Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Great British Christmas And A Scant Observation

Hello dear readers and friends, 

This darling book, The Great British Christmas, is a sweet little confection that I spotted on my dear friends Instagram page a year or so ago. Anything about British really and I'm quids in my friend. I do bang on rather often for loving the English (in fact, I know how to take an obsession to new heights, smile) but understand this; it's because I feel it my duty to give rise to the notion that we must live our lives to the fullest. If we aren't really "Taking Joy", as Tasha Tudor put into action in everything that life has to offer, then what's the bloody point. I ask you?
I am not always one to soften the blow with little anecdotes; wait, that's false, I do that better than anyone. Heh... You can golly well bet I appreciate an English expression, as much as kittens love warm milk. In my boast opinion, I feel It's much nicer to receive advice with a bit of wit and language of soothing podiums. When someone beats one metaphorically about the head with an attitude of "know it all" in their craw, it can be rather difficult to swallow. I've always adored the way the English do this so well. I don't particularly appreciate feeling as helpless as a rabbit in front of a cobra, and I would bet my biscuit you don't either.
My beloved gardener whisked me off to the crafting shoppe and collected a light with a magnifying glass for my painting. He'd come home multiple days running and I was in the dark holding a flashlight to the paper, attempting to paint. A kerosene light is not helpful in those beguiling hours, and I am on a deadline. I did it to myself, and that statement is not meant to sound as though I'm feeling the jam, actually quite the opposite. I was profoundly inspired to write the bunny book. I had the complete book down on paper within a few hours, and the drawings are presently lifting from the page. Has this ever happened to you? I'm not having a go at you either; it's the most incredible and exciting experience I've had to date. Think about The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, whereas i did write that excellent little storybook in a matter of hours, to this day, it has stayed sat in my secretary with no illustrations in which to accompany.
I've had an immense amount of personal growth in my own mystical, spiritual way, and whereas just as we all do expand and become, I couldn't lay down any paintings for the little lamb book. I very much rely on living in pure inspiration. I believe too often (whereas I understand we've been taught since we were spritely little cherubs to work hard, and that there should be no let-up if we are to accomplish great things), but I no longer believe that nonsense. I spent many a year thinking that if I didn't produce something tangible (constantly making, canning, sewing, serving others, mothering, giving until my soul bled), I wasn't worth a bit. Presently I comprehend this notion came from a minimal mindset from well-intended kind folks, but they knew no other way. Their kinfolk also taught them to believe only a person can get so far and if it's God-willing. Even today, many (women especially) are discouraged from believing in their superb strength. Yes, feel good about yourself, but you're sure to be given an excellent verbal lashing if you start getting above yourself. I know that sent me through life with terrible self-esteem, but it also created the position to possess me into changing the statutes. We, as women, do not have to accept that rubbish. This ideal will have to catch on, and I dream of a promising realm where women by the swarms inhabit the earth with a solid passion. We are influential within ourselves (love is within), wear dresses (if we choose) and are the most graceful and distinguished women the world has ever witnessed. There is a revolution of redefining what a woman is, how she dresses and approaches life. She is bold and confident. I feel this redefining rumbling beneath my feet. A community of strong women, ladylike, where we bring back those days of tea and stitching on the front porch in rocking chairs. We speak of divinity in self and devise a plan to create a world of remarkable women for centuries to come. Life is flux, and we're just the ladies to do it. Golly gumdrops, what a turn up of an idea!
I'm going to attempt in making the Victorian Christmas cake by Mrs Beeton. Let's see if I can successfully make it without burning the cottage to the ground. Hehe...

Thank you so much for popping by; it means so much to me. I shall see you tomorrow.

Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx 

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