Friday, April 23, 2021

How I Develop My Children’s Story Books

"I own a delightfully well-behaved rabbit, and I am very fond of books and have learned nearly everything that I know from them. However, of all the things books haven't taught me, I learned from Sir Oliver Twisty Topsy." ~Raquel M. Carter
The wind blew as heartily as ever, and once again, I felt the need to leap without care. So I got on and popped over to my favourite spot for contemplation. I didn't linger in my first jaunt for some justification as I knew this was not where I belonged. I was being led somewhere else, but where I knew not.

I had tucked my hair using kirby grips and placed my shell hat pin quite properly, clutched my basket with moleskin diary and fountain pen in hand and dashed off in pursuit of my fate to my following spot. I have had the spiritual nudge to contact a dear ol’ aunt and gather stories about my lovely cousin who passed away many moons ago. I have had the title of a storybook (The Tale of Sybrena Ewe), coupled with a few scant ideas; however, that is all I've come to write on that particular manuscript. It's about a darling little ewe who has a flurry for cleaning and making her cherished cottage the heart of a great matter. As with all of my stories, there's a promise in each one of them to deliver the goods of a lovely spiritual significance for you, the dear reader. 

These kind of moments are undoubtedly infinite intelligence whispering through the pines into my bygone sea siren soul. I know these moments pine away at me for just cause. If I stay sat, I'll uncover the treasured gem, for I know one's ship comes in over a calm sea.

This is the place I found just a scant ways from my folks at Carter Cottage. This victorian barn is the setting/home on the farm for Sawyer lamb and Johnny Lamb before being sent off on their adventure by Mrs Trotters.  

The interesting feature is that I originally began my little trip to the woods to gain an idea for The Tale of Sybrena Ewe but was led to find the setting for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb. Isn't that beguiling?

I dashed home like a dose of salts and began sketching. You see, I have had the manuscript for (The Tale of Sawyer Lamb) written for quite some time; {when Sawyer passed, I immediately began writing and composed it within four hours}, but whenever I would attempt the illustrations, I felt dead in the water. Until most recently, the ideas continue to flood in. I feel as though my ship has indeed come in and my treasure trove of illustration luck are ever-present.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Monday, April 12, 2021

Rabbits, Gardens And Not So Penny Dreadful News

“Rabbits and gardens go together like springtime and rain showers, like seasides and mermaids.”

(An excerpt from my manuscript “The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale.”) 

I shall say I'm having such a fun time creating and erecting our little Scarlette Rose Cottage. It's sure to be quite magnificent. It shall rain down a bit of sadness when we move to our forever home; however, I know everything is working silently and accordingly towards the great matter. 

On the first day of spring, my beloved gardener and I dashed through the gardens like a dose of salts. We've planted, transplanted, propagated seeds atop the usual accomplishments of a small potager and farm. I've mended chicken perches, tidied up the coop and run, laid fresh hay and set up the enclosure with essential oils to keep the chickens healthy and happy. Henny Penny has been rather ill for a time now, and I have yet to make the decision of having her put to sleep. I continue to grind rosemary in the mortar and pestle and put it into her food to ease her burden of pain. 

I've been actively working on my first introductory video for my Patreon series and tossing together the intro for the series. I'll be so lucky if I finish up and haven't worked myself into an early grave. I'm incredibly excited to finally get on with this excellent idea I've had for some time now. And although it didn't quite seem to work itself out until recently, I've learned to understand things come about at precisely the accurate times. It's quite charming how if I am fortunate enough to mind my manners and let items take hold all on their own, it'll be something to record in the books. It's so fantastic, and I am having such fun sharing the process on my wee little Instagram stories of all the little expeditions in creating The Carter Settlement bequest. I think most enjoy watching the process. Whereas the first few days there wasn't much participation, it has now become one of daily excitement by ‘my friends’ (as I like to call followers.) I believe the one creating such an element must first prevail in restorative enjoyment, a slow-living environment and a sense of placidness. There's something quite extraordinary about an affair of new adventures around the bend. I'm not making too much of it in the mind that I'm learning (still learning) to have fun and not set myself up for disappointment. So I feel that if I enjoy the journey and be straightforward about it, I'll have a much more excellent feel, and my excitement of mood will carry me through.

