Don't Always Believe What You See, And Other Thoughts Inspired By The Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Scandal!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

My dear friends & Mermaid Junkies, 

The scandal Of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's leaked audio illustrates many things I've been thinking about in the last several years after my own divorce. Especially with the" seeing what you believe portion", living with someone in the public eye, and then using their power to manipulate public opinion to lean in on their personal narrative. However, in this instance, unlike Amber and Johnny, I was not the one in the public eye {my ex was, so everyone automatically took his side.} In several ways, I can relate to Johnny, so, with having said all of that, I'm going to break down their relationship from my subjective opinion. I do think we can all learn a bit of something about ourselves and our participation in our own relationships.

Let us not mistake this post as purely gossip that I'm interested in, as I'm approaching it through spiritual/emotional healing. I'm intrigued as it will help us all to more thoroughly comprehend that regardless of a person being a celebrity, we all have things to work at within ourselves. This demonstrates we are all human with areas in our lives that can use improving.

Now, before anyone gets their knickers in a bunch {wink wink}, I will preface that any kind of abuse is not acceptable. I do think the world needs to look at this situation collectively as a whole, but more importantly than that, to look at it with a fine-tooth comb. Something in which I believe Hollywood failed at extensively. And if I'm pointing fingers, it'd be right at Disney for firing Johnny from Pirates of the Caribbean. I surely hope that if they have intentions of reevaluating his role as Captain Jack, I feel justice will have been served if Johnny doesn't get asked/begged back when the next instalment of Pirates releases; IT TANKS!. Were talking rotten tomatoes here folks.
Psychopaths and physical abusers leave bread crumbs, and if you have ever paid more attention to Johnny Depp other than just his superb acting skills and undeniable good looks, one would instantly see there have never been bread crumbs that have lent anyone to believe that he mistreats women. In fact, If anything I think he's quite the opposite. And since my opinion matters here, he seems to be a southern gentleman through and through.

I want to bring an entirely different perspective as I know most assuredly there's always a deeper reason for why everything happens in the world and most especially when it pertains to relationships. This subject is very much up my ally, in my lane and my niche.

I became fascinated with this story, for the most part, because if you know anything at all about me, I have been captivated with Johnny Depp since before I can remember. Look, I know what you're thinking. "Everyone In the world is mesmerised with Johnny, Raquel!"

I know this is true; however, I've never been intrigued with him for the same reasons as most folks, though. Some things can't be explained.

Shall I get on?

In all honesty, I wanted to break down what was happening in their relationship. So I'm going to give my viewpoint from a mental health standpoint, the law of attraction and spiritual perspective.

I love human behaviour like nobody's business and, I have long appreciated Johnny, and when he hitched along Amber, I saw the end before it even got started. I remember him on David Letterman, and I thought at that moment, this is no good, and his relationship will end rapidly. I didn't know for the reasons that are now apparent; however, my gut told me something. {Have I ever told you I can see things before they happen, no? Well, I can.} I can resonate with Johnny as being a person in a relationship with a psychopath. The gaslighting, twisting words, stonewalling, you name it. Amber was exhibiting every single behaviour of a mental and physical abuser. It was all there. Here's the audio from Youtube, if you'd like to listen.

Go ahead; I'll wait.

As a woman, Amber used her public persona, in the climate of the #metoo movement to her advantage. And pretty much EVERYONE fell for it. I would also venture to guess that this has become yet another bit of salt on an already open wound for Johnny's disdain for Hollywood. Hollywood loves you when you can do something for them, but you're out on your ass if there ever comes controversy attached. No sense of loyalty at all. Everybody's left to their own devices, and I think Hollywood is the" Hotel California." You can check out, but you can never leave.

Now, do I think that Johnny and Amber have substance abuse issues, yes, absolutely. But I'm not here to say that they should stop, or that I'm judging them either way. I'm more interested in the underlying emotional reason for WHY they have substance addictions, and I think I've figured it out. But, look, all this post is, is a hypothetical. So, y'all, don't quit on me yet. (smile)

At one time in his life, Johnny had stated that he had a terrible relationship with his own mother. If I were a betting woman, he most likely seeks to find someone that he loved that would've been the polar opposite of the violence his momma portrayed when he was young. From what I know only from an external perspective, he and his mother made amends, and this is not a bashing of his mother. I wouldn't do that. Love you, Johnny! Mean it!
Even although he and his mother made amends, I believe he had residual pain from his childhood that he never thoroughly healed. So, here's where my thoughts on why the scandal took a different turn, what seemingly is Amber and Johnny's central issues of lacking in their individual emotional healing, and why they fell for each other, from the beginning.

