Several Things Redheads Are Sick Of

[Disclaimer: this post is an all-out whining session, feel sorry for poor ol' me, and I'm undoubtedly going to make some sweet innocents in this delightful world quite upset with me. However, what else is new? Nothing to see here folks. You've been warned.]

So, I've written about being a redhead, and now I'm in a particular mood—to go on a small rant about several things I get tired of seeing when it pertains to being a redhead.

Look out, I know this isn't probably going to sound like such a darling thing to say, and goodness knows I now feel like I should have to preface this post beyond recognition so as not to offend someone that happens to read my blog, or just so happens to dye their hair red. I love ya, and somehow I'm sure you're not like  "the others."

Before getting all' hot foot' on me, understand that I've got just as small bone to pick. And pick at it I must.

I get perturbed when women that dye their hair red, act like it's their real hair colour. Wait. Let me explain this for a second. I was buzzing around youtube a week ago, looking for some hair shampoo and conditioner for natural redheads.
{Because if you didn't know this some of us natural redheads can lose a little pigmentation in our natural hair colour. Not only that, but we also get grey. Eek... I'm almost 50 years old, so that's to be expected. I happen to think it's from pregnancy, but who knows.}

Anyway, I came across these two youtube videos, and it was as plain as the nose on my face they were gals that dye their hair red. But do you think they mentioned that? No. Not a squeak. I believe the main reason for this is that, (whereas it shouldn't bother me, but somehow I've managed to let it) when girls are dying their hair and giving hair tutorials with such vigour, and then adding a disclaimer, "that the shampoo and conditioner will work much differently on all types." {Ya think. Mainly, because you dont have real red hair by nature, to begin with, Errr...}  Honestly, this grates on my last nerve. And why should this bother me to the olympic degree? I'll tell you. Because these certain women seem to ignore telling their subscribers that their hair has been coloured. From a box. Is it just me, or can you tell an actual ginger from one that dyes their hair? And looky here Linda, I think it's perfectly fine to dye your hair red, however, if you have companies that are sponsoring posts for products, at least be honest enough to preface that you aren't a real redhead. And for that matter, that you are also wearing extensions. Just be transparent about it, is all I am saying here. 

Wait. Where was I?

Oh yeah.

I think another reason for my disgruntled nature is that these gals are prancing {not really prancing, they're not horses FFS. You know what I mean} around in their gingered locks, and yet, they never had to endure the ridicule a real redhead had to deal with in childhood. {shyly raising my pale arm.} I'm sure I'm a negative Nancy here, I do know this. And these gals can't help that redheads nowadays live in a climate where redheads are rare and admired. Well, when I was young, it was not like that. AT ALL. 

I was given such grief as a child, and so were my two sons that are redheads. The other two children came as a blond and brunette. Anyhow, we've had to deal with having pale skin, red hair, freckles and it was not easy. So, perhaps I'm just a bit hell-bent on letting my feelings emerge and say, "it's all me and not you." 

To round, this post off let's go over the things I dealt with hearing as a youngster. {Because it should also be apparent that I like to talk things to death.}

Here we go:

I. I'd rather be dead than red on the head!

Isn't that quite dramatic? Whether it's' just a joke' or not, it's mean to say to a little girl, every~single~time~you~see~her! I get it! You don't like red hair. Geeze...

II. You are lucky you have the pretty colour of red. You better pray you never have children with red hair, especially if they are boys. They will have a terrible youth. {I have four children, and two are redheads.}

Oh, so you mean, I should be lucky I have the shade that's acceptable to you. As if. Pffft.

III. You'll never get a boyfriend because you have red hair, freckles and pale skin.

Well, I'm 10 years old, you ninny... and boys are a ways away for me anyhow. And furthermore, if a boy is that shallow, why would I want to date someone like that when I'm of dating age anyway. Errr... 