In my first episode, which I've not inferred the release date yet, I will explain what I'm doing straight away. If you're a longtime reader here, you know what the Carter Settlement is; a recreating of a victorian english countryside establishment erected with little shoppes, themed cottages of my book characters, gardens, a place where one will eventually visit and take a class, attend a small gathering, or learn how to do all sorts of homemaking self-sufficient accomplishments, etc. It is sure to be something of only fairytales are made. I am genuinely practising on Scarlette Rose Cottage, which will, in the end, be a charming little cottage for my folks. I plan to continue the vision at Jeffrey Shawn and my forever home. The reason for us beginning at my folks' house is that I wanted to get on with enjoying my life. We never quite know the forks in our paths, and after losing Sawyer, I've not ever wanted to put off living a dream based on a circumstance. Life is too quick, and the idea of wasting away precious time is nonsensical in my eyes and my heart. I know all of my attributions will compensate me tenfold. 

My first episode is about creating a victorian seedbox (with a secret mermaid twist) and how I made my seed packets and garden markers. I will share the printables (pdf) for the seed packets for my Patrons. I hope you'll get excited about this new voyage I've taken. The Carter Settlement is sure to be very exciting, especially if you enjoy watching something take hold in reality. I know i enjoy a bit of entertainment coupled with inspiration, knowledge and imagination. Who wouldn't love watching the creative process of erecting a victorian english countryside bequest? I know I'd take it like a shot! With little thatched-roofed cottages, farm animals, english gardens, crafts, building stone walls and all the sorts of how to make our dreams culminate. If you’d like to join Patreon, I'd love to have you. We're sure to make it a whale of a time! 

Our meals as of late have been easy affairs. I'm not much on elaborate repasts whereupon I'm in the heart of an enormous undertaking. So most nights, it's a reasonable supper such as Henny Penny Buttermilk biscuits, bacon, grits and eggs. Foods often don't appeal to me, provided I'm taken up with preoccupations of a delightful endeavour.

I can indeed feel a rise in my spirit, and I know I'm becoming an even more aligned person. I have come to recognise that my Mermaid Inner Being is going through another growth spurt. I continue to meditate and affirm beautiful mantras that make me feel wonderful.

At the weekend, my beloved gardener and I tore down more fencing to finish up the cottage floors. If you've seen my stories, you saw the videos of the brick hearth and the wood flooring. It looks beautiful thus far. 

Have a lovely day, and I will visit with you tomorrow. If you feel inclined, I would love to have you follow my stories on Instagram. I keep you abreast of everything I'm managing.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The 21st Century Tasha Tudor With A Victorian Soul

“The further a society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Tasha Tudor kept her opinions about religion to herself. She was incredibly forward-thinking, and she wasn't the kind of woman many perceive her to be. She was a kind, gentle woman and a very matter of fact person and had buckets of tenacity. I suppose that's why I like her so much. People automatically assume I'm a religious person because of how I dress. I believe that was the case with Tasha Tudor as well. I have created new assumptions, but there was a time whenever I went out and about, I was frequently asked if I was Amish or they assumed I was religious and invited me to their church. Nowadays, I find it complementary and move along. I don't get upset or offended because I love folks, especially women in religion. That is called massive growth, my friends. I have a soft spot for them {smile}. Many Christians are the loveliest of people, and I hold many nearest and dearest to my heart.

My mum and I were having a chat over our tea yesterday morning, and she asked my opinion on a  religious topic. She was also asked this same question she posed to me by a family member, and then given my mums answer, they disagreed with one another. I wasn't in on their conversation. But let's say it became hot in the kitchen with those two. 

I, however, agreed with my family member. I share this because this happens when folks have strong beliefs tied to an insecure faith in themselves. It boils up,  explodes, a fight breaks out, causing a pissing match between family. No, that didn't happen with my mum and I {the pissing match part} because I've learned a bit about speaking on religion, what I believe, and my family respects me and my beliefs. They might disagree, but they know not to say anything to me. We have a mutual understanding. I will never back down from a question {if asked my opinion}, but I refuse to engage in a plot to take me down vibrationally. Like I've stated many times, that never happens nowadays as the old Raquel died a few years back.

I have learned to channel my energy and beliefs into learning for myself. I no longer give my opinions to others {out of the blue}, but if I'm asked about something, expect fully, and indeed, I won't hold my tongue. If folks want to know what I believe, they can read my blog or my books. It's for others to work out their salvation, not to start a debate. I say this is because as well-intended as folks are, if you aren't mentally strong enough, you'll be sucked in from old conditioning, sure-fire. I enjoy speaking about what I believe, and even although I'm no longer religious, I'm also not an atheist. I believe in higher consciousness (some call God, Jesus, universe, spirit, etc.). Everyone has a name for their deity. Heck, I will often refer to Sawyer as deity because he's now a sum of the whole part (if you will.)

