Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Living Like A Victorian Lady, And My Active Pursuits For The Week

I've been collecting pieces of nature to use for our little Victorian Christmas this year.  In the Victorian days, much time was spent in preparation for the holiday. There were foods to cook, gifts to hand-make and confections to bake.
My dear friends, 

Pour some tea and let's have a little visit. I am hoping you have awoken to receive my newsletter. I sent one that I thought would be short and sweet, give you wee little snippets of things I haven't written about during the week on the blog, so that It's not information or news that you've heard of already. I don't know about you, however, for me personally, I have always disliked receiving emails from most companies, and even blogs too. They seem to feel as though they are attempts to sell me something. I am all for being a businesswoman, although, I am the kind of person that I don't want things crammed down my throat, nor do I want you to send me the same rubbage that I have already seen on your blog the week prior. If I'm reading 'your' blog weekly, I genuinely don't need you to send me links to all of the posts that you wrote. I have read them already, Brenda! {smile} Call me pernickety, but that's how I feel. So, anyway, that's' why I sent what I thought was a fun newsletter. Not super long, tedious, or sales pushy and I hope you enjoyed it. If you didn't receive it, please check your junk or trash folders. I haven't had but fifty per cent of recipients to open their email, so I am assuming my emails are collecting dust in your junk/trash files.
Okay, so now back to the post. Shall, I?

Oh, wait! We must discuss the ending of Poldark on Sunday night. Were you as disappointed as I was? I felt like it left me hanging with many loose ends. For instance, a few things that come to my mind. George never discovered that Valentine is actually Ross's son, or was it insinuated when George tells Ross to deny the child if he ever wants to visit? Or the sister of Morwenna {Rowella Solway} and her husband was never uncovered as the one who murdered the creepy toe sucking obsessed preacher, Ossie Whitworth.  I get quite vexed when a writer does this. Another prime example of this tying up storylines was the Game of Thrones. I've never been so displeased. What about you? Did you enjoy the ending of the television series? Have you read the books? I told my beloved gardener yesterday that I was planning to write a book that will most definitely not leave things open-ended.  
"For always roaming with a hungry heart/ Much have I seen and known." Alfred Tennyson
When writing my books, being in character helps my writing. Dressing from head to foot encourages me very profoundly. I so wish those that see me could but understand my intentions. 

Whereas I am incapable of actually living precisely in the ways the Victorians achieved, I can surely implement many pursuits into my daily life that enhances my ability to write most authentically. Our dearly beloved Tasha Tudor even lived with some modern conveniences. She drove a range rover and also had an electric stove.
I'm cooking every day, and the one food that is hands down an all-time favourite is my paternal grandmamas buttermilk biscuits. I renamed them {Henny Penny's Buttermilk Biscuits} and will be incorporating the recipe into my storybook, "The Tale of Henny Penny Goody Two Shoes." It's Henny Penny's signature receipt, and she's the matriarch of the brood.

When I was a young girl, my father would dress up like Elvis Presley. So, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. {Heh} I also spent most days in dresses, wore bonnets and old fashioned clothing like Laura Ingall's Wilder. I think I've shared this before in another post; that I would wear my friend's clothing that her Momma sewed her. She lived on a farm, and we were the best of friends. If you look at the way actors take on roles, characters and costumes, It inspires them to get into the mindset of the character they are playing. I look at it the same way. However, I desire to take it further than most folks do. Many people like the look of the period, but want to still have the amenities of the 20th century. In which, everyone is different, and that's the beauty of the world. I just tend to take things ten steps further. When one person enjoys having a photograph of old-timey looks and an Instagram aesthetic, I'm the eccentric one to literally implement as many of the ways of a Victorian as possible. I want to use the old hand mixer, beeswax candles that I personally made or wash my face and hands from an antique washbasin. Now, once again, I may sound like a hypocrite, because obviously I am typing on a computer and I have social media. But, seriously, I think you comprehend what my message is, here. (Errr...)

I am living my best life. Honestly, I wake up, dress in my corset and dresses, meditate and then spend the rest of the day in homemaking, painting, and writing my books. What could possibly be better! I am the happiest girl alive, indeed. If there is of any worth in my life to show other women that we have all the power in the world to "Find Joy" or "Follow Your Bliss", I would be so blessed to be that woman. 

