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My Dear friends, 

To begin this post, I first wanted to tell you that I published another new podcast episode. I publish podcast episodes every Tuesday, in which I named them "Tales on Tuesday." Cute, huh? You can skedaddle to my sidebar and tap the podcast link. If you don't mind, and you have a free minute, I would love it if you gave me a review on iTunes. It really improves my analytics and increases my ability to get more advertising. Yes, in which, that means I get paid. It's how I make my living, ya'll. So, thank you in advance, dear friends. 

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quite rewarding. I had a lovely time preparing foods, baking and all those fun things you do. I decorated for Christmas on Thanksgiving day, too. A tradition in our family, and one I carried through with my own children, and now also with my dear Jeffrey. Today is the fourth of December, and I wanted to write and tell you how very excited I am about all of the fun and exciting things I shall post this month on this here blog. A Victorian Christmas! As you well know, Jeffrey and I are living with my folks, so the particulars that I will be sharing will not always be used to decorate my parent's cottage. However, I plan to make them and use them for when Jeffrey and I get our 'forever' Victorian home. I plan to pack them away in my hope chest like I did with so many things I made as a young girl, upon waiting to get married. Do you own a hope chest? I think hope chests are exquisitely beautiful and a lovely way to keep the spirit of the Victorian era alive and well. I'm not sure many young girls even know what a hope chest or trousseau is.
What I am considering with this month of posts is to share the handmade crafts, homemade gifts and traditions that I have made throughout the years. Some of them may not necessarily be Victorian, but they are handcrafted. I am also going to share with you some of the ideas I have for gift giving. You might enjoy them, and it may spark your very own creativity for your gift-giving this year, too. 
I've been thinking in bundles about the direction of my blog. As always, I have boatloads of ideas. I wanted to write, though, in the particular niche that is especially important to me. Which happens to be: Authorship, artistry, mermaids, Victorian lifestyle and spirituality. My most favourite things of all time. I want to write about subjects that are fascinating to me, and what I love, too, all written with 'a twist.' I posed the question of, "Why a Victorian Christmas" in the title? Precisely, because that has been on my mind as of late. I have genuinely recognised my return to the woman I have remained, in the aspects that I adored about myself even at the tender ages of my youth and early adulthood. My momma and I have been having lovely conversations over pots and pots of tea. I have begun to recognise how much I remain devoted to particular characteristics from my childhood.

I shall never return, that is undoubtedly true! I heard the lovely British lad named Zach Pinsent, as seen on the BBC speaking about his wearing of bespoke clothing and how he would never dream of dressing in modern clothing. He is but a young twenty-four years old {the same age as my dear boy sawyer was} and he has been wearing old fashioned since he was fourteen. I adore that when young folks have such determined spirits, and know what they want in life and zealously go forth in their endeavours.  
My latest Victorian walking skirt that I've sewn. It is cumbersome and full. I love skirts that have a vast amount of twirl, don't you? 
Jeffrey and I have 'pillow talk', and he is rightly determined to think I should post more on social media about women owning their lives and being confident, all while throwing back on my forty plus bangles, rings and hippy clothing. Now, as much as I enjoy dishing out positive affirmations, youtube videos, and pretty little story snippets; when he said that I felt a little discord in my spirit. Let me explain: I want to do things the way I want to do them. If I am 'all in' on being a Victorian lady, then I am going to go ALL IN! Period. I may sound a bit irritated, and if so, SO BE IT! I realised straight away, why I became a little defensive. To be told, what to do, how to behave, and how to live does not sit well with me. I think being told what to do, no one appreciates. Do You? Truth be known, we all want to be supported and respected for our right to choose how to live and what to believe. 

I am still attempting to live in my power, and I want to have you, my dear friends and Mermaid Junkies swim along with me, while we go through the process together. I also share what kind of things arise in my daily life as I think it more clearly creates a relatable nature between you and I. Who wants to read a blog where the author is perfect, and never discusses subjects such as her life moments of disparity? I know, I don't. No one has their affairs all in order, at all times, let's just be clear, shall we? 
I shared this on my facebook fan page. I found the deviled egg platter at a tiny antique shop, and I love it because It's the identical one that my grandmother used to own. I use it for my paints, and in the centre vessel, I pour my water. The Mermaid cup is from Walmart. Isn't it adorable?
It ruffled my feathers. I assured my dearly beloved gardener it wasn't personally directed at him. Look, I have some issues, you do, we all do, and that is ooookkkay. eeekkk... I'm working at them, though.
I am posting some books that I have devoured and will continue to consume while writing my next few books. I thought you might like them too, especially if you are writing a book, as well. The Trade of Authorship by Wolstan Dixey is a book about how to write Victorian literature and for it to sound lovely and accurate. 
This is the composition notebook that I covered with authentic Victorian reproduction wallpaper samples, which you can find here. They are twelve dollars {you select your print and send them a check in the mail} for a large sheet, and you will love making them. It's a dandy idea, even if it's for no other use than to have pretty little books/diaries for you to write in. I am a strong advocate for whatever we are doing in life, we should make it lovely to look at. Do you not agree, dear friends?

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."~ William Morris 

How fun to order the exact print of wallpaper that Beatrix Potter has in her England Hilltop Cottage! I surely plan to buy rolls of it when I find my forever home. I know it will inspire me! I also plan to name it my "Treasure Room', too, just as Beatrix named her parlour room. If I recall, she called her parlour, her treasure room, because it was where she kept her treasures. If I am mistaken about it being her parlour, let me know and I will make the correction. I think it is also a little nod to my mermaid life as well, no? It's right perfect, If you ask me, right perfect, indeed!

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life."~ William Morris

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. What glorious wallpaper! When I cannot afford a delicious wallpaper for a room, or even one wall, one roll can do the back of a closet and I'm continually surprised at how much joy that brings, that little pop of beauty when one opens the closet door.

    Yes, the feeling of our nearest and dearest not "getting" us can ruffle our feathers for sure. I usually start by bristling (just in my head, mind you) "weren't you listening at ALL to me?" But the antidote to those thoughts is always humility: there arise examples where I don't "get" them, either. And it's usually not because I wasn't listening. More because we are different humans and our minds work differently and we feel differently about the same situations.

    I handed down my hope chest to one of my daughters. Another daughter has her grandmother's, another her great-grandmother's, and the fourth daughter still needs a hope chest so she currently "hope-chests" (new verb) into boxes in the garage! It's a hard road being #7 out of 8 children ;)

    1. Kimberly, I know the feeling. Isn't it wonderful to feel joy and happiness with the most simplest thing such a piece of wallpaper! I love how you highlight the parts of the post that resonate with you. Oh my! 8 children! how glorious!

  2. I still have my hope chest at the young age of 49. It was given to me by my mom and my grandfather made it for her back in the 1940s. Currently it holds old quilts, old baby clothes, and a lemonade serving set that belonged to my great great aunt. It's so delicate, I'm afraid to use it! :) My husband and I don't have any children (only fur babies) so one day I may pass along the hope chest to a young second cousin.

    I look forward to seeing your Christmas posts. There is just something so special about a handmade gift. The time, thought, and care put into it is simply priceless.

    1. Oh my! A lemonade serving set! I am dying to see that, I bet it is fabulous... I do love making gifts, and that's truly the reason for my lack of posting. Lots of hand making... but it's ever so much fun! Thank you for sharing... Love Raquelxxx


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