Tuesday, October 26, 2021

All Eggs In One Basket (According To A Landlocked Mermaid)

The dawn lit dewy morning was all-encompassing as I collected the eggs from the nesting boxes the morning after.


If you've ever lived on a farm, having raised chickens, you have come round to know that the vast clutch of hens will select one box and lay their eggs. Although you may have provided many laying boxes, the hens have a way of taking yield of one they like and will hold with that same box.
I tend to spend much time sitting in one attitude with my animals; nature has a lovely way of teaching life lessons. As I evaluated this established habit of the hens, it directly influenced my notion of thought regarding our crafts and Instagram. When we have an insecure idea of what we should pursue, we begin placing our metaphorical eggs in many baskets, hoping each one will fill that capacity of lack. The explanation for this jack in the box mentality is a lack of self-worth, confidence and faith. For many years, there has been a perpetual reaching and urgency with women (of faith especially). I say that with the utmost compassion (as I was one of these women at one time), women must stop trying to do and be everything and fill in all the gaps by overcompensating for emotional instability. This need to always keep doing, being, and employing by constantly subsisting in an active mode reflects the woman's unworthy, inadequate and innermost insecurities. It's invariably one of those three aspects, and I dare say it's defeating and self-destructive to the spirit.

I will continue to beat on about this theme until I've made a dent. Today, two more lovely women left Instagram for good, and a family member left Facebook, so when I carry on with devotion to changing the climate and creating a revolutionary paradigm shift for social media (Instagram especially), I mean it no end. The unmasking is at hand.
I admonish folks to place ALL of their eggs in ONE basket. To run and perpetually carry on with the same way of handling fear by leaving Instagram or any other time we've used our nature of fight or flight, perhaps try something new. I dare say women that slip back (again, I speak as if I'm placing myself at the guillotine) it's a mark of certainty that we are emotionally unstable; respectfully, that's simply all there is to it. To jump from one project to the next, we must begin to see life in the now with fresh eyes, new ways of thinking and decidedly take back personal power by remaining still. I am unabashedly lending some good news here, and I mean to take advantage of this moment in your reading my writings. To face our foundational beliefs that provokes our fight or flight responses is the godlike nature of our inner being leading us with our gut. We must face our fears boldly, or change within will never occur.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx

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