Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Art of Procrastination {How To Get Things Done Effortlessly According To Abraham Hicks}

With the pandemic, I saw last week where folks were stating how much time they have now since isolation and surely with being quarantined; they'll make time for all of those projects they've been putting off since Lord knows how long.

Then just yesterday, I see a few more posts on social where people are bored out of their ever-living minds. Whereas they know, with added time on their hands they have all sorts of tasks to get to, however, they “just don’t feel up to it. And on top of that, the guilt of not doing those projects makes them feel even more like crap.”

Several years ago, I took hold of understanding what procrastination is and unravelled it for myself. After learning about the law of attraction and attending Abraham Hicks workshops, I wanted to understand procrastination more intensely. Well, because I’m an artist/author I spend much of my time and work in the emotion of feeling good. When folks talk of procrastination, it's as if it's a bad word. If people were to see what I do most days, they would probably assume I am as lazy as they come, but in fact, when inspired action hits me, nothing can keep me from being a force in which to reckon with. Wild horses can't hold me back.

Have you ever noticed when you have felt procrastination? Frequently when someone wants you to do something, and you don’t want to, it feels like pulling teeth? Why? Because we are doing it out of obligation and not because we want to. In essence, most of the time, folks that are saying {you and me} are selfish, are actually themselves the selfish ones. They are expecting {me and you} to change so they will feel better.
{For example, when I was in my first marriage, I felt an enormous amount of pressure to be a very strict housekeeper. (And that’s not to say, I don’t like being a housekeeper because I do. Actually, I find an immense amount of joy in it.) However, I want to clean and organise when I want to, and not when someone’s breathing down my neck. If anything, that breathing down my neck part is enough to make me procrastinate for an eternity. Luckily (well, luck has nothing to do with it), with my marriage now to Jeffrey, I do what I want when I want. We both live this way. It’s a beautiful thing when two people come together and are one but also interdependent of each other. That’s a healthy relationship. {I just read this same line in the book Lessons by Gisele B√ľndchen how she and Tom Brady feel about being in a relationship, now as opposed to her previous relationships that were based on codependence.}

{Do you think she was referring to Leonardo Dicaprio? Hmmm...?}

Now. Wait.

I’m off the subject. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Procrastination.

When Jeffrey procrastinates, I never say a word to him, nor does he say anything to me. He knows I have to be inspired before I'll do anything and I know he's the exact same.

In the spiritual world and according to Abraham Hicks', the definition of procrastination is what aligned people do when they aren't in alignment.

You don't try to force it or make it happen.

Abraham-Hicks said procrastination happens when we try to take action before our energy is aligned. We're trying to move something forward through action rather than moving it forward with aligned momentum. We need to enlist the cooperation of the Universe by doing the energy work first, which is how the grid serves us: we use the grid to align our vibration with the vibration of what we wish to experience.

What is the answer when we brush up against a form of procrastination? Abraham Hicks teachings speak about this topic in several videos on YouTube. What I've done personally when I feel procrastination is, I procrastinate. I know, it sounds completely ludicrous, doesn't it? However, we cannot buck that current if we attempt to push through the process. I go and do something fun. There are times when you might be penalised for taking this action, however, what is happening is that the Universe IS assisting you; times when you need to postpone. Putting off things will give you the time to pause and align your energy with your desired experience. There's a deeper reason for why you've delayed. Reflect on this experience.

You know me. I'll beat a dead horse, in an attempt to get across a universal law and assist in letting you off the hook for something that someone a long time ago deemed bad—a perfect example yet again of how most folks in the world are constantly pushing against themselves. It is also revealing that people feel a significant surge to perform tasks in an attempt to feel worthy and of value. This is a falsehood.
The biggest take away for this post is that whenever I have pushed through something instead of procrastinating, I have become aware that at some point; I should’ve waited.

A small example is when I would pay for someone to put together my blog design. I would force it and end up hating the final product. Instead of creating deadlines, I allow my books to come together precisely when they are supposed to. When we put deadlines on something, it ruins the serendipity, as there may have been a lovely piece of information to add to my book, that would have made it much more appealing. On the other hand, if I were to push through, despite feeling procrastination, that small nugget would be lost. Think about this. How many times have you regretted something because you didn’t relax and wait? But instead, pushed through and hated every minute of the process and the outcome?

The process takes much less time if we utilise procrastination. If we are inspired, it always goes much quicker and falls together perfectly.

The next time you think about what procrastination is, know that the meaning behind it is the universe attempting to reveal a secret to you.

Indeed, the joy is in the journey and not getting to the destination.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. This is amazing and so true. I am sitting here suddenly very tired and i remember Esther saying that tiredness is a form of indecision. Which is exactly right as i am sitting here with all this free time and dont know where to start

    1. Dianne, Thank you for stopping by. I'm so happy to have you here. Welcome! Please come back...


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