Friday, December 4, 2020

Penguin Random House: How The Labourers Of Penguin Random House Are Trying To Catch Em' Out!

Now mind you, before I begin this punchy post, and you give me a black mark, I'm more than prepared to serve you with a bit of proper notification. This post will prove more than sufficient where value is concerned. It's not beneath my dignity to explain my reasons for sharing at times a more natured severe entry for when my heart prevails upon me to impart this piece of information I empower myself to do so.

I never do things by halves. Some folks swim to my dear little blog for the less stunning contents however I thoroughly relish in writing about various elements, and I believe the assortment and capability of immersing oneself give rise to me as a vastly sufficient writer. I place significant involvement where value is concerned, and now that I've issued sufficient warning, I shall get on.

A mother's love; there is no other love like it under the sun. In June of 2019, my second child, Sawyer, was killed. Whereas I could've chosen to blame and vent my anger onto everyone and anyone, I spent only a few moments doing so. Instead, I put my heart into writing a sweet little happy storybook about my son as well as founding a delightful For-Purpose (5013c) organisation. I took a tragedy and turned it into triumph, in so much as it's quite alright (one should permit themselves to languish however needed) or demonstrate anger. To impart an emotion such as anger along one's journey of growth is truly the way to heal, which also creates rapid change. When moving through cycles of our emotional scales, we can do so without inscribing the subconscious. I moved through the scales of emotion, and just as I did, these employees of Penguin Random House must also if they want to be' truly' happy in their lives, emphasis on truly. After the news of my son's death and being quite unsettled, I then sat with my feelings. I decided upon a process conducive to my expansion of what the experience of my son's brutal murder had the potential to teach me as a person, woman and mother. It takes severe courage and resilience to rise above such an event. With surety, I have the wherewithal to inspire many folks through a tragedy similarly. I've done quite well, and I know personal power lies within every human being. When it pertains to the strength of the human spirit to rise above tragedy (or any hardship) and continue forward in happiness and delight despite our experiences of woe, without a doubt, we are a mighty people.

I knew I had choices. We all have alternatives in what we elect to do, how to be or conduct ourselves when something undesirable occurs in our life. I choose to take personal responsibility for everything in my life and not spend time making excuses for my behaviour, regardless of whether I had a sound reason for doing so or not. I know hatred and anger does nothing positively (longstanding) unless we move through after discerning the value in our feelings of anger. Regardless of what we subjectively think, anger is always beneficial to our healing process. The disconnection and lack of folks moving through anger create stamina from anger to pivot elsewhere. When experiencing anger (which is perfectly normal and acceptable), one must continue the process and come out the other side. But what oftentimes happens is that folks pivot from anger to depression, then back again. Humans frequently have grown accustomed to believing that showing anger is not appropriate, which isn't true. The emotion of anger is low on the scale of emotions, for sure, but it's an excellent indicator (a report card) of our actual state of being. All of our feelings are essential for our growth and expansion. We aren't ever angry at others; it's ourselves with which we're disturbed. Still, that initial accountability feels awful to accept, so we run afoot accusing others of our unhappiness. Don't fret if we don't handle our anger; it'll grow worse. Unlike the employees at Penguin Random House, they are using (Jordan Peterson, his book and their employers) to blame their unhappiness, which is displaced anger. Our work as human beings is to know of our operant power and take responsibility for everything in our lives. I promise it feels so liberating and builds the self-concept more than any other thing in this world. Now, in a familiar world where everyone primarily looks at this widespread article on the interweb as typical, trending and headlines to sell newspapers I believe it's essential to fortify and bring forward what's transpiring on a psychological level. It's never the easier route long term to continue writing and creating stories if we perpetuate a narrative that ultimately never lends a subjective viewpoint into understanding the workings of a human beings psyche. Doing so is like continuing to bandage a wound instead of removing the bandage and allowing the natural process of healing to begin. We will never heal as a nation if we cannot heal ourselves firstly.

I am sending the intention that The Penguin Random House employees will begin evaluating their participation in what they've attracted into their lives and that they will make peace with their hearts once they commence to accepting themselves. Once they begin achieving this, they will also find that the hatred will dissipate, as this is universal law. We are continually attracting what we speculate in the world. We are everyone pushed out.

The Penguin Random House employees will boomerang from anger to depression, anger and back to depression, repeating this cycle of constant unless addressed. A continuous state of instability of emotions is the result of not moving through properly. To get to a place of enlightenment, one must go through each scale and create movement upwards like the ascension on a ladder.

I've spoken about this psychological aspect as long as a country mile. But because words don't teach (smile) I'm going to continue telling it and why this happens to every person in the world, and not just these employees at Penguin Random House. It's never about the person blamed, yes, does it feel better for these employees to blame their place of employment and book author? Of course, it does; however, it's misdirected. These employees are so angry about feeling judged, unaccepted, misunderstood, etcetera, (which has built up over year's of repression) but what they must begin doing is to place accountability back on themselves, and take ownership of their inner unhappiness.

" Depression is the repression of feelings."

Responsibility, accountability and not being a victim will create a beautiful self-concept, and they can begin to take back personal power. This accountability will then create less of a desire to demand others in the world to change. When folks are furious, it's not the jobs world, employers, mum, dad, grandmama, government, friends or anyone for that matter to make one feel better. The work of us as God-like conscious beings is OUR responsibility. Too often, folks want to make conditions and people outside of themselves change for them to feel good, and that's backwards thinking.

You are the one to change the way you think, and no one has power over another unless they believe that as truth. If one considers it as accurate, then the universe will give more to reinforce that truth. If those employees (and by the way, if they are so outraged by what's happening, stand bold and show who you are by giving your names) don't like the books published either make peace within and then decide to work someplace else or here's a novel idea, they should write a book themself. I send the intention that these employees will find their sense of peace and love by knowing they are the operant power for feeling confident, loved and worthy. Real value and self-concept must come from inside of ourselves. I also commend Penguin Random House for deciding to publish controversial books. It demonstrates that they support freedom of speech and opinion. There is benefit in voices heard. Liberty makes The United States of America extraordinary!

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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