How To Build Your Brand Like The Victorian Author Beatrix Potter

My dear friends,

Hello Hello! I have been speedily packing the POD, and we will be gone from our home in less than 24 hours. It seems unreal. I am indeed satisfied with my life currently, but very eager for all of the new adventures that are bubbling up for the gardener and me. I am excited to share all of it with you. I was thinking this morning after my meditation practice of how fun it will be when I take you along to start searching for our forever property. 

My tea of choice for this evening is hibiscus along with a walnut and cinnamon scone. I just baked them, and the house smells so autumny {Er, Ummm... is autumny a word?}

Beatrix Potter was a savvy minded woman who built a business empire. She was quite a revolutionary and ahead of her time. The term "brand" was a century away from being coined, and yet Beatrix was a pioneer when it came to the invention of character merchandising. She was a natural marketer. She trademarked and patented her book characters in the {Victorian era} in the 19th century! Is that not spectacular?  The particular thing that I picked up about Beatrix may have been overlooked by some. Not only was she very intuitive about building herself a brand, in a day and age that it was unheard of, but she was paving the way for women like me, to show that we can do all that we desire, as well. She didn't wait for permission, and she held her own when it came to those in higher class status, trying to persuade her out of what she wanted.

I would venture to bet, she was a woman of discernible strength and outspokenness. She also had an unwavering sense of self-confidence! She was similar in the way that, JK Rowling couldn't seem to find a publishing company to publish and market her books. In fact, both she and JK Rowling faced rejection but found their own path to fame and fortune. Beatrix was turned down five times and JK Rowling, twelve. This subject has been a constant on my mind. The reason for this is that I, too, have been clearing the path of self-publishing my books. It has also given way for my brain to catch fire with a great many ideas. Ekk, Er, hold your horses, so that I might explain what I'm mulling over {smile}.

I like to write on this here ol' blog, but not just for the idea of writing something down. I want what I write to give cause for contemplation, but also to act in a proactive way of changing our lives.

Okay, so let me resume, where was I? Oh, okay, yes- the law of attraction. Imma gettin' to it, I swanny. :)
As I have pondered Beatrix Potter and her resilience after being turned down from several publishing companies, she went about publishing her books all on her own. She didn't wait for her little stories to be accepted by another person. As if she needed the approval of someone to pat her upon the back. She had the wherewithal to know she didn't have to wait around until someone gave her the thumbs up, and that her books were deserving. No. She paved the way for women, such as myself, and you, to believe that all the power lies within. She wasn't interested in waiting for someone (men, who were most prominent in the 19th century for being the head of publishing companies) to give her ”permission” to be an author. She was a trailblazer, and that's one of the many characteristics of Beatrix that I most admire. As a woman let us not wait upon the outside world. Let us make our own way. The most absolute way of accomplishing this endeavour is to have copious amounts of self-worth and self-love. The way to have this is to align with our higher self. I have found the best way that my self-confidence has increased is to meditate daily. 
Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo da Vinci

”Manifestations aren't about time and distance they are about vibration and emotion.”-Abraham

I honestly thought it took many years and much hard work, for God/Source to ”give” me my desires. The reason for this belief is because I was conditioned to believe this from generations of religious concepts and doctrine. If you're anything like me, I was taught to suppose that I had to earn my wants and desires. That if I were good enough according to God, I would hopefully receive what I wanted. Until I began practising the Law of Attraction, did I understand that the only thing ever keeping me from all of my desires and dreams, is my hindering through my emotions and vibrational energy? I never knew that the power to have anything that I desired I could have until I began using the law of attraction. I have now come to understand that I am the only one ever keeping me from what I want. I also know how to navigate through my resistance, and I have never in my life felt a more sense of empowerment.

”Manifestations aren't about time and distance they are about vibration and emotion.”-Abraham

How accurate this quote is! I recall when I was attempting to manifest a couple to buy our home, I mentioned it to our realtor. She said straight away that no one would be buying it that had an FHA loan. It would most definitely be an investor. The first two buyers we're not what I had hoped. I realised after the second cancellation I was responsible for the people coming to buy our home. I had a really negative emotion about it. The main reason was, er, and I'm really truthful when I say this, I wanted to just sell. It. And. Fast. I was so tired of being in a home that my now husband had been within past relationships. I wanted to be rid of it. So, what was the universe sending me? Flaky folks that could care less about my home and that was very detached. Just like me! I know, I know. It sounds a bit out there, doesn't it? Like, how could other people be attracting me, or that I was drawing in uncaring piranhas? Why is that my responsibility, you ask? Because I am creating my reality every single moment of every single day. You are too. When I managed to accept what energetic vibration I was sending out, I was able to realign. I decided to work through my emotions by using a focus wheel. As I began scripting which I'd like to buy our home, It was that very day {within two hours}, and our ideal buyers presented themselves.
I received a text from our realtor. The scheduled showing that was planned had been cancelled. She said, however, there was another young couple that would like to see if they might come that same evening. It was late, and they were hoping my husband and I would make an exception, as they lived forty-five minutes away and had just gotten off of work. 

I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted a lovely couple that perhaps had one or two small children. A couple that wanted to live here for many years, to love it and desired to fix our little home upmost adorably. I wished a couple that would genuinely care.

The couple that bought our home indeed had an FHA loan and a small daughter. The entire process of selling our house has been quite unconventional. It is proof to me that I manifested the perfect couple, and I know even more securely that I create my destiny. My dear friends, we have so much control and capacity to achieve all that we desire in this lifetime. 

The reason I wanted to share this experience with you is my way of attempting to inspire you with a few words of encouragement and to know that you deserve all that you want in life. I believe you, and I are being cheered on by the dearly beloved Beatrix.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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