I'm not apologising for living my best life. I spent too many years worried about who and what kind of woman I was. I'm no longer a fish taking the bait of every person throwing out a line for me to nibble. And neither should you be. It's time for us as women to begin that belief in ourselves. To be that Mermaid within. I had a dear friend text me yesterday, and she is now in the genesis of filing for a divorce, and she said she is channelling her inner Mermaid power. I am so proud of her. There is nothing she can not accomplish.

In my attempts to create a life I love, I hope that one day, most importantly that I become an example to my daughter and my son's that we must embrace our individuality and uniqueness. My daughter sent me a text a week ago saying how much she loved and appreciated that I make no apologies for how much I love being a Mermaid and following my heart by wearing clothing that may at times be looked at, as embarrassing. When we as women become unapologetic for being different, we will rule the world. And not rule the world in the kind of way of "hear me roar," but more of the way in that we are strong and quietly confident. That's the exciting thing about confidence and strength. When you carry these attributes internally, you know that you have that inner love and self-worth, and you don't have to be boisterous about it. When you feel you have to convince the world of your strength, that is an accurate indication you don't really possess it.
I have always liked this photo. It is such a happy memory of mine. I made the heart while talking on the telephone with my dearly beloved soul mate, Jeffrey. We were just getting to know each other. 
If you love a hot pink mermaid tail, love rainbows and unicorns embrace it. If you love prairie skirts and baking foods from the pioneer era, have at it and stop apologising for being you. 

"Stop asking for permission if it's okay for you to to be in love with yourself. Live like the NIKE slogan, JUST DO IT!”

Just love yourself, accept that small cowlick on your crown, or the small barely noticeable mole on the side of your nose, or that little toenail that looks funny because you can scarcely put nail polish on it. All of those tiny things that you know about yourself, It's time for you to accept them. 

Well, now that I gave a little pep talk, I thought I'd share what I got up to during the week. I'm going to be creating more "This is what I'm up to" posts, as those seem to be the most desired. What do you like most?
I had been seeking a washbasin stand just like this one for ages. I had specifications. I wanted it to have spindly legs, dark walnut in colour, and an oval-shaped mirror. I found it on the Facebook marketplace. The pitcher and bowl my dear cousin found at a flea market for me a few weeks ago.
I'm literally going to use it each day when the gardener and I move to our forever home. I have another white one in our sleeping room. Did you know that the Victorians would hang beautiful old quilts on the wall behind their washbasin stands? It kept the splashing of water from ruining the walls and wallpaper. Very astute, yes? I was admiring my washbasin, pitcher and bowl and verbalised to Jeffrey, that the Victorians had such a beautiful way of everything they invented. To me, anyhow. I just admire their craftsmanship. 
I'm sharing this photo of a cabinet card, because I thought this would be a fun idea, to any of you writing a novel. I have been on the lookout for Victorian cabinet cards. I have spent hours searching online, and today I plan to venture out to a few antique stores. I am seeking the cabinet photographs for the characters in my novel, Deceit and Dissension. 
I think that If I have the actual characters in front of me in picture frames, It'll encourage my imagination. I will know which cards are perfect for which characters when I set my eyes upon them. I have yet to find one, though. It's such an exciting idea. Is it not, dear friends? 
I've been spending each day practising my word-painting. I have always loved the way Susan Branch would paint words/poems in her books, and so I too will be implementing that type of artistry into my books. Not all of my books will possess painted writing and poems, but I'm sure to incorporate this type of painting into my book called, "The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale."

I have more to show and tell tomorrow, so I shall be off and swimming the channel of crafting. I am tickled conch shell pink to spend the entire month of December sharing old fashioned Victorian crafts and traditions with you. What fun will ensue! I am surely taking you on the current of an old-fashioned delight!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. What a lovely chatty post, thank you! How delightful to find the washbasin stand of your dreams :). My children all write stories continually in their free time and they do some modern equivalent of your character cards by keeping pinterest boards for their novels-in-progress where they stash person photos and setting photos for that story. I find the process interesting, as when they illustrate these stories the original pinned characters don't always resemble the eventual illustration. They've said that the pin is often a jumping off point that evolves as they write. Do you find the same with your character cards?

    1. Oh my! Does that mean you appreciate my posts that are lengthy and chatty the most? Im most curious. That is a fantastic idea to keep Pinterest boards for novels. I never thought to do that. I have only kept Pinterest boards that are for my dreamy wardrobe ideas, vision board objects, etc. Great idea. I love that you share. It's most wonderful to have artistic minds complementing one another. That's truly how we all learn and become more creative souls, yes? Much love, Raquelxxx


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