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What A Flood Taught Me About Trust

Me, in the bathroom of the author Marjorie Rawlings Museum.
When living the law of attraction, I mean truly living it, you become very good at focusing and understanding that everything truly IS working out for you.

This is most definitely not how many folks live their lives because let's face it; most of the world lives in a deficient vibrational state. That's not a dig at anyone; it's pretty much right if you ask me.

(But Raquel, no one was asking you, honey. Err...)

What I mean is that I want to talk about something that much of the world is experiencing. Still, how when you start living the law of attraction, you significantly understand how everything that occurs is a lesson for fine-tuning, expansion, or getting what you desire.

Hence, my little story about a flood and 1970’s pink carpet.

Jeffrey owned his own home for over 20 years when we met. So, of course, when we married, I moved into his ”bachelor pad.” He kept a clean home, but to put it mildly, the house had not been updated in almost all of the 20 years he owned it. I know homeownership is costly so I don't fault him. However, I just had to get my hands on it and start redoing rooms and updating. Little by little with the money we could put out when the budget had a few extra dollars, I would start changing small things. Obviously, the painting was one thing that I could do that didn't cost a lot. The most laborious task was the time it would take to remove all the wallpaper of woeful proportions. I was drowning in 1970’s wallpaper, I mean it was everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I love wallpaper, just not dreadful 1970’s style wallpaper.

I had to be creative, and I'm good at making due and using my imagination, especially when it comes to design. I always advocate that what tou lack in financial means you make up for in creativity. Everyone has creativity, and if it doesn't come naturally, there are boatloads of inspiration on the internet. 
Wait. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, the bachelor pad that I renamed ”Staffordshire Cottage.”

So I went to stripping each room of wallpaper and then disembowelled the carpet from the rooms. I started with the guest room and my office because I just couldn't bear to walk on that unpleasant pink carpet another day. All was going well, and according to plan. I revamped our bathroom, and most of the rooms remaining.  The living room and master bedroom of unsightly pink carpet were surviving. Jeffrey would not budge on me, removing the carpet from these two rooms. He felt it would look like rubbage. I assured him an excellent clean concrete with a large area rug would be much better than having the carpet. You might have just read that, and as much as I cringe in writing it, I wasn't going to be the same person that I had been in my previous marriage. Meaning that I would usually power through and do whatever I liked and then the arguing and resentment would ensue for many years. No. I'm not making witticism here. 

Just as I have stated in my blog, many times, I write as a way to clarify. When low self-worth is at the forefront of a woman, many things you might hear sounds absolutely preposterous, or that I was a very insecure person, quite incapable of living my truth. You are absolutely correct in that assumption. I seek to focus on the learning that the experience taught me.

Okay. Where was I? Oh, yes, Jeffrey did not want me to remove the carpet.   

Furthermore, I have this knowledge and as arrogant as it may sound, ” I ALWAYS ALWAYS get what I want.” In all honesty, I rested assured he would come round' to my way of thinking. I also knew that psychologically for my dearly beloved gardener me ”taking the pink carpet out" was not about me ”taking the pink carpet out.”  I have the wherewithal to know when people do or don't do something, there's always an emotional reason beneath it. {Another beautiful thing I learned by living the law of attraction.}

So each day, as much as I loathed having carpet in the living room and bedroom, I simply set my intention and asked the universe to inspire Jeffrey to come around. I also wanted to understand for myself the value of waiting and trusting God/Universe/Source? I then let it go.

A few weeks later, Jeffrey woke up for work and stepped in what I like to call the flood from heaven. It wasn't really, but our entire bedroom and closet were flooded from the master bath. There was so much water that there was no way to sop it up. Jeffrey tried sopping it up with towels, the next morning and several mornings after that. On the third day, I began to smell a light scent of mildew. (Remember, we live in Florida where humidity is nearly 100 per cent year-round. For instance, if you were to leave wet clothing in the washing machine for longer than a few hours, it will sour.) That's just the nature of living in the south.

I told  Jeffrey that I would begin removing the carpet while he was at work. He like that idea and so I removed the pink carpet from our bedroom and living room. I worked for hours bagging wet carpet, I then took to pulling the nail carpet stripping from the perimeters. I swept and cleaned it up. I was never happier. {wink wink}

So, the next morning, I {secretly} set the personal intention that I would find some area rugs at the thrift store. I did not want just any throw rugs either. They had to be gigantic, inexpensive, and antique. I know, right? 

Now, what I'm about to tell you is proof that if we trust the universe we will always get what we want and we don't have to settle.

I decided to go to the thrift store and went straight to the section where they have rugs. A star from heaven shown down in the barrel. Could I really be seeing a needlepoint area rug in the size of an 8' x 10'! It didn't have a price on it, and I thought, here's the caveat. I couldn't afford it.  I had seen rugs there before, and they were around 3' x 5' and approximately 35 dollars, sometimes much more. I called for an assistant to help me identify a price. A nice gentleman came over to me, complimented my smile, looked at the rug, then looked at me and said $9.00. Nine DOLLARS! I took the tab that he gave me and went and paid for it immediately. I was swishing to that parking lot with speed while my petticoat was flying about the air. I called Jeffrey and told him he needed to come and pick up the large needlepoint rug for our family room. I was ecstatic! Now, that's not even the end of this story, yet.

I used to sell items on the app called offer up. I'm not that active on it, so I don't pay much attention to notifications, to be quite honest. However, about a week after my thrift store finds, I received a message on offer up from a woman asking about a Papasan chair that she wanted to purchase. I think it had been listed for about three months or longer. 

We agreed to a price. The lady was a complete dear and such a kind person from the few messages we had exchanged. She came over the next day to retrieve the chair she wanted to buy. I helped her carry the three pieces out to her SUV. She opened the back hatch and began apologising while she began sliding five rolled-up genuine antique rugs that she had been lugging around for three months. As I watched her shovelling them about, I inquired where she had found such gorgeous rugs and oh my what beauties. {I can spot an authentic antique from twenty miles away, heh}. She began telling me that her fiance' had told her she needed to get rid of them because he thought they were old, ugly and the rugs just wouldn't work with the style of their new home. She said she had carried them around in her truck for over three months because they were her grandmothers and she couldn't bear to donate them. She then looked at me and said, ”would you like to have them?” I nearly fainted. I couldn't stop complimenting her on how much I was appreciative and comforting her that I would cherish those area rugs for always. There are a few small holes in one and a large stain on another. However, I know the stain I can get out with a simple cleaning, and I believe the holes add character.  You would think these rugs came straight from Beatrix Potter's Hill Top Farm in England. I know I've seen two that look very similar to the ones in Beatrix's home. 

Now, that, my friends Is a the synchronicity of the gods! Is it not!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Well THAT was a delightful read! I've definitely danced out of thrift stores trying not to frighten young children with squealing out loud, but your back-of-the-SUV story is amazing :). Merry Christmas - next year in your new home!

    1. Kimberly, You are such a doll! I'm so gald someone can relate to my dancing about. Heh... Merry Christmas dear friend! What exciting and deeper connections I look forward to having with you! I love you, Raquelxxx


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