Victorian 1890 Cotton Walking Skirt And Blouse

My dear friends, 

I am up bright and early once again today, happy as a clam and excited to begin sewing on my newly favoured wardrobe. Do you recall that I told you that once I started packing for our move that I was going to donate the rest of my 'modern' clothing? And what better time to do that than when you are moving, no? Well, that's what I did, and It's made me have to sew more clothing. No more putting it off, or I'll be walking around in my delicates, eeekkk. {smile}

Now, I decided on a black cotton blouse, because let's face it ya'll I am a cotton wearing kind of gal, and I had a black king size sheet leftover from last years Halloween costume. So, I thought it only reasonable to use what I had on hand. I  have a tendency to hoard fabric like a squirrel would a pile of acorns. Do you do that, too? I have spoken to several women that sew and also like to buy and save materials. I decided that after my boy Sawyer passed that I am living every day like it's my last, and that means using that darn fabric that I have squirrelled away for far too long. We must live life to It's fullest, yes?

Remember last year, I went as Beatrix Potter for Halloween? Well, this skirt is from a pattern that I purchased from Folkwear, called Victorian Walking Skirt, 1890. Once again, I used this pattern because I had the design stored away for several years. 
The most delightful thing about sewing my own clothing, and I have continued the same philosophy since all my children were tiny is that I like to find a type of pattern that I can use repeatedly. I am all for simple living, so what I've always thought was a great idea, and that is to buy different patterned fabrics; however, I use the same pattern and make a load of the same style. It worked quite well for my children's hand-sewn clothing, and for me, too. Some habits never die, do they?

In the image at the top, you can clearly see that I am wearing my corset, and I just love how tight and perfect it makes an outfit look, don't you? Or do you find the clothing more restrictive? I was talkin' to my Momma the other day, and she said, "I don't know how you wear those ol' tight fittin' clothes." I said, "I love them so much! They make me feel like a real Victorian lady!" 
I thought that I'd add this sepia photo into the mix, just for the simple fact that it really looks great with the old clothing, yes? 
The blouse I made from scratch. I realised, and you can't notice too much unless I point it out, but, the sleeves and the shoulder area needs a few more inches added in. I went ahead and added it to the final piece, but must remember to make the future blouses with the extra inches. I love ruffles, so I added a ruffled cuff and neckline. Do you like ruffled clothing? I am bonkers about anything with gathers. {smile}
The straw hat is from the thrift store {$1.50} and came with the black grosgrain ribbon stitched to it, so I just took off about a half an inch of the brim and added a fabric covered button to coordinate with the skirt print. When you find a straw hat at the goodwill or craft store, you can use a seam ripper and carefully remove the brim. You can even remove the top of the crown portion to make It flatter {In the Victorian era, the hats were round and a tiny bit flatter than, say, the Edwardian hats}.

All in all, I am so pleased with this outfit, and I have been wearing it several times a week. It's a design that I wear more for going to town, whereas the Tasha Tudor work dress will be more for daily wear and working around the house.

How are your sewing projects going? Have a Victorian-era kind of day, friends!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 


  1. Yes, I admit, I'm a fabric hoarder. One of my goals this year has been to use and decrease my stash. I have been working on it but have not had a lot of time with moving etc. Don't you love the taylored fit from clothes you make yourself? I've just begun sewing clothes for myself again since finding store bought that fits properly and quality fabric is next to impossible. Beautiful photos.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one thats a fabric hoarder. I do, too, love the way the clothing fits when I make them myself. So much better. Oh my, I hope you post some of your newly made clothes. I would love to see them.

  2. That's a delightful ensemble! I admit to hoarding patterns of all eras and I have the same pattern at my house. In my defense, I find them at the thrift stores, so I've amassed a little collection of pretty patterns at 99 cents apiece :).

    1. Well, now, who can complain about that? I would surely do the same, especially, if I found them for such a good price.

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