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5 Tips To Manifesting Your Treasure Chest Of Money

My dear friends and mermaid junkies, 

A Victorian lady would dare never think of not being an exceptional housekeeper. If you were to fiddle with such information, you’d come to understand ‘keeping house’ is pertinent no matter the status of her affairs.

While it’s perfectly understandable that not all Victorian Ladies enjoy housework, by all means, hire yourself a maiden to administer to such pursuits. {That's not what this post is about. I wouldn't ever try and make another person feel they are less than, ’just because you're a woman means that you ’SHOULD’ enjoy housework’. I carry no such delusions.} However, if you would like to know a few basics, I think it’s an excellent way to build upon the feeling of independence, and that is where my discussion about money enters the picture. I will speak for myself here, well, because I can't speak for anyone else, anyway. I have always felt that the more I'm capable of doing for myself, I have come to feel even more independent and self-reliant. I enjoy having those feelings because it makes me feel FREE! I'm sure by now you can understand me, in the way that, I have a deep desire to be independent of anyone, and that's, of course, because of my past experiences. You can ultimately always look to a person and if you are interested enough in human behaviour, dig a wee bit to uncover why specific individuals are the way they are. Obviously, my wanting intensely to be financially self-sufficient has to do with being in a childhood where to feel loved, I received money/things/gifts. So as a girl and then becoming a woman, I realised that when someone would gift me something or give me money, I equated that with my need to be loved. I then got married, and I carried that conditioned belief into my marriage. It also created in me a sense of dependence on a man, dependency to please and ultimately resentment of feeling men had leverage over me.
*{I'm also getting somewhat exhausted in having to always make sure I am prefacing certain things, to not hurt anyone's feelings. I think I'm going to stop that. Because, honestly, I feel as though I am a kind gentle soul, however, I believe that my dear friends that read this blog understand I am very uncompromisingly forthright. So I shall get on with it.}{smile}

One that now I can fully see wasn't healthy at all; however, I don't fault myself for any of the things in my life. I see life experiences as things that HAPPENED, but not HAPPENED TO ME. We can choose to see our experiences as ways to grow and learn, or we can fumble through life with the mentality of ”victim.” I also now have come to understand why I held money and self-worth at a similar stance. As little children, if we were to return to our childhood memories and recall the first experience we had with money, and then attach those emotional feelings, it will help you to uncover how and why you view money the way you do.
I remember my first experience of getting money, and I remember feeling distinctively powerful. As if having money meant I could be my own boss. {P.S. I got a twenty-dollar bill for only ironing my dad's shirt because he wanted to go out and party.} I say that because it also shows you that I never, even to this day equate the amount of money that I receive with the amount of hard work, so that is a big bonus. I also adapted my parent's beliefs about money too. That if you have the money, you are therefore an influential person, but if you don't, you aren't that significant. How often is this a circumstance we see in the world today? Money can hide bad behaviour. It also can make the world believe that money makes people happy. If we were to really evaluate that commonality, we would soon realise that many people are equating money to self-worth. That is why we see people that can be really wealthy, but absolutely miserable or see poor folks that are delightfully happy. It is because happy people attach feelings and beliefs of money to negative beliefs from their childhood. Such as money is the root of all evil, or if you have copious amounts of money, you are somehow a substandard person. Honestly, jacked-up beliefs are rampant in the world today. I want wealth and happiness, and I know the way to do that is to create new money beliefs.

I hear little things every day about people that carry negative money beliefs, and it's no wonder they don't have a pile of money in their bank account. Here are a few I heard just this week: " You're never going to get rich blogging. You shouldn't spend any money if there's not that much in the bank. They are bastards and use their money to buy themselves out of their problems." Those are just to quote a few, and I am sure there's many more, I just try and not focus on those negative beliefs. However, I realise they are everywhere, and I will come into contact with those people and ideas if I am vibrating on that same emotional disc. We as humans are so bewitched with money beliefs that literally they are keeping us from our desires. I, for one, wanted to have a breakthrough. If money is just energy like everything else, there is no reason that you and I can not continue to welcome bundles of cash into our lives. That is if you would like that. Below is my avatar for creating abundance. I wanted to share a few tips with you for creating new beliefs and making that distinct connection and breakthrough for you to understand the gap. You have a space in your belief system if you aren't manifesting money or anything you deem a desire. 
Have you ever wondered why some folks are super-wealthy but deeply unhappy, or vice verse. Some people are super happy but inferior. I had a breakthrough the other day after meditation about this exact subject. I speak more about this on Tuesday's podcast episode, which if your interested, you can listen to here.

Do you see the American robin bird above? That is my avatar. I would like for you to find your very own avatar and we are going to use it as a way of manifesting our desires. I will explain in detail in another post. Your job is to find a figure that makes you feel super happy when you look at it. It can be anything, really.  


1. Focus on wealth, not on the bills you need to pay, or how much is in your bank account. I know this is easier said than done because money is ever-present every day. However, this is where you strengthen your focus mind muscles and only dwell on wealth, not getting out of debt. Because when you focus on getting out of debt, you are actually reaffirming lack of money.  
2. Focus on the feelings of freedom. Cash is the vibration of freedom, free of time, free of work, etc. Think about laying on the beach, Abraham Hick's law of attraction, happiness, nature. Whatever creates that feeling of freedom within you, focus on that as often as possible.  