Amber Heard clearly has abandonment issues and wants to be rescued, which stems from childhood trauma. I truly hope she uses this experience to unravel that for herself. She'll continually leap from one relationship to another if she never heals this part of herself.

Johnny gives birth to seeing in Amber a way of wanting to be" Ambers saviour." For him to feel those first emotions of love, he seeks to rescue women. Which I wish he'd see is truly because he has a deep internal desire to' save and rescue himself'. For a woman to love and accept him exactly for who he is and I wonder if he's not ever found that in a woman. Hence, he's never uncovered that buried treasure within. Thumbs crossed though, because just maybe he will this time around.

He once spoke about his mother saying, "she was the meanest human being he had ever met in his entire life." Just another small thing I've noticed about Johnny is that I have yet to hear him refer to Amber by her name. Johnny had a tattoo put onto his fingers which was first inked: Slim (Johnny's nickname for Amber.) Then he changed it to Scum, which I think was his anger phase and now, Scam, which he probably feels is what happened to him. She scammed him. Also, I think it's very apparent and of no coincidence that the 'A' is in red which signifies anarchy. I will link a photo here of the tat, because I don't own the photograph and I always follow copyright laws. {Thank you TMZ!}

Anarchy: A anti-authoritarian political and social philosophy that rejects hierarchies deemed unjust and advocates their replacement with self-managed, self-governed societies based on voluntary, cooperative institutions.

Did you read that part? The unjust part? Johnny is big on unjust things. I adore him for his rebel nature. He reminds me of my son Sawyer, and that probably has to do with their birthdays being a day apart, too.

I believe Johnny was attracted to Amber because through mirroring her and Johnny reflected each other's deep internal desire to be rescued. Johnny retreats when violence occurs, primarily through physical abuse, and he seems to do this on autopilot. The reason he does this is what I think he may have done as a young man. This is also an exact reminder of his childhood trauma with his mother. Perhaps Johnny runs as a way of feeling free, fleeing in safety, hence why he left his family when he was young as a way to escape. Also now, he escapes as an entertainer through his roles. Johnny has stated in an interview before that his mother would throw things and hit him. Amber exhibits this same behaviour. Amber feels abandoned when Johnny fleed which in turn becomes her trigger. So instead of her getting what she needs from her very own inner being, she blames Johnny ( or whoever she's in a relationship with at the time) for not chasing her. I'd be curious to know what trauma occurred in her childhood that created her abandonment issue. Johnny has the mentality; I think, of wanting to' save Amber.' however, in the actuality of a deep innate desire of saving himself. Once again, this is another example of our true inner being and what our soul wants. However, instead of going inside of, we look to find another to replace those desires, without realising it has to come from within.

(The manic, that they both exhibit perhaps mood swings may be induced by chemical substance, also their way of numbing pain. Truthfully many folks are doing this, all because of inner pain that hasn't been rebuilt.)

I quite appreciated hearing the leaked voice audiotapes. I believe that Johnny has to come to learn at his sage age that knowing how much he authentically believes in truth, and if I have any idea whatsoever of who I believe Johnny to be even although (in my head we're great pals, err...) I've never met the lad he quite furthermore has a grave intolerance for injustice.

(Do you recall, because I do, very vividly in fact, many years ago Johnny was the token celebrity face for The West Memphis Three, and poster face for Damien Echols who was unjustly accused of murder and had spent 18 years on death row.)

There's that word again, unjust.

Despite the extreme contrast of this experience for Johnny, I unquestionably visualise, because I dwell in possibility, this entire ordeal will become a pivotal life-changing moment for Johnny Depp. It surely is now the time for Johnny to' CUT' the anchors that have had him bound from speaking his truth, for so long. And if I'm unconditional in this post, I can unequivocally say, I know Amber will also find her truth, and eventually do the right thing. I want to be optimistic in saying that about her, anyway.

I believe Johnny Depp is on the very brink of using his inner navigational compass to find his treasure map, called his" inner being." I want to see him soar, sky-high.

Johnny will always be a southern gentleman indeed, and I look forward to the day when he says to all of those folks that didn't believe in him,

" You've stolen me, and I'm here to take myself back!" ~ Captain Jack Sparrow
I love you, Colonel!

(In my mermaid sort of way, wink wink.)

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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