Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Change Is Afoot At The Cottage

Despite all that is occurring most notably in the world, I focus on my capabilities of finding joy and last evening was no different. You may think in reading my blog that I'm fashioned towards keeping my head in the sand and blissed-out living, and you are quite right. Here's my thought on it before proceeding into this post.

I have choices in life, as well as you, so why spend thoughts on humdrum negativity when one can spend time being brilliant? One would ask themselves if we create a life predicated on our thoughts; why would one make the deliberate decision to ruining one's life by paying close attention to poor situations that one has no control over. I should think that if we logically contemplate this notion, we would think it ill-bred. So there we have it. I'm optimistic and will remain as such, and that means I choose my thoughts carefully. Quite frankly, our blue marble should have more take-charge in realising one's operant power. However, that's not the duty of the world as a whole, it begins within each individual firstly. Folks spend too much time whinging about annoyingly, and nonsensically. It forevermore takes on a terrible outcome, always. Who wants to expend time with folks exhibiting such folly type behaviour anyhow? No one that I'm aware of unless I were of a similar mindset. You know I speak of these things and won't keep quiet if my conscious prompts me differently. 

" When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." ~Viktor E. Frankl

Now shall I get on with this punchy post before I grow old and die?

A fortnight ago, my dear mate suggested we take our brown bags of supper and have a picnic at the park. I was merely sauntering along to seek the perfect spot where we might enjoy birdwatching and squirrel nutkins gathering their bounty and decided upon the centre stage of the lake as it has a vast fountain springing upwards.

In the far distance, I hear a sweet sound calling me, so I went to the dear lady wafting me over. She yields by asking me if I were from a historical reenactment. I sweetly replied," no ma'am these are my ordinary clothes." She responded, "Oh, you're British, too. I would never have customarily called on you, as I'm a very timid person, but something came over me, and I was overcome with a compulsion to talk with you." This was an outright message from universal articulations. We spoke for a mere few minutes; she then came straight out and asked if I would like to have some items she had been holding onto (fabrics, Victorian items and all sorts of bits, bobs and period things), hoping to find someone that would like to have them. She was told most recent that she has cancer and is also having her kidney removed. She said she felt we were kindred spirits and we spoke for close to an hour. Rhonda spent the last few decades doing reenactments herself along with her family. I believe she said she has lived in many places, one among them being New England. She also has many friends she speaks with daily in the UK.

This sounds like a small act, but that's because no one knows all the intricacies of my expanded heart and the desires I had set in motion in want of manifesting. No one ever truly knows the deep inner workings of a soul, desires nor those quiet little petitions between God-Consciousness, my son Sawyer and me. Those little notes sent to worlds without end, knowing of what I desire. You are likewise. We are all likewise. I manifested that friendly encounter because I focus on my desire and the universe conspires to give me all that I want. We can not begin to fathom the way the universe works, nor the capacity of personal power we as women possess. We are Goddesses of the highest and stand upon the pillars, and we create our world; if we'll only believe in our self and our worth. Today my dear kindred spirit Rhonda was that manifestation of my focus. Despite the contrasting moments that we both have undergone and what awaits her, we were joyful and happy because we focused on having a positive, joyful mindset. We get and become what we think and focus on, and I'm even more determined to choose life and joy still yet again.

At the weekend Jeffrey and I ploughed through a few charity shops. We found some more lovely antique furniture for Scarlette Rose Cottage, a victorian secretary, Eastlake rocker, dining chairs for the cottage kitchen and a marble top side table for my writing den. I feel so exceptionally proud of now having two separate workspaces in my writing den. I use my large carved antique desk to paint, and my secretary is where I do all of my writing and research. I accompanied the room with the Eastlake rocker for when I want to read and transcribe my Victorian documents, sketch and such things. It's nice to quietly step inside this little room where my dear rabbit companion Oliver dwells, and we have a lovely day. I light my candle, turn on Downtown Abbey or perhaps Pride and Prejudice for background dialogue and have fun getting to play for hours on end. This is where I'm most happy.

My father and I have also spent countless hours removing the nails and damaged parts from all of the free wood in preparation to have flooring for Scarlette Rose Cottage and to build the Victorian picket fence addition to the poultry coop. As you can see, I went through and cleaned up the coop. You perhaps can't comprehend that upon arriving at Carter's Cottage, the present chicken coop was severely packed with clutter making waste. There was a family of rat snakes, and several dozen mouse families buried beneath all of the rubbage including old rotten furniture, that had become a haven for little critters. So when you see the poultry coop now, you can understand the amount of work I've put into the clearing, cleaning and refurbishing. It still needs a lick of paint, and the whole fence built on the outside, and it'll be as charming as always. Everything takes time, and that's what I have come to see as perfect. I wish to remind others of this notion when pursuing lofty goals or dreams it's right to appropriate hang-fire.  It's perfectly well-suited to be unhurried about the process. I'm finding the joy in the voyage.

I thought the idea of using driftwood for a resting perch and mermaid wood carvings attached to the top an added lift and a bit of mermaid magic to boot. I added a lantern for those late nights of egg collecting and purchased a metal vessel for water and food. The small feeder with the metal bottom is topped with a glass Ball jar for the new little chicks and rooster. We have seven new chicks, and as you can see from their size in comparison to my older three. My first batch of hens have become old, and laying eggs daily has stalled.

I am to have my very first sewing class at the cottage (The Carter Settlement) in January." The Victorian Introductory of Plain and Fancy Sewing" for beginners. I have several girls, and I can't wait. What fun!

I've begun the illustrations to The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, and I can't begin to describe how sweet this book is coming about, and in all honesty as strange as it sounds (but most assuredly true) Beatrix Potter indeed helped me to write this book. I'm planning an in-depth post on actual accounts of when I was stumped with a part of the book, and she encouraged me along in my abilities. Again, it sounds a bit barmy, but I assure you the folks on the other side of the veil are quite delighted to inspire us mere mortals if we ask.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. Thank you for sharing this beautifully animated story. The lovely life that you are creating & allowing others to watch unfold is the backdrop of my dreamscape. The end.

    1. Oh my, I so wish I knew who you were, what a delightful surprise in having your comment with such warmth. Thank you for visiting. Cheers!

  2. How marvelous, the meeting of a kindred spirit, and pieces for your cottage! A freshly cleaned coop or barn is a sweet spot of earth, for certain :). Such a treat to follow along with your dream coming to life <3

    1. Oh, Kimberly! Hello dear friend, it's so lovely to see you. Thank you for being such an ever pleasant kindred spirit. It is so lovely indeed to have friends such as yourself. Cheers darling.


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