A Cozy Victorian Easter At The Cottage And A Story About Getting Desires

Are you having fun planning your Easter festivities?

Am I not an empty-nesting momma in need of diversion? Oh, indeed! What better way to divert than to plan my pleasurable celebrations just as in years past while my darlings we're ever-present.

I am happy to continue good ol’ Victorian traditions at the cottage. If only in my mind and spirit, they {my little darlings} reside, I shall make a go of it.

The habit of decorating trees was popularized in Britain by Queen Victoria-whose mother was German. I have been creating a variety of darling little easter trees with hanging eggs since I was a young girl. {Remember I've told you before that I lived in Germany when I was a small child, and have German descent.} My mother picked up many of their traditions while living there and carried them back to our little folk family.
This year I thought that it be fun to make decoupaged eggs. Since I'm very much trying to use the things I have on hand, I was rummaging through my papers and found extra bits of William Morris wrapping papers, which is plenty to cover little eggs from my chicken ladies. I'll blow the eggs out and then begin glueing the papers to my eggs and hanging them about the tree. I'll show you when I've completed them. I find no hurry in having them by Easter day, as they will be most charming for all three months of spring.

I'm also going to be making some sugar eggs, but instead of using egg moulds, and because I quite simply don't have any of those, I’m going to be using oyster and clam shells as my mould and line them with sugar. {It’s very victorian mermaid, yes?} I'll then add a sugared petal flower blossom atop for accentuated beauty. I'm going to fill the sugar moulds with chocolate creme’ eggs from the company of Cadbury, of course. It wouldn't be the same if it weren't an exact victorian company, now would it?

Cadbury creme eggs began distribution in 1875, solid chocolate eggs in 1842. I find the most favour in a creme’ egg. Oh, my how deliciously tasty!

For our Easter meal, I had purchased a large ham about two months ago, so that'll go into the oven. My mother is making potato salad, and I'll make peasant bread, deviled eggs, and for tea time I’ll be making Tasha Tudor's hot cross buns. All of these traditions I've had for decades, so they are quite tried and true. It's sure to be the most beautiful Easter.
I spent today working tirelessly in my folk's garden. I squared away a whole pile of rubbage that was an absolute eyesore. I tend to believe that there's always something we have the freedom and power to control and, that is our thoughts. Whereas we might not be able to manage a pandemic while stores or luxuries are withdrawn, we can always, however, control our thoughts.

Today I was reminded that when I first arrived at my folks during my very own divorce-pandemic-of sorts, I had the power to create a mindset of dwelling in positivity or negativity. I choose positivity at all costs. That is something I honestly think people struggle with most desperately.
Allow me to share a story with you, that gave me reflection today as I was working in the yard.

My folks have a large piece of property, and it's a lot of continuous work to keep maintained appropriately. If you know anything about having a lot of land, and don't live in a gated community where there are neighbourhood regulations, a significant bit of land can end up looking like Sanford and Son's yard, {Ya know, that tv show back in the ’70s? Yeah, like that} if you never attend to the ever-growing piles of crap one day you'll look up and you could most assuredly be the next family on the show Hoarders! There is nothing more unappealing in my eyes. It also drives my mother bat-shit crazy too.

{Bat slang phrases, too soon?}


So last week my momma was sharing how much it bothered her with the amount of debris taking up space and causing her home to look disgraceful. I knew from my standpoint; I was not able to physically move several big trailers worth of metal and old pump tanks gathering their very own zip code with how long they seemed to take up residence there. Err... I simply did not have the physical strength to move them and lamented that all was well, and we will get it taken care of as soon as this pandemic rolls over. She seemed to settle, and nothing more of the matter was said.

Yet, with what I just described to you, do you think would be a normal reaction for most folks living in the mind frame of action orientation? It would probably go something like this: Result in getting upset that's the tanks we're placed there in the first place, or secondly, rent a dumpster and have it all taken away. Immediately, no less! At one time in my life, I would venture to throw myself into this type of action too.

Nevertheless, nowadays, I lean in on my vibration and use my thoughts to focus on my desires.

”One person in alignment is more powerful than millions who are not.”- Abraham Hicks

I decided to set the intention that the tanks be moved so that my parents have a beautiful estate. I then left the intention knowing that what I expect is what I receive. The next trick {not really a trick, but you know what I mean}, is to let the intention go, and know you will receive your desire.

{Another thing to be mindful of after setting an intention is to clarify specifically why you want the desire. My want is for there to be beauty all around, and that my folks might enjoy their beautiful residence. Our desires have to have a reason to manifest, and the cause must be pure intent.}

This morning I awoke to a bit of racket. I stepped outside and realised someone had shipped off all the tanks and garbage. I was quite delighted and decided to clear the long-overdue fallen branches, limbs and copious amount of leaves. All things have a way of presenting themselves at the most perfect time. There's nothing like stepping back to look at the rewards of hard work. It wasn't considered work to me as I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I had the best time!

The moral of this story is that I allowed my thoughts and vibration to do all of the work. It all was done and at a very rapid pace. I'm learning more and more with every passing day, to allow and trust that all things are working for my good, and this example was a physical manifestation of my ability to focus my thoughts. Faith precedes the belief!

Do you have a faith-promoting story of using your focused thoughts to manifest?

Toodle~pip, and have the Happiest of Easters, darlings!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. That is awesome! And it makes such a huge difference in having things "cleaned up" and out of the way. It's just like a messy house only outside and bigger. Bet it is becoming beautiful with spring green and flowers as well.

    1. Precisely and like I've always said that if the outside. Curb appeal is awful that makes a wrong first impression. Most of the tile the exterior of someone's home is all most folks see anyway.


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