Monday, January 31, 2022

If You're Not Interested In The Mundane Details of My Pitiful Little Life, Please Stop Reading Now

Hello dear friends,

Do you ever come across something someone wrote on their social media post and think to yourself, hey, I think that's a little side dig at me? Whether it's true or not, I know I create my reality, so regardless of the post being intentional wouldn't really matter, would it?

Or I'm just doggone crazy in the noodle, which, let's face it, you're probably right on that score too.

Okay, now that I've got that random thought outta my head, let me bore you to tears with everything I thought about and did over the weekend. Shall we?

At the weekend, I had such a lovely time with Jeffrey. We popped in our chariot (beat it, it sounds cute saying "popped in our chariot", instead of "we got in that there ole' truck and drove to the stooorrreee... "see, doesn't it sound cuter? Told ya) and went to the beach, to take some photos for my book jacket. Before you ask about the pictures, no, only two turned out. I posted them on Instagram already because Jeffrey is charming, so I let him alone, but he's an awful photographer. That or he's acting as if he's horrible at photos just to get me off the scent that he's actually amazing (which I believe is the real truth.). He just snaps and snaps and snaps and prays. I bet he thinks to himself, please, for the love of gawd, let Raquel hurry up; this picture takin' is agony. I'm asking his opinions on this shot and that, and he just snaps. I get home and look at them and think, what in tarnation were you thinking, Bae? These photos royally stink. Delete, delete, delete.

Jeffrey, we have to go back next weekend for more pictures. Though I wouldn't change Jeffrey at all. I like what Pioneer Woman said back in the day about her husband. Here it is:

(Ree Drummond July 2007 Blog Post)

"Does Marlboro Man talk a lot? No. And I like 'em that way. Strong, silent and mysterious. The polar opposite of me."

I feel the same about Jeffrey Shawn or the elusive Beloved Gardener. I'm not delusional about how I try and big Jeffrey up; we're normal ol' people; I just happen to love talking and writing about talking. Well, I say 'we,' but I mean Jeffrey is the normal one. I, on the other hand, well, you know I've gone off, but I like it that way. Most redheads will confess to feeling a bit odd or nuts if you want the truth; it must be our extra chromosome.

Jeffrey and I then went to purchase new cellular phones. Gawd, Jeffrey was over the whole thing and played games and fidgeted with the sample phone in T-mobile. I had to do all of the boring stuff, but we did it, and we are happy. Then I made Jeffrey take me to Chick-fil-a because I was hankering for a chocolate milkshake; on the day, it just happened to be 26 degrees outside.

Look, how many times do I have to say it? Imma weirdo. Smile.

As far as phones go, I'll just be tickled pink that I have more storage space for a bazillion more photos and a much better camera. Because if one more day went by and I have to contortion my phone on the bedside table because the charger plug on my phone won't take charge, I'm gonna get in the fetal position, suck my thumb, repeating to myself, take me to my happy place, take me to my happy place...

I've told you I'm a bit of a cherry picker when it comes to the advancements of technology;. However, I love living in the Victorian era; I am one to cherry-pick. So just call me the cherry pickin' Victorian Mermaid from now on, and I'll answer to it.

I'm not the only lifestyle cherry picker; Tasha was too. Uh-huh, yeah huh, she was too, yes she was. I'm telling mummmmm. You don't become successful in life living on your own terms without having had a tough go of things at some point in your life.

Okay, back to the camera phone sitch. Let's face it, friends here's another confession, I'm a bit lackadaisical regarding notions of keeping my DSL camera at my side. Those that know me know I love photos and the creative aspect of that, but the computer aspects, editing, etc., and I start to form cobwebs and want to beat a pillow for about twenty minutes. Did you get a visual of that? Please, I beg of you. 

I love the creative process, set design, wardrobe, etc. but the photo taking and the technical notions, forget it, it sounds like eternal dread. I'm imagining having someone who "gets" me and the vision I have for my brand so that we can create a lovely lifelong friendship. A lifelong connection of working together for years. I would also love my daughter to move here and live her dream as a photographer and farmer. Thank you, Universe; the end.

Here are a few things I'm working through this week. I have been growing exponentially, and one thing I've been asking for assistance in is to learn to understand why I've held onto resentment with a few people from my past. It wouldn't be the people who you'd think. In fact, I had not even realised I had small increments of resentment towards these people if it weren't for hearing their name mentioned the other day. I instantly leaned in on the assumption I've held of them for quite some time, and that no longer suits me. Because honestly, I want to live as vibrationally enlightened as possible, which means I must release all old assumptions about these particular folks. To be a conscious creator is a lot of work, yes? Yes, but so worth it because It's fun. It makes me happy and "suits me right down to the ground; in fact, that's my idea of heaven." Just like Kurt Russell playing the marshall says to Dana Delaney as Josephine on Tombstone. Gosh, that's my favourite movie!

I thought to myself, It's easy to be loving and happy when folks love and adore me. The real challenge is navigating my feelings and discovering the underpinnings of my own self-concept and negative beliefs that stem from my childhood. I am working on clearing those passages to unconditionally love those folks who aren't so kind and secretly want me to fail. So how do I live my truth and live what I teach? I do this by being vulnerable with you and myself. In today's society, it's not often spoken about the deep-seated reasons we as ladies struggle. It's as if talking about the truth of how women feel and go through should be swiped under the mat. The old way of thinking is to put on a happy face and make a peanut butter sandwich and falsely pretend it doesn't bother us. I don't believe that. Whereas I have no problem always making things take joy moments, I also feel we can speak on subjects based on solutions in a consecutive and provoking manner. Getting to the deep foundational belief is usually all it takes to change instantly. It is straightforward to change once we know why we do things.

Don't lie, you know you're thrilled this post is over cause I bet you were thinking, does she ever shut her gob? No, the answer is no. Teehee...

See ya tomorrow. I love you, Rockxxx

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