4 Ways To Navigate Through The Coronavirus Using The Law Of Attraction {A Mermaid's Metaphor}

The coronavirus is obviously on the minds of many folks. In my case, I have only kept up with it vaguely because depending on whether or not Europe's travel gets suspended has to do with Jeffrey and me house sitting for our inlaws that are planning for their vacation there.  England is on the suspended going out. However, the coming in is still lifted in the UK. That may change; yet, I'm sure I'll hear from the inlaws if they do end up cancelling. 

I personally wouldn't go as I would have a bit of concern that I  might get stuck there. That happened to my brother-in-law in the Bahama's once. 

As many of you know I practice the law of attraction, {of course you know this, that's all I talk about, really}, so I wanted to chat about the virus from a law of attraction perspective, and I came up with four ways that you can use to navigate along your life's voyage.

I. Vibration
When we are on a high flying disc, and our vibration is exceedingly lofty, we tend to stay in an elevated state of mind- thought consistency. I meditate each day and use the art of appreciation to keep my spirits aloft. When I do this, I am not likely to vibrate where many folks do, with regards to becoming petrified about the coronavirus. When one spends time in a low state of vibration, the tendency here is to become consumed with all the outer surrounding environments and those depressed vibrational feelings. Then what happens is that we have a planet more focused on negativity and scarcity versus one of positivity and abundance.

"One person in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not."~Abraham Hicks

II. Attention
Mass consciousness is mostly fear-driven. When we place our focus and attention on something, regardless of what it is, it magnifies. Just as in the law of attraction, like attracts like. So the more we focus on the negative, the more negative we receive, and the same goes for, the more focused we are on the positive, the more the positive we receive.

{For those that are Christian folks you might recall in the bible, it speaks about being "equally yoked." This means the same thing.} 

III. Intuition
Here's a little story. When I worked as a Mermaid at Weeki Wachee Springs, we had to always use our intuition. We swam in a river that had no boundaries or barriers. So, on any given day we might have a sweet innocent manatee, fish or turtles become a part of our performance. Whereas, we could also have an alligator or a moccasin join in as well. It was an open river, and you have all sorts of living creatures swimming right alongside you. One day, we had an alligator that decided he wanted to participate. So instead of waiting for the control booth to tell us, a gator was in the water, I used my intuition {gut instinct}, immediately swam to the underwater stage and then exited the river. Too often because of what other folks might think of us, we choose not to heed our intuition. I learned early on, it's vital, and at that time in my life, it literally was the daily decisions that meant life or death. When you are underwater, many things can go wrong. My mother was telling me the other day that she had tried out to be a Mermaid once, but that it was fortunate she never made the cut. She said with all of the things that were required, it sounded quite terrifying to her. So yes, I would say pay close attention to your gut. If you feel that you should refrain from going somewhere, or meeting up with someone for lunch, say,- listen to your intuition. It never steers you wrong. It's your Mermaid Inner Being, guiding you and it's the helm of your life. 

IV. Common Sense

Water is your friend.

{Of course, I say this, I am a mermaid for goodness sakes.} {Wink, Wink.}

I think we can all be mindful that to use common sense and hygiene is most beneficial. However, I would also like to say that I'm sure you pretty much already use this rule of thumb if you were brought up to know what sanitary means. I'm also sure your Mommas, Daddy's {or whoever was your guardian} all taught you right. You don't have to be a psycho- is all I'm saying. Errr... Wash your hands. Don't forget to keep kleenex and Clorox wipes near. I love Clorox wipes because they kill tons of germs. I have also loaded up on dōTerra essential oils. My family and I have been taking capsules of some oil blends that I custom created to prevent our immune systems from lowering. So, not only do we not get sick, we are immuned to the bacterial organisms that form a virus. 

Voices become too loud. Another mermaid story is that when I first began wearing my bangles back in the day, I would often get in trouble because I would wear my bracelets during showtimes. This created a bit of aggravation with the other mermaid performers. Why? Because, if you know anything about water and sound, sound travels. It not only moves but it travels far, especially in water. So what began happening is that the other mermaids couldn't hear their show ques. So, I had to stop wearing my bangles in the shows because when my bangles would rattle, the entire show began to look like a significant lack of synchronicity. Here's one of the presentations from back in the day, so you can see why sounds and ques for performance were important. So, basically what I am saying here is that the voices around you when people are negative and too focused on the bad things that are happening in the world, if you aren't aligned their voices will overpower your inner voice. So pay attention to your own voice, and don't allow others to persuade you otherwise. 

Do you have anything to add? 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Trying to get some insight into my partners perspective on covid 19. Came across your blog. The first three were p much the same as her. I was glad to read the common sense aspect, as she’s basically ignoring the virus all together, and acting as though she can’t even get sick if she keeps her thoughts not on it at all.

    One note: Bacterial organisms =\= viruses. That’s to say, those oil blends, while they may helps boost your immune system, they don’t create immunity. That’s a problematic claim to make.

    1. Jared, thank you for stopping by my blog. Whereas I feel after reading your comment, it appears you may feel a little on edge about seeking answers. I hope you find them. I am not a physician, and I don't claim to be. I have study aromatherapy though. I know for myself that the oils do raise my immune system. In life Jared nothing is a guarantee. Let's agree to disagree about my subjective opinion being problematic. You have your opinions, and I have mine. Happy healing...

    2. Hi Raquel,

      Thank you for your wishes for happy healing. I extend my own to you as well.

      I fully support you pursuing your own health and happiness, whatever form they take.

      My concern, and why I posted, is for those whom might read your blog. I am not a physician either.

      However, there are two points I want to reiterate. The first is that bacteria and viruses are very different. Bacteria are much, much bigger than viruses, and can survive without a host. Viruses on the other hand are extremely small, relative to bacteria which are extremely small relative to everything else.

      The second thing is that there is currently no known form of immunity to this virus. That is because it is a novel virus, meaning one which recently mutated from an animal-only virus to one which can infect humans. That isn’t to say there isn’t the potential for immunity, either through a vaccine or by contracting and recovering, and, yes, perhaps even some other medicine as of yet unconfirmed by science. After all, penicillin comes from mold and aspirin from white willow bark—there’s much in the natural world yet to be discovered or understood.

      That all said, a simple fix to the one sentence I took issue with would just to continue to make the claim that it boosts your immune system. This way you’re not making the claim about bacteria forming viruses, or creating immunity.

      Of course, your blog, your ways. Do as you see fit.

      I wish you all the best in these times.


    3. Well said! Thank you so much. I understand completely what you mean. Thank you again.


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