The Art Of Feeling Certainty In An Uncertain World {During The Outbreak Of Coronavirus}

Last night I went to collect some bakery buns for supper. While I was placing my items on the conveyer belt, the woman behind me went to grab the stick to divide our groceries. As soon as I went to reach for it too, {I was trying to help}, she pulled away promptly while wearing her white latex medical gloves.

I wasn't phased by her actions at all, but it surely enticed me to examine what this virus is doing to stir up many people in the world. I also received word this morning that my inlaws cancelled their trip to England. They had been planning their trip for two years. They are very downtrodden about it. This is another reason that I encourage others to live their best life. To stop waiting for {within reason I know some things have planning requirements} for the world to adjust. Stop waiting to write that book someday, move to that country, live that dream. No one is promised tomorrow. I can say this with great clarification. My son's murder had a way of putting everything into perspective. And whereas I know you can't relate to me in that particular scenario, I know with this outbreak, it most clearly has a way of placing the importance of {your life and the lives of your family} into perspective, and quick like.
I know this epidemic is going to be the best thing to happen for many folks. It is most undoubtedly going to inspire some folks to get out ahead of this and to initiate self~reliance. Most people are very reliant {too reliant, in my opinion} on others and use other people to feel consolation and to seek relief of pain and insecurities {whether that's physical or mental anguish.} This virus is calling many souls forward, whereas some life experiences have to be experienced to set things aright. What I mean here is this. Many folks are going through this world {before this virus} without the recognition of how scared, cynical, sceptical or insecure they indeed are daily. An epidemic surely has a way of displaying such distress in oneself, does it not? I surely see it. Just look around. The folks that are out of their minds with fear, most likely deal with anxiety much of their lives when life is so to speak "normal." This pandemic has a way of revealing hidden emotions and fears.

I'm hopeful this will encourage folks to rely on their very own inner being. {I'm an optimistic kind of gal.} When there's no doctor, or therapist to talk someone out of their feelings or calm their nerves, often it's the best remedy for folks, therefore, to begin consoling their own lives. We must learn as individuals to take care of our own souls and our own minds, especially our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality. We must look inward and console our own heart.
The only reason that any human ever does anything is knowing that whence they do it, they will 'feel better'.

Think about how children are right now in this world. For the most part, children aren't phased by this coronavirus. They aren't aware, because they aren't focused on it. Parents would fair rather well in learning from our little children. They are doing what adults should be doing. If parents continue to embark on becoming downright fear mongers, their children start to pick up on that vibration of the parent. They then take on those same emotions and feelings as their parents. Like attracts like. Remember, all things are vibrational. Anxiety and fear are the manifested emotions of being disconnected with self.
Most landlocked folks that are petrified might be significantly turned off by my approach in this post. When we as humans can learn/remember our own power, and the powerful creators that we are, fear will not consume us. And I get it, some will read this and be absolutely disturbed by what I'm saying. I know this is the exact thing that I expect from certain people that are pinched off from their inner being. I'll tell you why. When you {I'm} saying something to someone {like I'm doing here} and I'm speaking a profound spiritual truth, and it fails to resonate with someone, it's assuredly because they {the reader} doesn't want to hear what I'm saying. You know that ol' saying, ” the truth hurts.” When a person pushes so hard against their own inner being, by not listening to their gut; that profound truth is inside of them regardless. When we don't face the truth, our inner being is still leading us towards our innate nature. That doesn't feel good {emotion/feeling wise} when one is reading something such as this post. It's quite souring.
Just the opposite. If another reading this, trusts that all is well in the world {despite what it looks like presently} and trusts that when everything is said and done, will also be comforted in knowing that all things happen for a reason, they won't be remotely offended by this post. In fact, those aligned and trusting will undoubtedly feel real hope and solace reading my post. I’m not going to blow smoke up folks asses just to get someone to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think it’s most assuredly an excellent notion to be positive. I live each day with the attempts to align my soul and spiritual nature with feelings of joy and good thoughts. However, I am also immovable and firm in my truth. I am a great advocate for finding joy in life, no matter the circumstances that are at the helm of our lives in any given moment, we can choose to see the joy or choose to see the sadness. It's rightfully for everyone's choice. I choose joy! These are the moments {in a crisis like this} that define us and build our individual character. What is light if there was not dark? What is happiness is we knew not of sadness? What is courage if we knew not to fear? What is a certainty if we knew no certainty?
My parting advice for you during this time is to go inside of yourself and take the time {if you’re hunkered down which many are} and evaluate what you have been doing with your life. How do you want to be a different person? After all of this has died {maybe, another word would have been suitable, Errr...} down, and things are back to normal? What would you like to change about your life? Now go and do that! I have faith in you. I know you will be fine. All is well, my friends. I am coming from a place of unyielding, but a very loving place too. I wish you a wealth of wellbeing and happiness.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. I hope many of the same things for people, as well. I went through a personal reckoning with mortality and "what do I dream for my life if I make it through this, who do I wish to be?" with the cancer almost a decade ago. It was so transformational that I hope this is one of the silver linings for many people around this epidemic. We live, in our age, so insulated from death that it can cause the inattention that you speak of, just letting life slide past. Keep on with your message of love and growth through challenging times, friend!

    1. Kimberly, thank you. I do understand what you mean. Emotions are absolutely off the charts with many folks. I'm trying to remain steadfast and trusting in higher consciousness. I love you, stay well, my friend.

  2. To put things in perspective: H1N1 22 million had it, about 4000 died - no pandemic. Corona virus about 3500 have/had it and 30-40 died and total mayhem. People really need to quit relying on crooked media as a reliable source of info. We are going about life as usual.

    1. Joey Leah, I'm with you. I think it's so true as well. Many folks would do well to turn off their tv and do something productive. However, sometimes or most times in life you not, I can tell people anything. They don't listen. I often think if they don't even listen to their inner being, why would they listen to me. So I just write this blog and the right folks will vibrate to it. I love you! Thinking of you!


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