Why Folks Have Lost The Plot

I read an article recently where a political figure was having a go at mainstream media and reporting with intense outrage about Harry Styles wearing a dress on the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

And whereas I like the political figure and can respect what she had to say, my attention was drawn to her lamenting with hints of her Christian beliefs. She didn't precisely shame Harry for being on the cover, but I felt a presumption of dismissal with summations of him as being" young and stupid." That's not strengthening an argument. Now whereas I agree on many things that she is advocating, I'll not go about saying this person or that person is doomed for an eternity of brimstone. Firstly I no longer believe this fear tactic, and secondly, that's just plain unintelligent at best. Along those lines, I think Rachel Hollis has many things in her books that are obvious religious views of being brought up a child of a Pentecostal preacher. I couldn't disagree more with how she condescendingly writes her books. However, I'm not going to trash her every chance I get with disdain for her political, or religious views. I don't rightly give two rips (besides the two blog posts I wrote did just fine).

I gave my subjective opinion, and now I've cast it off. Firstly, I don't have the time, and secondly, Rachel just like everyone else is not going to change until they are moved upon to do so {just as I did}. I'm sure Rachel Hollis has great qualities; in fact, I know she does. However, with her books, she's gotten her little toadies in and has pressed her nose in every woman's self-worth pie before we've had a chance to say, Jack Robinson. That narrative doesn't sit well with me, but I'm not ruffled by it, that's life and freedom of choice. I allow folks to live their own lives according to their internal design. That's what true unconditional love is—no longer needing everyone to change so that I can feel better. And the person that read that and makes no sense of it hasn't quite yet been enlightened. Enlightenment for a whole new beautiful world is at hand, and I'm as pleased as punch about it. Here's where the genuine issue lies in others wanting to control a narrative, situation, surroundings or other people. It's that the person wanting to control has allowed their anger to go unattended for far too long and when one doesn't deal with it eventually is forced to give rise like an old dough bread batter. As of late folks have been triggered so intensely and its proving they've nursed the hoe handle of understanding their emotions for so long the yeast is dead, and it must be put out (metaphorically speaking). One's happiness and the lack of taking personal responsibility is the exacting reason for so much indignation bubbling up in our world today. It's human conditioning and proving our world has lived under protest for too long. Oh, I'm not too fond of this or that, let's force it to the ground and extinguish it.

Here's a news flash, that never works long term. We can see it today and turning a blind eye to something that is enormously triggering should be given a bit of consideration. Living in the woods or off the grid {which so many want to do} is short-lived. What is one to do?  I'm not too fond of this or that, so I'll live in the woods and pretend it doesn't exist. Okay, then what? Are we going to move to caves and live with squirrels, or next move to a new planet, and then what? That's not the answer if it's something that continually keeps actualising and triggering it must be given a moments attention. If nothing in the world that's occurring is bothersome in the least degree, then one is well on their way to the secret keys of knowledge and colossal leverage of happiness. Just turn on the television or scroll social media. The fury of folks is the result of humans pushing against their inner being for unreasonably long, and now it's come to ahead. The folks in such wrath should realise they are vexed with themselves. However, I understand; it always feels initially better to blame someone for our displeasures than take accountability. Just simply knowing that is a swim stroke in the right direction. But then one must keep moving through, pull their knickers up and accept personal responsibly for their lives.

The social uproar also caused me to give rise to how much folks in religion and those that claim to be such devout Christians spout off the MOST hatred towards one another. I've determined the vilest contempt always comes from the ones that think they are most righteous. Quite right, It's never failed to amaze me. Here's another little known secret. The reason for this mania is because folks that say they're Christians have nearly zero tolerance for folks living their own lives. The more one lacks in self-control, the more desire to control propels them. The pandemic and presidential debacle; is proving to be positive as those who have long cloaked their hatred for others are being disrobed. I speak on this with an exceptional amount of experience. Undoubtedly I was that same woman that appeared wholesome, but behind closed doors, I was the greatest judgemental person of all. I secretly pitied folks, especially women that didn't think like me and labelled them eternally poor and lost (remember I was Pentecostal til I was 15 and then converted to Mormonism and remained as such till I was 43). 

I was the first to judge others and rather harshly if they wouldn't come round to thinking like me, and I see this rampant (when I choose to focus on it), and it rings true every time. However, these days I feel so delightfully good, and it's founded on my understanding. I have a greater love for others now more so than ever. One would say, oh that means that when you don't stand up and make noise, It's compromising. No, what it means is that I've learned what is happening to many folks in the world right now and it's giving rise to the top, and the way one changes the world as a whole is to begin from within; not trying to change the external which is ass backwards! I see the trueness of what's happening and not a false fed lacking dreadful narrative. I have a mind of my own, and I'm not fearful of anything. (My child's murder has made me strong beyond inconceivable notions and one to my advantage). Everything is always working out perfectly. I don't see the world as most know the world and when a person becomes so attuned, enlightened and knowledgeable about why we are here on planet earth, there is no need to squawk and behave like a two-year-old wet blanket whinging and pitching an emotional fit to get their way. Furthermore, the British would dare never think of such. (smile)

