Mrs Carter's Opportunities Come Calling And Saucy Flirts

Good day, dear friends,

Are you having a happy and fulfilled day thus far? I made a small pot of jubilee tea, biscuits with homemade clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserves. Last week I picked 20 pounds of strawberries at the farmstead ranch (remember I was on Fox News). Did you see part 2 of my video on ye olde YouTube (channel: Raquel Margaret Carter) where I cooked and canned the strawberries? The little videos I've been making have been "Take Joy" moments, and I've relished in curating them. On Instagram, I'm incorporating (Beyond the Page) where I go live and chat with my sweet friends over there. It's lovely, and I would be tickled if you came to call too. If you enjoy our old-fashioned way of ye olde blog and would like to stick with that method, I've also managed to cover that score. As you see, I've embedded the videos here on ye olde blog (all of the highlighted blue words are links).

I hope you enjoyed my post on Stillwater. Since that post, I've been curating little calendar dates and focusing on old and newly reimagined traditions each month. Today, I began sketching up the calendar, and I'm starting with the month of April (no fretting, I'll have a whole year). I'll start chucking those events into the blog, so you can download the calendars to print and have all your little nittens in one place. They'll be all sorts of ideas and celebratory days. I'm tickled conch shell pink to begin having small gatherings in honour of Stillwater Society (our petticoat philosophy). This year April is a big month because of Sawyers book launch, in which I plan to make a real go of it. So it will stand in future as well; whenever one of my books release, those months will be most notably a more significant event. But not to fret, I'll have all of this here on the blog in detail so we can celebrate each month together. It's living and loving the small things in the simple ordinary days of life.

In April, we will have A Victorian Eastertide. I, Mrs Carter, will invite friends over for a backyard procession in the afternoon. The little women will don their hand-sewn dresses and bonnets, and the little gentleman in their 19th-century trousers and braces. It shall be a promise of renewal for all, offerings of hope for the bereaved during the years of reconstruction, picnic lunch on the lawn, Mrs Carter's Hot Cross Buns and olde fashioned amusements. The April celebration will concur with a press release for Sawyers book launch. Those who attend will pay a small pence and collected admission prices will contribute to more gathered celebrations and the erecting of The Carter Settlement.

A few things currently at play; if you've not been watching my YouTube channel, I do believe you're missing out. As I'm just at the genesis stages, I've created a few things to coincide with my authorship, artistry and Victorian lifestyle. Do you know the channel on YouTube where Mrs Crocombe/ The Victorian Way cooks and explains all things, Victorian? Whereas I think it's a dandy series, I wanted to play on that narrative but create 'quite literally' a real version like myself, living out a Victorian portrayal of life. I will focus on my Victorian lifestyle, my authorship and my artistry. All things Victorian clutched into one. How refreshing. Swim on over if you'd like to have a little natter with me. In this latest video of IG live, I speak on The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, Beyond The Page, and more about Stillwater®️ Petticoat Philosophy.

On the weekdays, I have been spending my time mainly on illustrations for The Tale of Sawyer Lamb, writing, researching and, of course, reading. My novel (Deceit and Dissension) is fierce with the quantity of research that's getting on, rather fun, no less. I also outlined my autobiography (The Little Mermaid's Transformational Tale). I will be publishing several books this year, and I feel so utterly appreciative that I'm on this current momentum. The post She loves me, She Loves Me Not really created a humming effect for my blog stats. Again, just as the Stillwater post went through the roof, so did the friendship one. I had several ladies in my hometown text and (direct message) me on Instagram. I've made plans for tea at The Tilted Tea Cup (our local tea room) and have gone to tea with two of the ladies last week. I also met two on different days at our local pub for a bite to eat. Genuinely, I feel all things are falling into place with Stillwater and the little grassroots society we're creating here in our little village. I believe it will be a vast success, and I can't wait to see all the changes occurring.

Do you recall the 19th-century British novel I'm currently writing; Deceit and Dissension? I've been crafting my outline around my protagonist Elizabeth Margaret Robins and organising my narrative. I've been reading copious amounts of books about the royals, mainly about Princess Margaret currently. The reason being, as you may recall, she had a near-decade ongoing affair with Roddy Llewellyn, the landscape gardener. Oh my, how telling. I believe this affair is showcased on The Crown. Unfortunately, I haven't watched The Crown, have any of you? Should I order the streaming service? I've been reading a few secondary sources: Princess Margaret and Lady in Waiting.

(A little history: When her long-standing affair with Roddy Llewellyn, a landscape gardener 17 years her junior, was exposed in 1976, she lost public sympathy, and her volatile marriage finally ended in 1978, the first divorce in the British royal family in 400 years.)

At the weekends, I've been working on organising Jeffrey Shawn and my belongings into plastic container bins. Then, when it comes time for him and me to get on, we'll be ready in a jiff.

Here's one of the books I have taken to reading, and It's quite lovely.

I hope your weekend is splendid and I'll see you tomorrow.
Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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