When we are able to have self-respect for others, it's because we have deep respect for ourselves. I'm a huge advocate of self-respect. I'm not here to coerce others to believe me and what I think; I'm here to live my divine purpose, and those called will hear me. That's my concern. A few years ago, when folks would ask my opinion on religion, and I didn't give them the answer they wanted, they would become upset. It became a ghastly debacle. I understand that now on a much more precise level. It's normal for humans to bond over sameness, and many times religious folks are deeply fearful of standing alone in their truth. They find comfort in groups, and the reason for this is because they don't know what they believe when it's broken down. Or it's a habit to continue on and never question something that no longer resonates nor serves them. And look, this is all okay and fantastic. When I had a dreadful self-concept, I struggled deeply with this, but now that I've realised what I am, I am excited to see my mum and family members on their spiritual voyage. We're all on a journey, and all the journeys are uniquely wonderful and lovely. Diversity encourages change; hearing opinions also creates expansion, and that's why we are here. We are all one in unison with a collective purpose.

My mum is still very much a religious person, and I'm afraid I have to disagree with many things that my mother agrees on, and she's fully aware of that notion. She loves me, and I love her to bits. My point to be made is that you must become immovable, and your feelings must become unhurtable. When you live in your truth, you will boldly speak it. No one can shake you, not ever. This is why so many folks shift to and fro with their opinions. They do not have a strong foundation of who they are; deeply. However, I want to encourage and not discourage. It's just a matter of creating wonderful self-concept affirmations, and after perseverance of these new thoughts {which turn into beliefs}, we will all be robust and immovable landlocked humans.

“I dwell in optimism.” ~Raquel Carter

Monday, April 5, 2021

A View Of The Sea

"Rabbits and gardens go together like springtime and rain showers, like seasides and mermaids."~{An excerpt from my manuscript "The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale."}

I began my morning per usual at the cottage, snuggled warm beneath my grandmama’s patchwork quilt still in bed. On the bedside table sat my kerosene lamp, all a glow, a pot of tea, and cinnamon raisin bread with clotted jam but something inside of me yearned for the smell of salty air, soft breeze and the cooing sounds of seagulls. I was mentally frozen. Not melancholic; however, something within me began to stir, and I couldn't shake it. So I decided straight away that I'd get dressed, pack my basket and drive to the ocean. The reason I know not. I'm not interested in why. There will be days like this; I reminded myself. Half the battle of breaking old mental beliefs that no longer serve will be the disembowelment of habitual thoughts detrimental to the soul. They creep in like a prowling black cat in search of a caught mouse at evenings dusk.

Even though as a landlocked, I know those bits are the portion of being a human, though I see the solution nowadays. I am also increasingly aware the purge is at hand and what a delight it is to relish it. I am such a strong woman today because of my fortitude, knowledge and perseverance to understand myself and how to properly propagate beauty in my life. It feels as though I'm walking through a field of heavenly lavender. The sky above me is powdery blue with seaweed lush green palms in the distance. Again, as I stayed sat on the plank deck overlooking the ocean, I recollected not to make too much of it. 
When our heart begins to stir, simply trusting our inner being will lead us to the most remarkable niches and, therefore, not invariably physical. However, be forewarned, we all can drink in the waters of the spirit to quench our minds of thirst, and so we must be willing to cup our hands and partake. Nothing is by force, {the universe abhors compulsion, but works in persuasion} and just as the ocean has the power to heal us, it also contains the capacity to drown us. Meaning I am the operant power of all that exists within myself to heal and take joy, but if I wallow in the misery of distressing thoughts, they will turn into a whirlpool and swallow one up.

I gathered my boots, tossed my paper sack in the rubbage bin, returned to the car, placed the windows down and began delightful affirmations of satisfaction and outright pleasure that once again I arranged to bring a smile to my countenance with a tickled joy bubbling over. I am my own best friend, and indeed, I know what's best for my soul. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

Friday, April 2, 2021

The Art Of Blogging For 17 Years (And 3 Reasons I Continue)

They say after you've so-called "hit it big", as in getting signed by a major publishing company or make the New York Times Best Sellers list, most writers become more inwardly drawn, lessen their posts, make them blander or either stop blogging altogether.

Raquel's Letterbox-In-The-Hedge

Hello dear friends,  I truly believe that a blog can be a kind of post-office-in-the-hedge. Think of it such as this dear friend. There is a...

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