IV. I think you're SO UGLY, and I feel sorry for you because you have red hair. You poor thing, you.

Well, I think you're mean. So there. Nanny nanny boo boo... sticks and stones...

V. You need a tan, and you are too white! You live in Florida for Pete's sake. Go get a tan! I could never like a girl like you.

I could be downright hateful here, because, well, foreshadowing. Also, I don't want a damn tan! How about them apples!  I don't need to be tan and furthermore come see me in ten years when I look half your age, all because I stayed out of the ageing sun. 

I had many difficulties, and kids sometimes didn't like me just because of my colour of hair and skin. So when gals are dying their hair red, and claiming to be redheads, it perturbs me; but then again we all know I have issues. {ha!} Look away! Look away!

I know I sound bitter, I can hear my momma now." Raquel, you are supposed to be supportive of women, and if they want to dye their hair red, let them. It's a compliment that they now enjoy the colour." Yes, this is all true. I get it. It's something I have to work through, but I think it's another way of appearing to be something, they're not. Sort of like I see some of these same gals on Instagram, and they are fake, portraying a life, and I know for a fact what they are representing is false.

Here's how to appeal to me. {Like you're all loitering around the water cooler waiting on my next novice ideals about life and hanging on my every word. A girl can dream, can't she? Insert eye roll.}

{Someone kill me now and delete this post before I've been able to push publish. This post has no value what so ever, but still I....}

Even although you most likely could care less what the conclusion to this rant of a post is, but ideally, I strive to be an open book and a genuinely authentic transparent person. And I expect that from others; to represent their true self. Let me explain what I mean. {That made it sound like you don't understand me, but I know you do. I don't know why I said that.}

Very clearly, I want people to be transparent, especially if you are advertising something, like your red locks on ye olde tube. Just be truthful. Speak what's real. If someone asks you if you dye your hair red, say yes. Don't just act like you didn't see the comment. Don't shoot a video about your red locks and completely dismiss the entirety of the video that your hair is not really red and it's not really all your hair. It's extensions, honey. Don't just willy nilly and beat about the bush. Or better yet, when someone asks you a question in the comments of your video, answer them for goodness sakes. Errr

I suppose the fake people and the people that follow those fake people are also fake themselves. Because if you are a person accepting a particular attitude or trait from your followers and you're okay with that selective nature, then you too must possess a bit of fakeness yourself. It only makes sense. Because at the end of the day, like attracts like. And {apparently, I like to sum up many posts by stating the old," at the end of the day."} And furthermore, it's cool if you have boundaries. I'm clearly speaking of transparency here and less about boundaries of sorts.

So I might as well have just saved you reading 1639 words and said:" You do you, boo!"

Look, I know what you're thinking here. No one owes me anything, and perhaps that's why I have an issue. These women that are dying their hair red get all the bonuses of having red hair and never had the dreadful childhood that I did, and truthfully I think I resent that a little. So. Sue. Me. {Smile, wink, wink.}

Give me some time, and I'll get over it, but in the meantime steer clear because after all, I am a real redhead and I do indeed have a fiery temper.

And maybe you should just forget that I even spent any time at all writing about a subject that is clearly my own issue and no one else's. Shouldn't we all be able to dye our hair whatever colour we choose, without some whiney redhead in the states giving her honey copper two cents?

Shouldn't we now? Yes. Yes, we should.

Do you have anything to add to this already spicy post?

I've got puns. I've got puns for days, y'all. Errr...

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. "Whatever you look for, that's what you'll find."
    Look for those genuine souls and you will find them. I think you already know this. Of course you do. And when you do find them, hold them dear. They are out there, and they are truly admirable, especially in today's society of false norms.
    It's okay to rant. We all have our sore spots. :-)

  2. It's so lovely to see you! I had truly missed you! You are so correct about I will find what I seek. Thank you for the reminder JL. Hugs, Raquelxxx

  3. Replies
    1. How very kind of you... Thank you... The End! Don't be a stranger. Smile...


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