I see a restlessness in folks, many are unsatisfied, half-heartedly unhappy, and seeking to fill an emptiness within themselves, and most assuredly I'm speaking of women in faith; women that are housewives and homemakers especially. It's a rampant commonality among religious women, and I feel I'm the perfect one to speak about it because like a lamb to the slaughter I was once this way. To sum it up, this is because women are confused, and women fear so vastly. Women such as myself, when steeped in religion, are trained and conditioned to believe that the feelings of unhappiness experienced is because they aren't good enough. Whether that be as a mother, sister, serving the Lord, serving in church, pretty enough, wifely enough, spiritual enough, perfect enough, etcetera. The desire to attain this perfection caused me anorexia, needing prescription pills like Prozac, sleeping pills, and I also became suicidal from the likes of a psychological and physically abusive spouse (to name a few). I'm no longer angry because I finally gave myself permission to be angry and move through that state on the emotional scale. That's another reason some become so pent up within because heavens to Betsy a woman have something happening in her life and reveal it through anger. If I ever displayed irritation with someone at church, a leader or my husband that was misappropriating his assigned authority, I was shamed and guilted for it. Oh no, not in the public eye, but behind closed doors in a room alone just he and I. I was then ostracised, punished and labelled as being willful and unmanageable, and it was constant. I see clearly now that I have always been a woman of knowing my inner worth, and I was not going to let anyone make me differently. (I allowed it to happen for many years, but once I was enlightened there was no stopping me.) The amount of faith within myself and the amount of confidence I have in women (and men too) is unfathomable. I know what deep feelings of entrapped hopelessness feels like and its no cuppa tea. I know what wanting to secretly leave a marriage (in the temple) feels like, but feel there is no way because there is no college education, no money (belonging to you) or history of working a job. After all, you've been a stay at home mother since you were 19. The years of a built-up facade covered nicely and framed with the requirements to fit a part. It feels like mental torture and imprisonment. It feels like there's nowhere to go because it seems that way at the moment. The conditioning upon a woman is to place them in a sheltered environment dependent on a man to live, and one becomes slowly alienated. Yes, we have" friends", but it's the ones mostly with the same religious background.

Do you know what that creates? A fortress for getting away with much destruction by dark horses. But because women have this perfectionist idealism to attain to, she will hide and enable those around her to create the illusion of perfection. (She's in the grips of caring what everyone thinks because she's severely crippled with low self-worth). Once a woman (such as myself) desires something new and begins showing signs of differing opinions or theology, those" so-called" friends will slowly begin retreating. Not right away, because that's too obvious. The next stage is there will be drastic measures of trying to suck you back in through guilt and manipulation attempting to convince you that you are wrong for the feelings you have. You should come back to church, speak to your bishop or therapist because it's the adversary and you're wrong in your feelings. You're then told as they play on the heartstrings that you must push through because, in the end, eternal life is what you'll receive if you'll bear up the burdens. When again one doesn't listen the alienation ensues, but not outright you see, again, because that's too obvious. No, It's ever so tricky and slight. If this isn't speaking to someone out there, I'm a monkey's uncle, because I fully know that it is. This post was stirred from the premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on Bravo. I watched the premiere because unlike most I watch this kind of show for the understanding of human behaviour. I'm different that way. It's in no way an escape; in fact, when I was watching the episode, I was having such reminders of how many women are still living this way. I'm so happy there's a new show in Salt Lake for light will be shed, that this has occurred for far too long. The deceptive will be exposed, and I quite right think it's a positive movement for good. In fact, I would bet that I'm right on every single one of those women's outcomes after this first season ends. I predicted things from the get-go, and now only one episode in, and it's what I expected precisely.

It was no surprise to me in the least. Once, I have now come to know what the truth is, I'm determined in spirit to convince women, especially of faith, also to understand. When I say determined I don't mean by force, I mean that writing this blog and my books will attract the women (and men) that are seeking it, and indeed find.

What I've spent the last few minutes wanting you to come round to is this; if you feel in your life at any time something feels off-putting, unfair or controlling, and fear is at the forefront; settle in with that feeling. Begin exploring your life and accepting things as they are in the moment {don't deny your emotions} that you want to change and begin changing them. You can change your life if you truly want to. You'll have to be a little hard on yourself, but you can change. I admonish you to begin making decisions based on YOUR happiness so that you can expand. And finally, come to an inner knowledge of knowing those feelings are your Mermaid Inner Being attempting to guide you to your greatest desires, but you must heed them. They won't go away, they only become stronger and stronger and then one day if left unattended an outpouring of anger that must go somewhere will give rise. Your feelings will always ascend. I speak with such love towards you, dear friend because I know how it feels. Indeed our stories will be vastly different in many ways, but in many ways, we are all the same. Just know that my writing and friendship is here for the taking. I love you and intend this post will send you on a voyage all of your own and you will undoubtedly find your treasure. I promise you. I believe in you. 

"Now, every time I witness a strong person, I want to know; what dark did you conquer in your story? Mountains do not rise without earthquakes." ~Katherine MacKenett

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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