Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Change Is Afoot At The Cottage

Despite all that is occurring most notably in the world, I focus on my capabilities of finding joy and last evening was no different. You may think in reading my blog that I'm fashioned towards keeping my head in the sand and blissed-out living, and you are quite right. Here's my thought on it before proceeding into this post.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Why Folks Have Lost The Plot

I read an article recently where a political figure was having a go at mainstream media and reporting with intense outrage about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Why I Took A Personal Voyage Of Self Discovery {And Everyone Must Likewise, According To Me}

Once upon a time, there was a place where a dark side mired my thoughts. As cobwebs weaved with lack and sorrow, they crept in and settled house in the corners of my mind. The feelings that pronounced themselves so firmly upon my heart with a gloomy and unwanted cloud arose from somewhere deep within. However, I knew I was a woman of ultimate capacity. Those unfavourable feelings when they emerge are essential in immediately being removed, for if not promptly, they begin imprinting upon our emotions; creating an undesirable actuality from exemplifying. Too often, as a young girl, I would allow the discord of my thoughts to become a whirlpool, circling back again, imprinting feelings of worthlessness, dislike, and insufficiency. Although riddled with guilt and fear, I innately knew these feelings could not be accurate nor favourable, I had to understand myself, and I went about a deep-dive voyage. I left the shore of conformity; determined to comprehend that if being raised to believe that God is so unconditional in love for me then why did my actions of trying so arduously and following a course in religion, never create lasting impressions of feeling happy. There had to be another answer, for none prior resonated entirely or accurately with me. I had such a warped understanding, although the intentions were well-meaning. I had become conditioned to believe a narrative so profoundly opposite of my inner being. After years of pinching off my authentic truth, knowing that my dreams and desires had taken flight, I had been through enough and determined to turn it right. When I have become fed up, surely my pretty relations can attest there's no stopping my tenacity once I've taken hold.

I am constantly in want of understanding my world. This time was no different; and after much contrast, I reemerged with knowledge (the keys of the kingdom, so to speak), having discovered all I had been taught was no longer my truth. For me, conceivably something that felt so terrible within me could not have wielded true. Innately I knew better, and I went on a voyage to unearth that truth. Today I am the most excellent version of myself. Every day is a fun and exciting new adventure. I've not tired of this new narrative of satisfied with now, but always quite properly eager for more. I no longer feel the portrayal of tying up my life living with a pretty little box packaged of perfection, with a nice silken bow to accompany. So often I've witnessed landlocked folks believe that in this life there is a "getting it done."  There is no getting it done, nor will there ever be, life is for presently living in the now. Folks have been so misled in believing that once possessing money, perfect children, perfect marriage, attained the facade of perfectly imperfect righteous living, or overcome trials and adversity; etcetera is when happiness occurs. And if this life doesn't fill that description, we were then taught to believe all the joy we will experience will await us in the afterlife. Because if you're anything like I was in religion, I couldn't figure out why so many folks looked to be having a blast in life, ”not following the rules (or commandments)” and yet here I was doing everything right, but still absolutely miserable. When we transition, we will continue onward in an eternity of expansion and reemergence again and again. This knowledge for me is, so life-giving. I have such a renewed sense of understanding of what this world was created for, and it's not what so many believe it to be. However, are we not all on a personal voyage, and we will all eventually come round to know this for ourselves. For me, coming to know my new found treasured truth relieved the pressure, and now that flurry of hurry no longer accompanies me. Well done me!

A feeling of continuous joy has taken up permanent residence in my soul. There is no more room in the inn of my soul for any more feelings of inadequacy, lack or feeling wretched. If I were capable of bottling up my feelings, an entire world of oceans could not contain it. For today when reciting the notion, I speak with boldness and with an entirety of unapologetic confidence. We ALL have this advantage, and I fully intend to speak of it at every allotted opportunity. If you ever want to know what's holding you back from the inner being of your life path, you've swum to the right place. I desire to inspire you each to know your potential and that you and you alone are the God/Goddess of your life. You have all the control to be the woman or man you desire to be. I enjoy writing, and I know that you'll always be able to return to my writings and find what you're seeking. Take notes and reference accordingly. This blog is full of valuable content, and I fully intend you will thoroughly enjoy it and that it will resonate with you on a deepened scale of unconditional love.

Suppose you're new here to my little blog, welcome. I say little, but I do have over 20,000 landlocked folks visiting this little blog monthly. Saying" little blog" is my way of creating oneness and a feeling of quaint. (I believe you know my personality by this time.) I'm so happy you're here. I indeed intend for you to return and swim around. Undoubtedly and most assuredly you'll find what you're seeking.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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