Monday, April 5, 2021

A View Of The Sea

"Rabbits and gardens go together like springtime and rain showers, like seasides and mermaids."~{An excerpt from my manuscript "The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale."}

I began my morning per usual at the cottage, snuggled warm beneath my grandmama’s patchwork quilt still in bed. On the bedside table sat my kerosene lamp, all a glow, a pot of tea, and cinnamon raisin bread with clotted jam but something inside of me yearned for the smell of salty air, soft breeze and the cooing sounds of seagulls. I was mentally frozen. Not melancholic; however, something within me began to stir, and I couldn't shake it. So I decided straight away that I'd get dressed, pack my basket and drive to the ocean. The reason I know not. I'm not interested in why. There will be days like this; I reminded myself. Half the battle of breaking old mental beliefs that no longer serve will be the disembowelment of habitual thoughts detrimental to the soul. They creep in like a prowling black cat in search of a caught mouse at evenings dusk.

Even though as a landlocked, I know those bits are the portion of being a human, though I see the solution nowadays. I am also increasingly aware the purge is at hand and what a delight it is to relish it. I am such a strong woman today because of my fortitude, knowledge and perseverance to understand myself and how to properly propagate beauty in my life. It feels as though I'm walking through a field of heavenly lavender. The sky above me is powdery blue with seaweed lush green palms in the distance. Again, as I stayed sat on the plank deck overlooking the ocean, I recollected not to make too much of it. 
When our heart begins to stir, simply trusting our inner being will lead us to the most remarkable niches and, therefore, not invariably physical. However, be forewarned, we all can drink in the waters of the spirit to quench our minds of thirst, and so we must be willing to cup our hands and partake. Nothing is by force, {the universe abhors compulsion, but works in persuasion} and just as the ocean has the power to heal us, it also contains the capacity to drown us. Meaning I am the operant power of all that exists within myself to heal and take joy, but if I wallow in the misery of distressing thoughts, they will turn into a whirlpool and swallow one up.

I gathered my boots, tossed my paper sack in the rubbage bin, returned to the car, placed the windows down and began delightful affirmations of satisfaction and outright pleasure that once again I arranged to bring a smile to my countenance with a tickled joy bubbling over. I am my own best friend, and indeed, I know what's best for my soul. 

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


  1. This is one of your most beautiful posts. The act(s) of trusting what is within takes some practice and a fair amount of faith.
    Have a joyful day~

    1. Thank you dear friend. I also agree wholeheartedly, It sure does take some practice but we can do it! Thank you for visiting me today. Cuddles... Raquelxxx


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