Friday, November 15, 2019

I Love Captain Jack, Let Me Count The Ways

My Dear Friends, and Mermaid Junkies,

(GOTCHA- I bet you thought this a frivolous post, but I'm no frivolous kind of gal.)

I just came out of meditation, and I'm in complete alignment. Isn't it the most beautiful feeling when in touch with our highest self?

I made a cup of tea, and I'm happy to see all of the comments from you, my dear friends.
I never liked Johnny Depp when ’liking’ Johnny was cool. Furthermore, I wasn't even aware of him genuinely. As a young girl, I was not permitted to watch television unless it was wholesome. Hence, why I'm obsessed with Little House on the Prairie. I also never had those magazines that were popular, like Teen Beat/ Bop and the sorts. Heck, I never was even allowed to listen to rock music. So, Yes- I was sheltered and that ain't a bad thing, y'all.
Ya know- I heard many years ago, that when we have dreams and enormous ideas, that we shouldn't tell others about them until they are fully manifested. Why? Because when we speak of our plans, most folks will knock them down and make us question our powerfulness. Or, If you are a religious person like my Momma, she'd say something like this: "Don't cast your pearls before swine, honey." However, it doesn't matter. I remember when I was sharing how I wanted to be a curator of the mansion called Flander's in Carmel, California, and sure enough the gal I shared it with basically told me I was way out there and I was reaching too far for something. Nowadays, I'm a little more reluctant to share my ideas, but not because I'm fearful of someone laughing at my thoughts, but because I no longer have to prove my sense of worth to anyone, by stomping up and down. I pretty much have the attitude that I'm just letting you know to watch for me when this or that actually happens. Why, will it happen? Because I said, it will. That's the only reasons we need, my friends. It must become about an inner knowing.
So, yes, one of my thoughts is that I'd love to have Johnny Depp be involved in my non- profit, perhaps by anonymous donations. He does all of his volunteering and supporting causes, in secret. Is my desire a far reach, Yep! Do I make apologies for it, nope! I'm not like Chelsea Handler. I'm not on an apologies tour. {Heh} P.S. I like Chelsea, we both share the same birthday, February 25th.
Seriously though, remember I said one of my dreams is to have a little Victorian type cottage (Florida cracker style) that is named after Sawyers storybook, "The Tale of Sawyer Lamb." It will be like a jamming place where young folks can write lyrics in old fashioned diaries with leather-bound covers, using ink wells with pen and ink, play on beautiful Taylor acoustic guitars while feeling artistic, free and uninhibited. I plan to have designated times of the year for small gatherings/ workshops for the youth.
Johnny has a birthday one day from my dearly departed son, Sawyer. I have a fondness for a Gemini.

He is a musician like my Sawyer, loves the guitar.

Music is his first love.

He is considered a misfit by some, like my son Sawyer was. However, everyone that knows of Johnny understands him. It only takes someone to actually know all the parts to a story to walk away, having gained a new perspective on why a person is motivated to do what they do. Just as in my storybook, The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, I write about the black sheep. It's coming. It will be published in 2020. Hello, out there publishers! (waving them in... I have a beautiful children's story id like for you to read.)Wink wink...

Yes, I think Johnny is handsome, although I don't believe that looks are everything. Nor do I adore him because he rolls his own tobacco in liquorice paper, has stained fingertips from vintage typewriter ribbon, lived in Florida, uses British words like to toodle-oo and tickety-boo or loves mermaids and folklore. No- not for any of those reasons. My reasons run deeper:

I have an infinite love for his features. Did you know that we, as women, tend to find traits in men that are like our male father figures? Don't believe me, test it.  It's not such a weird idea, really. I studied this in my psychology/child development class, and It's basically where we find men that mirror our fathers. Unless we can work through the emotional trauma, we will continually marry/become involved with the same type of men our fathers are. It's called "mirroring." We will find those same types of personalities in our mates. My father was an alcoholic, my first and second husband, also both alcoholics. Thank goodness though, my father and husband {BG} are recovering alcoholics. Isn't that interesting? {Er, my dad, has dark hair, dark eyes, sharp features, and his name: Johnny, also!} Jeffrey is the same. Dark hair, dark eyes, sharp features. Crazy, no! 

We're all beautiful in our own way.

When I watch Johnny's movies, he's basically telling me who he is. I think most folks only know the character he's playing, but as an artist, It's about looking a bit deeper into the roles he chooses. I see the man trying to explain who he is as a person. Just as we all are, he's multidimensional. He plays different characters because he wants us as viewers to know he has many facets of himself. He possesses the qualities of Edward Scissorhands such as vulnerability, deep empathy, and pure kindness. He also is hilarious. He doesn't take himself too seriously. Almost as if he did consider himself seriously, he would've become apart of the Hollywood circus. But, no, he's saying; without actually saying it, "I'm in on the joke folks. I know this is all a crack, but I'm using it to my advantage because I can get paid to ’set up house’ for my children's future. My work is my only way of leaving a legacy. So, if taking money from Hollywood is the way to do it, then grab that bottle of 1942 and let's celebrate to that, you clowns! Ha!" I'm unabashedly acting like I know this man, but no, I have no clue who he is in regards to actually being up close and personal. The closest I've ever come to any sort of meeting was when he was doing a press junket for the pirates of the Carribean movie. I asked the interviewer to tell Johnny to say hello to me. He {Johhny} looked at the camera and said, "Hello, Raquel." I have that DVD somewhere out in the universe. Wouldn't that be a hoot a nanny to uncover? I know, now that as I was typing that out, it sounds all sorts of weird, odd and stalkerish. Forget I just told you that, er...

I wrote this post because my son Sawyer is always on my mind, and I thought it would be a fun post, but still keeping it evergreen because I love diving deep into the infinite waters. All the things we do as human beings have a way of making complete sense when we are wise within ourselves to want to understand.

”Seek first to understand and then to be understood.”

We must look inside ourselves to understand why we, as humans, do what we do. When we know ourselves, we can, therefore, understand others.

Actually, what I could've done for this entire post is the state it like Hemingway would've: ” All I have to do is write one true sentence.”

”John Christopher, Depp 11 is one of my favourite humans.”

Do you have a favourite actor or actress and you don't know why you like them so much? Maybe this post made you think a little differently.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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