Thursday, September 12, 2019

How I Make {DIY} My Victorian Notebooks And Organize Manuscripts

 My dear friends,

My oh my! I was out today snipping away at the creeping fig on the cottage to keep it tidy and adorable, especially since we still have many folks each day looking at the house. We had three showings today, two yesterday and five offers. I am hopeful one sticks, and we sell promptly. I love our little home, but I feel a fresh start is due for my Beloved Gardener and I.  

As I was snipping away, giving the fig a scant haircut, I was happily singing and prattling about with my boy Sawyer. It may sound like a peculiar thing to do, never the less, I'll speak to him for the rest of my days. It is the one way, other than painting that brings me closer to him. So, anyhow, I was telling Sawyer that I sure would love for him to bring a charming little family to buy our home and put even more love into it. Someone that would be so happy and excited to spend time here, to love it and make a beautiful cosy place to dwell in. 

In a matter of two hours, the last showing of the day, a darling little couple arrived. They had a sweet little three-year-old daughter, named Quinn, and she was a precious little thing. I let her pet Oliver, and we talked about tea parties and what her favourite animals were at the zoo. My heart needed that spirited little angel in my presence today. This morning I was writing my dedication for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb book, and I couldn't stop the tears from falling down my cheeks. I do believe a Momma just needs a good cry every now and again. 

Without becoming down in the mouth with this post, I thought I would share with you a clever idea for keeping our manuscripts organised and pretty to look at as well.
Admittedly, I saw a photo once of Sarah Chrisman's {This Victorian Life} basket in her writing den, and took her idea and went a few steps further. I think being an artist has a way of continually creeping in.

I was writing this morning and recalled that I had bought a few samples of reproduction Victorian wallpaper and was proceeding to pack the examples when I had an idea. I can't use them for anything because they are such small pieces, but I do have enough to cover the front and back of a composition notebook. After the allotted time for buying up school supplies has passed, I go and buy up dozens of composition notebooks. They are usually from .10 to .25 cents each.

I buy my wallpaper samples for 3.00 each and glue them onto the notebook. I then take brown florist tape and make the little black corners, such as they made book jackets in the Victorian days.
Now when I am sitting at my writing desk, handwriting my manuscripts, I can keep them organised and pretty, simultaneously. On the binding, I calligraphy the titles of the book. When an idea occurs, or a particular I would like to situate in one of my books, I grab the correct notebook and jot it down. I keep a large basket of journals next to my desk, as well as in the morning room.
Here's a list of a few references for Victorian reproduction wallpaper, in case you'd like to make a few manuscript journals for yourself.

The Victorian Emporium


Historic Wallpapering

How do you keep your stories organised and separate? Have a lovely evening. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. That is just beautiful! I love the floral tape on the corners. How clever as it has the flatter finish like way back when. I love that!

    1. Awww... Thank you angel.. I thought so too. I love those old gilded books back in the day. They are glorious.


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