset finely relates to a Mermaid. All of the chapters/ scales will be how I have learned life experiences through being a real-life mermaid of over 30 years, while also slowly transforming into a Victorian lifestyle. I will use anecdotal experiences of both, along with metaphors and my artistry. To illustrate, alternately in placing a corseted photograph of the rib cage, or the underwater theatre at Weeki Wachee Springs, I will paint an illustration of it. I feel as though it will generate my story/tale to come alive most vibrantly for my dear readers.

Forasmuch as, if you are fond of spiritualism, mermaids, the Victorian era, and personal growth, you will appreciate this book. I had always heard that if there is a book you've always wanted to read, but never found, you should write it yourself. I shall, indeed!

I will close for now but rest assured I will be actively posting each day. I have my hands in many buckets as of late. I've been boxing and boxing. I have found myself always thinking about cardboard. {heh} 

I should write a book about moving someday, but most likely, I will not. I do think I have such experience on the topic as this will be my 28th move. You can imagine that I have experienced all the moving I desire. I was pontificating to my dear husband that he would have to pry my dead fingers from the door casings kicking and scratching if he ever uttered the word 'MOVE' in my presence. I was teasing of course- well, half-heartedly teasing, that is. 

I love you each, I hope you are well, and can't wait to write again tomorrow. 


  1. You are wearing it 24/7! Yikes! I've worn a corset for certain events. I do like that they prevent one from slouching. But I've not worn one to sleep. That house/museum is absolutely as beautiful from the back. I love those Victorian homes with such great attention to detail. A sea of cardboard, oy! Enjoy the swim (I know your landing will be exquisite.)

    1. I know! Call me crazy, and most rest assured it wouldn't be the first time. Heh....Thank you for the encouragement. I surely can't wait to find our forever home. Much love, Raquelxxx

  2. I love my corset (my time of belonging is the 1850s, so my corset is of that persuasion, as well) but never thought to sleep in it. I've been drooling over corded corsets for just forever, and have it in my mind as a reward when we finally move to sew up one, for more physical-chore days; I'll bet a corded corset would be quite comfy for sleep. And I do know that sea of cardboard! The quest for more cardboard lives here at the opposite corner of the country in my house, as well! Hang in there, my dear, you're sailing on your cardboard sea toward amazing things :).

    1. How kind and supportive. I wish you the best on your move as well. It's very much a hurry and wait at times. I am in a constant state of reminding myself all things are coming together for our good. I would love to hear all about your corset making. That sounds mighty fine. I love you, and I hope you are having a nice week.


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