Blogging Is Not Dead

My dear friends, 

I had an entirely different post planned; however, we received news that my dear beloved gardeners littlest brother had passed away, so we attended his services over the weekend. I just returned home and wanted to post this entry. I still wanted to write, as writing is always a tonic for me in my life. I think the topic of blogging is always a good one, so shall we discuss? {smile}

I am one to believe that if other women are such as myself, I too, love to read blogs, especially those ones that are still personal and consistent. I just checked two blogs yesterday evening that I enjoyed reading and realised that the authors closed them down. I was a bit saddened by it. It caused me to reflect on the topic of blogging and ask myself is blogging indeed, dead? I happen to feel a bit forlorn, as I haven't found but three blogs that I visit regularly. The rest of the ones I used to visit have become all advertising, and I no longer feel a connection to the author. Now~ don't mistake my verbal intention when I say that. I think you should create revenue, I surely have. However, I try and keep my approach affable. There is nothing worse to me than feeling like "I want your email so I can sell you rubbage." Once again, we don't have to thrust goods down peoples throats. People are brainy and can smell inauthenticity a mile away.  

Has blogging changed and expanded? Absolutely! I am ever the wise one by acknowledging that blogging is not like it was when I first began thirteen years ago. That does not deter me, in fact, if it does anything, It makes me want to stand out and remain steadfast in my desire to have an active and joyful blog. I find it very interesting that many folks that had blogs or even still have thriving blogs have become disheartened by them. It reveals to me that when people aren't receiving an immediate reward for what they are doing with comments, accolades, followers and swarms of folks waiting on their next blog post, they become peppery and jump on the bandwagon of giving up blogging. I think this is precisely showing someone like myself that if you are doing something for the wrong reasons, you will eventually bottom out. Meaning that even if someone is a successful blogger with regards to making really great money from their blog, but are no longer doing it for the passion, the content and the vibration behind the blog will eventually go bust. That's my opinion with almost anything in life. I have felt the vibrations myself. For instance, when I would create a painting, but my reverberation wasn't behind it, I wouldn't attract the right person to buy it. It would then sit in a pile of unsold art. I eventually burned all of my verberation art. It was painted whilst I was out of alignment. I have the memories of them, and it has created the type of artist and writer within, that unless I am utterly inspired, and wild horses can't keep me from writing or painting, I will not do it at all. 

Blogging becomes hard when we push against it. We try to grind it out because we have deadlines or create restrictions on ourselves, thus giving our sponsors the idea that they too can place restrictions on us because it's called "business."
I think it's so exciting that some of the trendy bloggers that have thousands upon thousands of page views and loads of sponsorships still complain that things aren't going as they planned. I suppose I could retort by saying, " All things are a reflection of the law of attraction. I love living in the moment and being anticipatory of how my next sponsor or customer will come. It gets me very excited. Too often, the bloggers that felt they had the blogosphere figured out rested on their laurels of having a great blog and audience. And now, many years down the road I have visited these blogs, with complaints of it no longer being the days of old~fashioned blogging or they have closed down their blogs.

I think when something like this occurs, It is once again testing to see who has the character for the long haul. When you build character on the understanding that the old cliche of having fun doing what you love and the money will come, still tests true. In all sincerity, I believe that with all things.

All things come in seasons. When I had my blog years ago, I was in the season of raising four children. However, my content hasn't changed. Why? Because I am a writer and writer's write. It's as plain as that. When I was raising my children, I still made time to blog and write every single day. Longhand. With pen and ink. As a matter of fact,  when we feel a passion for doing something, it flows easily, and when it's not flowing smoothly, that is NOT the time to push harder. It's time to stop and just allow, take inventory, dive deep into understanding what the Universe/God/Source is trying to tell you. Even as a blogger, we are learning expansion.

In the day and age with influencer and Instagram {mostly}, I think women tend to get caught up. I think the folks that have a tendency to think Instagram is wreaking havoc on the self-worth of girls and other women are the exact ones that Instagram is actually creating an expansion in. If something such as Instagram has no effect on you, you won't view it in the same way as others. It won't hurt your feelings, cause you to self loathe, nor will comparison set in. Furthermore, It's a high light reel for most users. Whether it ever goes away or not should be of no consequence, but to some that have put entirely too much significance into it, it will cause them to lose a grip when the bottom falls out of their revenue. Have you noticed the amount of sponsored posts, advertising that is on social media? If not, you most likely don't have social media. I put out quotes on Facebook, but I, by all means, don't feel threatened to keep social media for me to build wealth. If anything, I think blogging is much better of a platform to use. I think bloggers are much more transparent than folks on social media. Yes, I am reflecting on my own experiences. I remember when I became obsessed with Instagram, and I soon realised that after deleting my account, one person out of a few thousand actually sought me out to see where I had disappeared to. Many of these Instagram gals are going to have a metaphorical knocking about the head when they realise one day they put all of their eggs in one basket and there's no egg delivery when they all get broken. I sound like a sour puss, and perhaps I still a little chip on my shoulder. I thought a few of the women I was friendly with were actually my "dear friends" only to realise that I didn't even know their real names. I am absolutely serious when I say that. 

I have had folks tell me at one time or another, I need to write towards my audience, and I need to stay on one or two topics to get the traffic I need for my numbers. I don't agree with this at all. I look at it like I do with all matters of the heart. You will vibrationally attract what you feel you deserve and how you are vibrating energetically. That pertains to real life, with what type of people you spend your time with, who you meet in the grocery store, who you happen to make eye contact with at the stoplight, and what folks find my blog or your blog. I will attract the right people for me. We must get to the point of being confident in all regards to what we are doing. I think you can gather I am one for taking ownership, including being a blogger. Isn't that an interesting perspective? I believe so often most people don't recognise or understand that every single thing in our lives is intertwined. Everything relates to one another.

We must adjust our vision to see things the way a real mermaid would see them. When the rest of the world sees life through a blurred image, we must rise up and become the leaders of the world.

"The ones that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do."

Are you a blogger? Do you read the old~fashioned blogs? Perhaps you might share some here in the comment section.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 

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  1. Sorry for the loss of Gardener's brother. Wishing him peace and happy memories. I too have been saddened by the closing of some lovely blogs. I would love to know what old fashioned blogs you enjoy. I do like Gdonna and a few others in the way of old fashioned.
    PS - I've not forgotten. I got my pumpkin scone recipe out and will get that to you. 🍁🐿🍂

    1. Thank you dear.I will be sure to tell him of your sentiments. Isn't it interesting how many close up? Ones that I thought would be around even if they didn't post often. Thank you so much I am salivating waiting on that scone pumpkin recipe. I am so excited. The one that I love is This Victorian Life, however she is more a a writer and blogger that promotes her books and such. But I still like reading her quotes and all. It's a very different blog than say, mine for example. I like Gdonna too but she doesn't post very often, does she? Or perhaps I am thinking of another blog.


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