Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The 21st Century Tasha Tudor With A Victorian Soul

“The further a society drifts away from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

Tasha Tudor kept her opinions about religion to herself. She was incredibly forward-thinking, and she wasn't the kind of woman many perceive her to be. She was a kind, gentle woman and a very matter of fact person and had buckets of tenacity. I suppose that's why I like her so much. People automatically assume I'm a religious person because of how I dress. I believe that was the case with Tasha Tudor as well. I have created new assumptions, but there was a time whenever I went out and about, I was frequently asked if I was Amish or they assumed I was religious and invited me to their church. Nowadays, I find it complementary and move along. I don't get upset or offended because I love folks, especially women in religion. That is called massive growth, my friends. I have a soft spot for them {smile}. Many Christians are the loveliest of people, and I hold many nearest and dearest to my heart.

My mum and I were having a chat over our tea yesterday morning, and she asked my opinion on a  religious topic. She was also asked this same question she posed to me by a family member, and then given my mums answer, they disagreed with one another. I wasn't in on their conversation. But let's say it became hot in the kitchen with those two. 

I, however, agreed with my family member. I share this because this happens when folks have strong beliefs tied to an insecure faith in themselves. It boils up,  explodes, a fight breaks out, causing a pissing match between family. No, that didn't happen with my mum and I {the pissing match part} because I've learned a bit about speaking on religion, what I believe, and my family respects me and my beliefs. They might disagree, but they know not to say anything to me. We have a mutual understanding. I will never back down from a question {if asked my opinion}, but I refuse to engage in a plot to take me down vibrationally. Like I've stated many times, that never happens nowadays as the old Raquel died a few years back.

I have learned to channel my energy and beliefs into learning for myself. I no longer give my opinions to others {out of the blue}, but if I'm asked about something, expect fully, and indeed, I won't hold my tongue. If folks want to know what I believe, they can read my blog or my books. It's for others to work out their salvation, not to start a debate. I say this is because as well-intended as folks are, if you aren't mentally strong enough, you'll be sucked in from old conditioning, sure-fire. I enjoy speaking about what I believe, and even although I'm no longer religious, I'm also not an atheist. I believe in higher consciousness (some call God, Jesus, universe, spirit, etc.). Everyone has a name for their deity. Heck, I will often refer to Sawyer as deity because he's now a sum of the whole part (if you will.)

When we are able to have self-respect for others, it's because we have deep respect for ourselves. I'm a huge advocate of self-respect. I'm not here to coerce others to believe me and what I think; I'm here to live my divine purpose, and those called will hear me. That's my concern. A few years ago, when folks would ask my opinion on religion, and I didn't give them the answer they wanted, they would become upset. It became a ghastly debacle. I understand that now on a much more precise level. It's normal for humans to bond over sameness, and many times religious folks are deeply fearful of standing alone in their truth. They find comfort in groups, and the reason for this is because they don't know what they believe when it's broken down. Or it's a habit to continue on and never question something that no longer resonates nor serves them. And look, this is all okay and fantastic. When I had a dreadful self-concept, I struggled deeply with this, but now that I've realised what I am, I am excited to see my mum and family members on their spiritual voyage. We're all on a journey, and all the journeys are uniquely wonderful and lovely. Diversity encourages change; hearing opinions also creates expansion, and that's why we are here. We are all one in unison with a collective purpose.

My mum is still very much a religious person, and I'm afraid I have to disagree with many things that my mother agrees on, and she's fully aware of that notion. She loves me, and I love her to bits. My point to be made is that you must become immovable, and your feelings must become unhurtable. When you live in your truth, you will boldly speak it. No one can shake you, not ever. This is why so many folks shift to and fro with their opinions. They do not have a strong foundation of who they are; deeply. However, I want to encourage and not discourage. It's just a matter of creating wonderful self-concept affirmations, and after perseverance of these new thoughts {which turn into beliefs}, we will all be robust and immovable landlocked humans.

“I dwell in optimism.” ~Raquel Carter

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