The Magic of Spring and Announcing The Academy Of Swimming For Women And Children

Dear friends and readers,
Please forgive my delay in placing this post on ye olde blog as time trotted away from me. I do love the sentiments of spring. A brilliant shower of garden flowers gives me a great deal to occupy my hands.

Here is a lovely quote from an Inquirer about Tasha Tudor.
“The real point is not so much her art as the woman herself. It is nearly impossible to separate Tasha’s art from her life.”
I surely hope something so delightful is said about me one day.
I pen this post in the wee early mornings of Sunday as I await the paint to dry on illustrations for Sawyers's little fairy tale book, The Tale of Sawyer Lamb.
I have been oscillating my time between Sawyers illustrations, book release and planning for our first Victorian merry maid camp in June and our Stillwater Jubilee.
I am tickled conch shell pink as all of my dreams about my bequest and career as an author and artist are demonstrating themselves so perfectly. I have generously spent over a decade on the impressions of a legacy—the establishing occurrences of life and substantial hours of study in pursuit of erecting this beautiful foundational undertaking. Nonetheless, I had not the slightest indication the internal navigating force to well up within my enthusiastic soul and take me on this navigational course would have been demonstrated as a result of losing my dear boy Sawyer. I am often brought to the memories that all things under heaven are designed accordingly, and I shall never overlook the words of clarity from one consciousness to another upon leaving the little wooden house where my son last lay. There is a more excellent plan and work at hand, and I am more sure of it now than ever before. The instruments of how my otherworldly dreams and desires are ascertained may be unbelievable to many. In fact, I am sure they will continue that way until the unfolding has been deliberately shown by the pulling of the velvety claret curtain of my life at the end of play. It will be a sight, I assure you. I shall rest in that placid attitude of quiet contemplation.
The Academy of Swimming for Women and Children is an extension course of The Carter Settlement that is available for children as well as women. The small gatherings /events that will occur this year are my first. The adult version will entail the same elements as the merrymaid academy; however, the gatherings (lectures) held for women are structured appendages for the quadrants of a well balanced landlocked mermaid for eighteen years old and onward.
As the years passed on, there was a time I could not see the demonstration as to how the unfolding would prevail. I have seen many mermaid schools throughout the years as mermaiding began to rise around the year 2014, and yet I had to contain my composure that my time was not at hand. I exhibited faith through those times and had a bit of difficulty with patience. God/ Universe/Source/Inner Beings time is not man's time. I now have vast discernment as the dots will connect afterwards and not before. At times, the ability to trust we have properly envisioned our desires will require great faith. I liken a dream/desire as one would a pregnancy. As with a pregnancy, we do nothing after the impregnation. If we attempt to aid in the birth prematurely, we risk a miscarriage. This metaphor is likened to our desires. We are to use a technique of visualisation and then drop it. Regardless of our reality, we must believe it is done and wait upon the gestation. A human is nine months; a little lamb is five months; a chick is 21 days, etc. Some desires take 24 hours, some are days, and some are years. It will manifest, and it will not be late. If it be long, wait.
When I became pregnant with my desire, I was to experience much before my day of due diligence. The Academy of Swimming for Women and Children is unlike any other. I established the academy to be an all-encompassing occasion.
Does the future little school for The Carter Settlement look familiar to you? It does If you've ever fancied the series Little House on the Praire. By golly gumdrops, I have the architectural plans. At the appointed time when the funding is in place, our carpenters will build a near-identical small country schoolhouse—all in due time, my darlings. I am in the strategy of acquiring the land.
I shant give away too many details of the academy until further notice. I will assure you it will be quite the sensation.
In my hastiness to complete the many employments I have to achieve for camp next month, I failed to show the darling images of Stillwater’s First Annual Victorian Eastertide Celebration sponsored by The Carter Settlement. I shall publish a more detailed post at a later time; however, here is an angelic one captured by one of the mothers. 

As the Eastertide celebration was our first event and I was short a volunteer, I also failed to take pictures with my DSL camera.
I'm editing a post about Beatrix Potter that will be up tomorrow. My apologies; I found more things to type up, which lengthened the post more than anticipated. I surely hope you'll revisit me tomorrow.
Most affably yours til my next swim, Raquelxxx


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