Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I Am The Next Beatrix Potter {According To Abraham Hicks}

Good day, Dear friends, 

I had the jolliest of a good time during holiday. I have now returned with an ingenious, most important, way to account for even more expansion with my online diary/blog. I also spent the better portion of 2020, carving out a more accurate depiction of what I desire for my spiritual voyage. My desire has continually been that I want you to come, settle in with me, have a cup of tea and chat.  However, I also have the desire to bring thought to a new Sphere. There are many delightful websites that cover the topic of spirituality. However, I myself was beginning to grow bored. Have you? Now, don't mistake me, and I'm admittedly in tune with everyone having their own journey, it just seems that once folks get to a specific place with the law of attraction, if they don't manifest large desires, they become disillusioned. They begin to believe that the LOA doesn't work. Also, as I was contemplating this for myself and receiving feedback from others, it tuned me into the frequency of wanting to expand in my knowledge even further to uncover why this was transpiring. If not for myself, but to also share with you. As I was in meditation a few days in a row, I came upon a video that set me right. I realised what was happening and why some folks would complain of manifestation barriers. I know I have discovered the answer. I want to share a few categories that many who know or semi~practice the Law of Attraction tend to fall into. 

I should like my experience, knowledge and thirst to powerfully influence women in their voyage of returning to self-love. Indeed, we are all seeking to understand what this earth life pertains to and how to grow by using tangible, tactile tools to expand. I'm here to inspire and remind you that those things are essential in furthering your understanding as you seek to more deeply live the law of attraction. You have an inner being, and that is all you need to get to where you desire. You are capable of manifesting every desire that you have. The only thing that ever stands in your way is YOU. It's not anyone else, it's not even God standing in your way, it's your emotional beliefs.

Your "inner being" or you might call it, God/Source/Universe/Spirit, etc. is the whole part of you, spiritually. Most often, the world views the spiritual aspect of themself one of several ways:
I.~The first is the way most of the world is. They believe all that happens to them is outside of their control, and that "God" is a separate entity. They view God as an onlooker evaluating and passing judgement.

II.~This version of "God" is a little different approach. The difference here is that they see " God" as a teacher. By that, I mean that "God" is judging us or giving us desires or good things based on our efforts, works and obedience. If we are commandment following, and "God" sees fit, we may get a few things we want out of life, but only after we have gone through the process of repentance and have received forgiveness. And if God doesn't feel we 'yet' deserve or have 'earned' it, we should just wait upon the Lord. When this happens, we then make up this notion that if we "can't" have those things that we so desperately want, we have to wait until God says yes. If not on earth, then they have to simply wait to be rewarded in heaven.

III.~This way has us beginning to see that our beliefs aren't entirely accurate. That perhaps we have been living a life not altogether clear of how misguided our childhood has created a belief system not wholly authentic. We start to notice that things aren't necessarily making sense and "fairness" enters. We see that other people aren't playing by the rules and yet they seem to be getting all that they desire, regardless. Wealth, earthly treasures, love, success, etc. They are getting their piece of the pie and not sacrificing at all. While the religious folks are being obedient and getting the shaft. So as this occurs, the religious person has to make sense of it, and so they chalk it up to, "They have their rewards, but it's on earth only. This is a belief that most Christians box up to not exhibit the emotion of jealousy or anger. It's called "justify." This idea will never make real sense because it's a flawed premise. Our whole existence is based on feeling good. That's why when someone dives into this subject, it leads to internal discord. Discord is "Gods" indicator that what a person thinks and what "God" {Inner~Mermaid/ Being} thinks are not lining up. God is an all-encompassing consciousness, and humans have attempted to limit the unlimited.
IV. This last and final way is the ultimate of living in your highest state. Seeing "God" {Inner Being/Mermaid} as ourself, wholly and completely. We are spirit beings, and we are also just as powerful a creator as our inner being {we are our inner being}. The reason many aren't capable; of living in this state of being is based on fear and emotional beliefs of scarcity and low self-worth. To move through the emotion of lack, one, especially of fear, will be an extraordinary feeling. You will know with a surety you and "God" {inner being/mermaid inner being} are one. You will know that all you desire and are is absolutely possible. You are the co~creator of your own life. All that you want can be yours if you believe in your power as a creator. 

Its sort of like me saying, "There will come a day that I become just as famous as my predecessor, Beatrix Potter. Beatrix once wrote in her diary that she would become more prominent than Hans Christian Anderson. At that time, were she to have voiced her opinion among others, she would have been considered a laughing stock. For some reason, folks are considered entirely arrogant if they have an exorbitant amount of confidence. Our confidence should be as high as humanly possible. If we are indeed what we believe we are, spirit beings, It's only right we have the confidence of a Goddess, yes?   

"First they ignore you, then laugh at you, then hate you, and then copy you."
I'm not sure if you have ever been to Hill Top in England, but if you have, you will recognise the similarities in my signage. When following directions towards Beatrix's place there are signs just like the one I painted, except its Peter Rabbit in place of Scarlette Rose, {errr...} I have something brewing, and if all goes according to plan, I will be placing this sign of Scarlette Rose as a form of direction, too. Another delightful thing I did several years ago that truly inspires me every day is to mat my favourite heroes {see Beatrix in the photo above.} I then placed them in my treasure room. It's like having the company of friendly ghosts. Indeed I speak with them daily. Hello ladies, What shall we get up to today? It's rather lovely. 

Do you have a particular hero that inspires you? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Yes, I agree - you'll be the next Beatrix Potter and beyond! Love the mermaid signs and can't wait to see what you do with them. As to your four options regarding the divine, I don't find my own thoughts reflected, but I do appreciate reading yours! Made me think that I should take some time to write out my own my own belief, concisely stated as is yours - I'd want to carve some time to ponder awhile.

    PS: It's the same old Kimberly but I realized just now that my thumbnail photo was officially a decade old and I don't want to continue putting past-me out there! I like who I am now :).

    1. Hello Kimberly, I have dearly missed you. I hope you are wel, and it's so lovely to be back at writing on the blog. You have such a supportive nature and I truly appreciate that you are diverse enough to read without feeling I am being assertive. I think you have an understanding of what writing and voicing opinions means from a writer's standpoint. So, thank you for that. I love that about you. I wholeheartedly agree, You should be so proud and I ma happy you are putting the new you forward! Yay! Love Raquelxxx


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