Pottering About With The Stafford's

My dear friends,

I am still in my nightgown, sitting up in bed with our snuggly down feather blanket, very excited about the Autumn season upon us. I have been resting since arriving home yesterday from all of the scheduled events of a funeral. I have heard that funerals mentally and physically wear you out, I believe that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Do you listen to music in the background while you're pottering about? I have something playing continuously. I have music playing in the background as it helps me to gather my thoughts, as well as, creatively inspire me. What do you listen to? I love the 1800s on Spotify. Did any of you attend the Downton Abbey movie this past weekend? I heard it was a delight. I am hoping to attend this week with my Beloved Gardener. As you well know, I have been sewing by hand a Victorian outfit, and I plan to wear it to the movie. Last week I also made some handmade lace pantaloons, and a corset cover {It smoothes out the ruffles and ridges from the corset lace, as well as, protects clothing from snagging and tearing from the corset metal clasps}.  
The contract on our home is still going well. We will officially close in one week if all goes according to plan. The darling couple that is buying it came in over the weekend and painted all of the concrete floors {apparently if you are purchasing a home with an FHA loan, you can't have bare floors.} So to pass inspection, we allowed him and his dear wife to come in and fix a few tiny things to pass the check. They did such a terrific job. I must confess I am astonished they were able to paint the floors throughout the entire house with all of the boxes and furniture that is dispersed about. I know in my heart that my dear Sawyer {and, of course, the Universe} facilitated in sending this lovely couple to find our home. Do you recall, we had two other contracts, and they both fell through. I did a few focus wheels, two hours later, we had a showing appointment, and it was none other than this couple. Isn't it the loveliest notion that when we trust in the Universe and align our thoughts with "Everything is always working out for us" that it always does.

My Beloved Gardener and I went on a few excursions to look at the old historic homes in our hometown district. We found a few; however, I am set in my attitude that I must find an authentic Victorian home to live in. I am so happy, and it certainly fills my soul up to know that Jeffrey loves old houses as much as I do. That is another in the many dreams come true that I desired in my soul mate. The love of old homes, farm life, and antique shopping. I think I shall always stop to pinch myself that he is my perfect match. Dear friends, we all deserve the ideal person to share our life with.
 Is she the cutest little girl you ever did see? She has the most adorable pudgy little cheeks. The painting below was for a dear lady named Susan. She has a black cat, and she grew up in Salem, so she wanted something to remind her of home. I think she's a delight. I love Halloween ever so much! I am beside myself with excitement! 
Here are a few pieces of art that I practised on. I sold the witch with the black cat; however, the little girl with the turkeys is still available if you'd like to adopt her. Let me know in the comments. I am just beginning to receive orders for paintings. I have a nice little list that folks have ordered as Christmas presents. I think that is a beautiful and personal gift. If you would like a Mermaidling/Little Women, please feel free to comment below this post or find me in my Etsy shop. I would love to paint you something lovely. Also, I had spoken of the idea that for holiday cards I can picture you and your family, pets or whichever you would like to send for holiday cards. I can paint your original, send it to you, and you can make as many prints as you'd like. It is a personal touch, and it truly is much less money than buying dozens of holiday cards in the store. I remember when I used to take photos for our holiday cards and then buy the card to place the picture in, and it was at least a few hundred dollars not counting the postage. This way if you had a painting, it would be something to cherish and its personal. I happen to love the personal touch. It seems holiday cards have nearly been done away with. I used to get dozens upon dozens at Christmas time, and now I am lucky if I get about five. Let's bring back the holiday card. Would you be spirited for the challenge of sending holiday cards this year? I was thinking of creating a post of astute ideas to share yearly news. What do you think of that notion? I will be participating myself and would love to have you, my dear friends joining as well. Let us make a tradition of it!
I would love a retort from you. I hope your day is well. I am off to collect a few vegetables at the market with my BG for supper this evening. I shall write presently.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I love the picture of your 4 munchkins - darling! Your art is looking more polished and professional 😊 (Hope it's okay to tell you that.) That turkey buggy is a hoot. And I too nearly always have music going. Waltzing with You by Ungar and Mason 🎻 was playing a I read this.

    1. Thank you! The munchkins always were so adorable in the photos. This was a fun year. Thank you about my art. I am trying to practice everyday. It truly does take practice... so of course it's okay to tell me that. I am going to have to look up that music. Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. I will join you in sending off cards this year - I am sad that I have let that slide. In the early days of motherhood, I made the time - did little sketches of the children and used my good fountain pen. Now that I actually have more time, I have let that part of me die :(. Or at least go on life support. BUT I just made the delighted discovery that while my back was turned, lovely pens became super affordable on Amazon (Jinhao and Moonman are recommended for the price) and since it arrived, I've been making little sketches on everything. I'm glad you mentioned this today.

    And I must agree with Lady Locust, the turkeys are adorable.

    1. Oh Kimberly, This is such wonderful news! I am so happy you will join in. Won't this be such fun? I shall have to look up the pens you speak of. hose sound delightful. I love you sweet friend.


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