3. Give money a reason to manifest. My desires are precise. As long as my feelings and thoughts about why I want boatloads of money are happy thoughts, I milk my thoughts for all their worth. It creates momentum and speeds up your manifestations. 

4. Do not practice "when" your money shows up. Practice money 'is' coming. I can be happy in the now. If you exercise when the money shows up, it will always be somewhere in the future, and it reinforces the vibration of the money/desire not coming. 

5. Push a little, which means to spend a little money to create momentum. It will become like the waves of the ocean; in and out, in and out...Money doesn't matter, and you should spend a little money on your desire. Become a vibrational match to your desires, and they have no other choice than to manifest.

For simplicity in living does not equate to meagreness or downtrodden money beliefs. In fact, I believe the opposite. I also think that to say one is successful does not equate to many dollars behind my name in one’s bank account. For many reasons, and ones I cannot begin to find the genesis of, landlocked folks have the belief that is a person chooses to live simply, that they are doing it because they feel deprived, have to because of their lack of means and money. In all honesty, when I see a blog author and they are living simply, they most often have money beliefs that they are meagre, and that equals righteousness. This is also another jacked-up belief and one I no longer subscribe to. I live very simplistically, but not because I have to, because I choose too and find such tremendous joy and fun in it and It also reminds me of being a well respected Victorian woman. When I want to spend loads of money, I will and do. However, I will restate here that money does not equate to happiness if our beliefs are whacked. There were many exceedingly wealthy Victorians. I want to be that lady! The ONLY reason that a person doesn’t have piles of money is because of a belief. (A belief is nothing more than a thought that has been thought over and over again.)

Mind you, I know this post wasn't intended to be about money per se, but I write as I speak, and I have a tendency to go from one subject to the next. And by golly, that’s alright by me. Hopefully, it’s okay by you too. Or else I’m sure you’ll just as soon stop reading this here ol’ blog.

In my life, I grew up with a father that provided very well for us. My mother was and has always remained a stay at home Momma. I loved that she had the career of being at home. Although we never much wanted for many things, I did live with a daddy that had a raging alcohol addiction. So if you grew up in a similar household, it was frequently ‘feast or famine.’ One week I was driving a brand new mustang directly driven off the lot, to the next week of having to eat beans and rice for supper. So, In essence, there were many years I had to do the inner work of understanding money beliefs. I now have come to know that being reliant on a man to provide me with things, like food, shelter and beautiful things, I am determined to do it myself. Now, let me explain a wee bit further why I feel this way, and I’ll give you a lovely formula for how to understand your very own money beliefs and how you equate love to money according to having your emotional needs met. It’s quite impressive.
Anyhow, whilst I grew up in a home-life of watching my daddy have control over the money, as the belief stemmed from my mother's ideas when she was a young girl, that meant the man was the overseer of, when and how money was to be spent. Nevertheless, I married that same type of personality in a man. I'm not resentful or angry about it anymore; It actually has created a tremendously deepened burning desire to be a success all on my very own. I think this is a sense of encouragement on my part and it's also taught me that if we as women want to have specific dreams and desires, we CAN have them. However, it always boomerangs to the question of how much a woman wants that for herself. I think many women wish to possess independence (of course, I'm speaking about women who don't have it) however feel that changing their lives in any kind of a ’shake up sense’ is going to be hard, painful and unpleasant. Once again, this is a negative belief, and it doesn't have to be the reality of one's life.
I am at a few thousand words already in this post, so I can assure you I will write a whole other post about specific money tactics. When you begin creating new money beliefs, actual barriers will arise. So, I would like to assist you in those and inspire you to breakthroughs. I thought that the five ways to manifesting money above will get you on the right wave of initiating a practical tool that you can utilise today, though.

Do you have fine fettle money beliefs?

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I will be watching this series with focus; thank you for sharing with all of us. It does seem true that there are problematic beliefs featured in too many simple-living websites/insta/blogs (and honestly, the opposite sort) and I do find that the attitudes can (for me) become contagious. I grew up with parents with crazily awful money beliefs, and am so messed up that 20 years or so ago my dear husband took over the money entirely because I was being stressed into an early grave. I KNOW this is not healthy for either of us, this is the super mature approach of sticking my fingers in my ears while singing loudly. But wow, Mom had one horribly destructive set of attitudes/beliefs about money, and Dad had an equally destructive but opposite set, and they argued bitterly expressing those two sets of thoughts/values for all my time in their home. Still, I need to be a grownup and fix this mess in my head - at my age it's a little late to blame my parents. Yes, they left the mess to clean up but lonnnnnnnnnnnng time past where that's an excuse to continue living in that messy mental room.

    1. Oh my, do I ever hear you in this. We are all having to sort out things in regards to one thing or another, I'm sure of it, but I am also happily excited about the idea of working through it. I see it as a fun adventure. It makes it such a nicer relsove when I can think of it in this way. Thank you for being such a great friend and reader. I love seeing your comments.


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