Why I Reunited With Instagram, But I Won't Be Following Anyone (And Why You Shouldn't Take It Personally)

My dear friends, 

I know most of you, dear readers aren't huge advocates of Instagram, so if you find this subject boring to the olympic degree, I'll understand if you'll want to skip this post.

However, before you hotfoot it, I shall notify you that there's a great lesson I learned with this social media platform and should enjoy sharing it with you. My pursuit of you receiving some food for thought is my intent. 

I now perceive Instagram from a newfound perspective. Truthfully, I have come to realise that I allowed Instagram to fill a void. I was quite insecure and allowed a simple app to influence my every mood. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Instagram for many years, until it began to absorb the vast majority of my days, and became a breeding ground for comparison and competition. I became friends (or so I thought) with many like-minded women. One day, I received messages from a few women informing me that our small group's common friend was upset with me. I was then notified that my account was flagged and shadowbanned because numerous women reported my account for bullying and infringement issues. They eventually lifted the ban as there was no proof, but many people reported it, which set off an alarm to Instagram.

All because one lady was threatened by me. If It hadn't happened to me, I should not have believed it.  She told her friends that I was causing her anxiety, and then they banned together and began reporting my account for the exact thing they were actually doing to me. They even went so far as to report me to Etsy account shoppe in an attempt to shut down my form of income. Truthfully, I hadn't done anything of that nature. Do you understand how some folks can be very mean spirited when they feel threatened? 

They were emailing me with terrible mean messages, and I honestly couldn't deal with it anymore, so I deleted my accounts and left for a year. It was traumatic. Looking back on the ordeal, I am so appreciative as it taught me something profound. I'll share a snippet from a book I love from Neville Goddard.

"The drama of life is a psychological one in which all the conditions, circumstances, and events of your life are brought to pass by your assumptions."

I was coming off of a terrible divorce, and many negative vibrations concerning a large resentment towards women of my faith. I was poorly treated by many women in church that I thought were true friends. And although I had left a terrible relationship, I took that negativity towards those women in my church right into a social media platform. I drew those unkind women energetically. It's a wonderful notion now that I can accept that I attract similarly the people I vibrate with. I am everyone I encounter. All people are ourselves pushed out.   

I never meant anything but kindness towards these women, but I was still purging old mistreatment beliefs. So that is exactly what I was attracting; women of similar issues. I'm pleased to remind myself that the universe has a way of evening the score when folks mean ill will. I can be honest about that. I may have had negative energy, but I was not at all harmful or vindictive like these women were to me. So be mindful of that, you will never have to lower yourself to the level of unkindness and vindictiveness. That same thing will always backfire. It may take year's, or it may come soon. That's not your nor my business. Our business at hand is to realign, self evaluate and learn from our experiences. 

The learning element for this post is that all that we attract is never outside of ourselves. When we can accept ourselves and all that we come by in our lives as a direct reflection of our inner talking/thoughts, we will regain our power. No one outside of you nor I can claim being a victim of circumstances. We attract every single event of our lives. Many folks will not accept my philosophy and find me a mad mystic. I don't rightly care. Denial will invade many, and It's not my employment to change or judge anyone. I will, however, write this blog to explain why things happen in our lives. Now, If one knows what I've written and still goes about and does nothing with their lives, they shouldn't wonder why their life is a constant pile of muck. 

Therefore, many folks will not change because they are complacent and satisfied with their lives. They have grown accustomed to beliefs that back up their theory that life is as good as it's going to get, so they keep on.

In closing, I don't follow others on Instagram (except for my beloved husband) to keep focused. I feel I now have a healthy relationship with Instagram. I don't have the app on my phone, so I rarely look at it, and that seems to work profoundly wonderful for me at this stage in my life.  
Another incident that really hurt me deeply was when my son was murdered, and not one of my Instagram friends sought me out to pay their condolences. I was devastated. But now I have come to know, no one really cares about you nor I long term. They might lend a listening ear as they pass us by, but other than that most folks are fickle and could honestly care less. I sound trite, but it's the truth, and most often, the truth hurts If we rely on others for a feel good. I now accept that I was leaning too much on others for my happiness. I am so happy now in life and that is never a result of someone liking me. I am my own best friend and I am all that I need in life to be joyful and that feels otherworldly.  

If one attempts fulfilment by having a following on Instagram and seeking self-worth from the app, I think it's truly something to examine. Instagram doesn't have to be an all or nothing relationship.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Not on Instagram- I just don't have time to keep up with various platforms. I would rather spend my time in the garden or stitching or living and being a part of the community where I live.

    1. Joey, I completely understand your sentiments, It's true keeping up is nearly a full time job-If I were to let it be. Muahhh. I hope you are well and the house selling is going along. Love Raquelxxx

  2. I use pinterest to sort my ongoing projects, whether that be yarn or how to tile a shower or flowers for the front yard. My instagram is super sparse - after finding that people's highly curated lives made me susceptible to discontent, I pared down to a few inspiring food instagrammers and a few home interior feeds. It was getting off Facebook that was my equivalent of your experience. I'm sorry you experienced that - the lack of basic empathy is so troubling to me since it seems culture-wide and shows up in so many ways.

    1. Kimberly, May I just say that after you comment on each of my posts, you are the most exceptional writer. The words and the feelings that you express flow so very easily form your mind. I truly want to be a writer such as yourself. Boy, You are amazing!Kimberly The exceptional writer! I love you, Raquelxxx


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