Why I've Decided To Stay With A Blogger Template

My Dear Friends & Mermaid Junkies, 

Why am I back to calling you Mermaid Junkies? I am planning to go on a diatribe about it, so I'm keeping that for the next blog post, mmmm kay. {smile}

I'm having a cup of Chamomile extra sleepytime tea and a pumpkin bar for this evening while writing to you. I'm all nestled with my BG {Beloved Gardener}laying next to me, while I blog. Honestly, I look forward to writing every single day. If I'm not typing, I'm writing in a book, journal or on a scrap of paper somewhere. It feeds my soul, and there's nothing that makes me happier than writing- well, and painting, of course. 

Just last week I was reading about how almost anyone you talk to that has had a blog, or that's just beginning one, starts out as I did, with a blogger template. After they've had it for a short time, though, they then decide that a company such as Bluehost or Wordpress is the next logical step for them. I've been blogging since 2006, and I honestly won't deny that I, myself, had Wordpress for close to ten years. I wasn't the one paying for it, and I listened to what other folks were saying, and boarded the train as all of my fellow bloggers did. I truly understand how many bloggers get sucked in; honestly, I do. Heck- just last year I began building a new template on Bluehost. But at the last minute, I froze and decided to stay with blogger.

{Let me preface here, too, that I am trying to remain steadfast, and not jump into choices before thinking over my decisions. I ask myself this question: If I don't feel like it's a hell yes, then it's a hell no! That is an excellent rule of thumb. That way, I'm not as wishy-washy as I usually am.}

Don't get me wrong, I'm still all over the place, but I have resigned to the fact that is indeed internally who I am as a person. Quite frankly, I'm tired of apologising for being a watery soul, and I'm over making excuses for myself. No more. Take me as I am. It would help to make sense of my personality a bit more, If you knew that all of my astrological zodiac elements {rising, moon, and sun} are based in water. I never really understood that before learning about my horoscope. I think that inspired me to understand myself much better. I use to look at other women's blogs {there goes that comparing disease I once possessed} that were also Piscean blog authors, but they seemed steadfast on their personal style, or of keeping their blog the same for long stints of time. Hell, if I were better at code, I probably would have changed my theme like I change my bloomers. However, now, I feel a lot better about my choices, and I've been able to be more content as my self-love and self-worth has deepened.

Now, it is true that not all gals that are starting blogs are wanting to be bloggers forever. I think most of the folks that are beginning blogs are doing it as a launching off pad. More power to them, however, I wanted to open the discussion about blogging.

For starters, when I go to a blog, and it's professional looking in appearance, don't get me wrong, I think it's great. However, I've noticed, though, that most blogs are more about selling stuff and less about me really feeling a sense of connection with the author of the blog. It seems when websites/blogs start to become elaborate, they are beginning their launch into business mode. I feel like I'll soon start seeing things like #hussle #girlbosshustle #shemeansbusiness and I will commence to viewing less about the girl behind the blog. Now, this is purely my opinion on blogging, templates and hosting, and it doesn't mean I'm right about it either. Another reason I want to stay original, and straightforward is that I am capable of working the blogger platform. I know how to navigate and embed code with a blogger template, and I don't have to pay someone to do it for me. I'm still a small business owner, and I like to keep my costs low. I feel more comfortable this way, for now, anyhow. That's the beauty of being a woman. I can change my mind tomorrow if I'd like, or in the next two seconds. It's my right. Er...

I think there's something deeper at the heart of feeling like to get paying sponsorships, and collaborations with companies we have to be utterly professional with all those moving parts. That being professional means we have to go straight to what everyone's else says to do. I mean, wait! Hold on there a minute.
I've been curious too about something. Tell me if you've wondered this also. I am so interested to see what blogging will be like in the 2020s compared to the 2000s.

Another reason I want to stay with blogger is that I continually save my blog so that I have it backed up. So, when folks say stuff like, ” Oh, you don't own your blog unless you have it with a hosting per se.” I retort by saying, I had my blog with hosting, and in the end, I still lost all of those years. So all in all, it didn't matter that I had a hosting and my website. It truly depends on the situation. I want to keep my blog going for as many decades as I can. Just for the sheer fact that I have found my passions/loves. I know I want to write and illustrate for the rest of my life. And that means writing a blog and building something that makes me proud. Something that's all my own that I worked at. That will be a proud moment for me. Well, I should be direct now in saying I'm pleased so far for what I've created. It's been a real delight. I hope you'll continue to swim along with me, and if you have me, I promise to show up for you, over and over again.

Just one more thing I thought that was important to mention, is that the reason that someone like myself can still be a successful blogger is that not only do I love love love blogging, I also believe that success has nothing to do with a template. A successful blog has everything to do with energy. If I BELIEVE that I can attract wonderful sponsors and collaborations for my blogging business, then I absolutely will and do. If I'm aligned with my inner being and I focus, I will have a lovely blog, that is not only wonderful to read, but also make money, too. Now don't get me wrong, I think a few practical things help, but all in all, it's about the energy behind everything we do. That is if you were asking for my opinion. Er..{smile}
What do you think? Do you believe successful blogs are about energy or the bells and whistles?

By the way, I spent the last few days making my folks some cushions for their front porch wicker chairs, and I've been writing on my books nonstop. I'm eager to finish the one entitled ”The Little Mermaids Transformational Tale” in a month or so.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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