Monday, December 30, 2019

Why Blocking Me On Social Media Is The Creepiest Form Of Flattery

My dear friend, 

Why you ask, am I in the least bit concerned about this topic or even for that matter writing about it? Well, to begin with, I have this blog for reasons of wanting to dissect issues of human behaviour, to deeply understand why people do what they do. Furthermore, I think if it's something that at one time has bothered the stew out of me, then I would be willing to make a million-dollar bet, some other person has had the issue as well. I'm going to tell you why folks do this and how to find the ease within yourself if it ever happens in your realm of experience. 

As I stated, I enjoy writing about subjects after the fact, simply because I have a clearer head and I can understand the situation much more deeply, which makes it easier for me to teach to others. A feather in my cap, so to speak. 

" You will be too much for some people. Those aren't your people."

Shall I get on?

How I came to know that a selected group of women had blocked me on social media was that I would hear through friends, or I would try to search for them as they were previously a friend and then when I went to search again, I couldn't find their name. That equals Raquel you've been blocked! Also a few years ago, I would spend my good hard-earned money paying for those crappy apps that would notify me when a person mentioned my name in forums and even those ones that tell you that you've been blocked and by who.

{Yes, for all that is holy, I had too much invested. That's called low self-worth at it's finest, I know this now.}

{I am transparent with you here because I think all too often when seemingly petty stuff like this happens to you or me, it's a teaching moment. Even, although most women do not see it this way, I do.}

When it pertains to being blocked online, I'd thought I had seen it all. But, nope. When you are being imitated by another person, it's downright irritating. For instance, one gal had a more significant following than me, would scour my feed and then swim back over to her own feed and imitate my exact images or my captions, and give me no credit what so ever. I've even had someone use my photos to catfish men, I've had my artwork straight-up stolen {screenshot is thievery unless you have permission} and use it as their facebook cover. Now that's perfectly fine if you have bought my art and use it, but not use it, don't know me from Eve and then act like you are the artist who painted it. Not only is that 'not cool' it's a crime.

Before i began practising the law of attraction, I thought being blocked was just something that happened, but as time progressed, I realised I had a stable vibration for thievery. So, when something is happening to you, it's time for you to take a stroke back and ask yourself what and why are you vibrating on that disc. 

Whereas I don't want to spend time on this post talking about imitation, I do, however, want to discuss the "whole blocking situation" that seems to be rampant on the ol' social media. For a time, I was puzzled by why these women would block me, I became perplexed, and you know me, I had to uncover what was going on here. As ridiculous as it may seem, there are folks in the world that may not be blocking you on social media, but they are blocking you in real life. Is it something we should activate, no. However, as I stated before, I want to explain to you why they are doing it from a psychological standpoint. 

{Oh my Gawd, get on with it Raquel!} Errrr...

" The most important day of your life is the day you decide you are good enough. That is the day that will set you free." 

What you resist will persist. That is a universal law. Most people in the world are deeply ingrained to care what others think of and about them. Oh, they may say, I dont give a rip what so and so thinks of me, but they actually really do care, if they have become so upset, hurt or angry to literally take the time to block someone. They care. The world is full of people that will always disagree with us, not like what we say, do, represent, etc. Just yesterday, there was a woman on a plane, and she refused to fly because her seat was right next to a Trump supporter. The world is made up of such diversity, and I right think that is dandy. I must say, that my ego was bruised when i uncovered these women had blocked me until I realised that their blocking me has all the more to do with them on where their journey is than it has to do with me. And yes, we hear that all of the time. "It's not my issue; it's their issue." This is not what I am saying. What I mean is that, when it did bother me, it meant I was vibrating at their level. I had to look within and find out why I allowed someone to get under my scales. We all want to be liked, but the greatest lesson I learned was that it taught me that I needed to work on MY self-worth beliefs, and once I had that underway, I knew that the whole world could block me, or not like a picture of mine, and I would still be as happy as a clam. In essence, those little rascals were my teachers, whether they know it or not. Isn't that a beautiful moment, when you can look at people that despise you and receive the aspect of how they are teaching us about ourselves. We just need to be open vessels on our journey to sift that kind of thing from every experience that we encounter. Now that's growth, my friend.

The statement I would most like to make is that the ladies that have chosen to block me, which is their right, it truly is a disservice to themselves. It is also a sign of feeling that they have control issues in their personal life. If they can control their online environment, they think they have control over conditions. This is false, and it's also an indication that they need to manage their environment to feel safe. We are all learning through this world and with the people, we interact with. These women have decided that they have no desire to look within themselves to clarify why they feel such displeasure with me {they are using me as a representation for discord they have in their own inner being.} It always feels better to blame someone than to take accountability for our very own actions. Most people look at situations as "outside of themselves.". Because ultimately, I am a representation of an aspect of themself they aren't willing to accept. 

We must look to those women and send them love and know that they, {just as you and I}, will come round to finding themselves. The question is how many times will they "block' their self from their own inner being that loves them so very much. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx      


  1. People block us vibrationlly all the time.....fb is just more obvious....we're all vibrating at different's hard when you're young to understand tbis...m7ch l8ve your way xoxo Kendra

    1. Kendra, you're absolutely correct. Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate you sharing.


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